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Before you go out and splurge on a brand new Dyson vacuum cleaner, you should read this Airbot vacuum review for 2021!

There are 3 top-selling Airbot models that are much cheaper but comparable alternatives to Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners!

Find out which of these Airbot vacuum models in Malaysia suit your budget and home best! So you can always have clean floors with very little effort!

Airbot Vacuum Cleaner Comparison

Let’s start this Airbot vacuum cleaner review off with an overview table of the 3 popular models from Airbot.

Of these specifications, suction pressure (kPa) is the main specification to compare.

For your reference:

  • 1kPa – just enough for dust
  • 9kPa – picks up hair and dust
  • ~15kPa – small debris gets picked up too
SpecificationsHypersonicsSupersonics 2.0iFloor / CV100 / iRoom
Suction Pressure27 kPa19 kPa19 kPa
Motor Speed100,000 RPM31,000 RPMn/a
Motor Power420 W150 W150 W
Speed5 Speeds (Auto Mode)
3 Speeds (Manual Mode)
2 Speeds2 Speeds
Run TimeLow Speed: 50 minutes
Mid Speed: 30 minutes
High Speed: 15 minutes
Low Speed: 45 minutes
High Speed: 25 minutes
Low Speed: 45 minutes
High Speed: 25 minutes
Charging Time4.5 Hours4.5 Hours4.5 Hours
Battery Indicator4 Bars1 Bar3 Bars
Battery Capacity2200 mAh2200 mAh2200 mAh
Bin Size0.8 L0.6 L0.6 L
Filtration System-5 Stage
-99.97% Dust Clear
-HEPA Filter
-Stainless Steel Filter
-Filtering Fluffy Brush
-HEPA Filter (Up to 0.1 microns)
-Stainless Steel Filter
-Filtering Fluffy Brush
-HEPA Filter (Up to 0.1 microns)
Weight2.4 kg2.2 kg1.6 kg
Dimensions700*280*160 mm680*185*145 mm680*185*145 mm
Loudness~70 dB~60 dB~60 dB
FeaturesCarpet Sensor, Dust Sensor, Battery Sensorn/an/a
Warranty1 Year1 Year1 Year
AccessoriesHypersonicsSupersonics 2.0iFloor / CV100 / iRoom
Dust Mite BrushIncludedExtra PurchaseExtra Purchase
Flex-TubeExtra PurchaseExtra PurchaseExtra Purchase
Turbo Floor BrushIncludedIncludedIncluded
Soft BrushIncludedIncludedIncluded
Crevice ToolIncludedIncludedIncluded

Airbot Hypersonics Review

From the table above, you can already tell that this is the most powerful of the 3 Airbot models.

Airbot Hypersonics

But let’s have a more in-depth Airbot Hypersonics 27 kPa review:

This model comes with the coveted dust mite brush. Just what you need to clear dust mites from your mattress and sofa!

The battery capacity may be the same (2200mAh) but this vacuum cleaner uses more power too. Lasting around 30 minutes in auto mode.

A fair tradeoff for the Airbot Hypersonics’ ability to pick up pet fur or hair from the carpet!

When in auto mode, the in-built dust and carpet sensors enable the vacuum cleaner to determine if more power is needed! And adjust accordingly!



Airbot Supersonics Review

The red Airbot Supersonics is still lighter and doesn’t use as much power (Or generate as much heat) as the Hypersonics!

Airbot Supersonics

While still providing sufficient power to suck dust and hair from your floor and carpet! Though with some struggle (carpet).

It does have a power mode and in this mode, the battery will only last around 10-15 minutes.



Airbot iRoom Review

If your goal is to pick up hair from the floor:

You’ll be able to without switching to the power mode with the purple Airbot iRoom!

Airbot iRoom/iFloor

And if you inspect the bin container after doing a round of vacuuming, it may surprise you with the amount of dust it can pick up!

All without waking up the light sleepers in the house!

This vacuum glides well and is the lightest of the 3 Airbot models! Lighter even, than the Dyson Slim model (~2.1kg). Plus, the floor brush is rotates smoothly too.

It lasts for 40-45 minutes on normal mode. And 30 minutes on power mode.



General Notes On The Airbot Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

  • No LED lights on the floor brush
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Quality and suction power not as high as the Dyson v11
  • Do not stand on their own when you store it (unless you fix the charging base to your wall)
  • Non-extendable pole (i.e. too short for taller people)
  • You don’t have to press the On button continuously to use these vacuums
  • Bin doesn’t open with single-button mechanism
  • Replacement HEPA filters are available (Recommend to change every 6 months for better cleaning performance)

Optional Accessories Or Spare Parts

1. Airbot Motorized Dust Mite Brush

Compatible for all 3 models:

The Airbot Motorized Dust Mite Brush comes free with the gold Hypersonics model.

Airbot Motorized Dust Mite Brush

But how much does it cost separately?


And it works great! You’ll collect a lot more unseen dust when you’re using this attachment on your Airbot vacuum cleaner!

2. Airbot Flex Tube Optional Spare Parts

You may be able to get this accessory for as low as RM29.

Airbot Flex Tube Optional Spare Parts

The hose improves the flexibility and reach of the vacuum cleaner even if it’s not that long!

3. Airbot Care Protection Plan Extra 1 Year Warranty

For an additional RM80, you can extend the existing warranty  for an extra year! The warranty applies to the electronic components of the vacuums.

So it’s not for:

  • Cosmetic damage
  • Mechanical damage
  • Battery degradation

This includes free technical support too! Where you can receive guidance on troubleshooting your vacuum. Or for more serious problems, arrange to send it for repair.

You can only buy this plan together in the same order with an Airbot product (Only the Supersonics, iRoom, or Hypersonics  vacuum cleaners). And the warranty will cover that respective product.

Airbot Vacuum Review – Final Verdict

Airbot vacuums are here to stay in Malaysia!

Because even if the suction power of the new Airbot Hypersonics can’t yet compete with the Dyson v-series:

These Airbot vacuums are still great for daily cleaning, small homes and apartments, and the occasional spot cleaning! And cost so much less!

Thus, they are great entry products for a cordless vacuum cleaner! Go for the Airbot iRoom model if you want an incredibly lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner!