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Stock up on baking ingredients and supplies for your hobby or business with these bakery supply shops in Kuala Lumpur!

Wholesale stores like these can save you a lot of wasted time and frustration over not finding exactly what you need at regular department stores! They tend to be cheaper too!

So get your shopping list ready and get exploring the local bakery supply shops in your area!

1. House Of Ingredients

House Of Ingredients Website
House Of Ingredients Website

If you’re the sort that loves to bake everything from scratch, you’ll find all you need at House of Ingredients! Even gluten-free flour!

Sometimes the goods are stacked to the ceiling! They regularly restock too.

The shop takes over two lots – one for cooking equipment, and the other for baking with plenty of choices. So you might want to come early. Especially if you go on a Sunday as they will close earlier.

Because their prices are very reasonable, you can expect a crowd on weekends and before any kind of festive holiday.

But as long as you avoid peak times (11 am or 3 pm), you should have no trouble finding parking.

2. Bake With Yen

Bake With Yen Website
Bake With Yen Website

Anyone who bakes seriously has probably heard of this wholesale baking supplier, Bake With Yen for their affordable baking tools and supplies.

The Chow Kit branch may not be the most comfortable place to shop due to the cramped aisles and occasional lack of parking (especially during festive seasons):

But it’s a one-stop center to get quality ingredients or spices in bulk, pastry tools, and other very specific baking supplies.

Be sure to have a list of what you need so you don’t accidentally buy more than you intend to!

On the other hand, the Rampai and OUG branches are smaller with limited choices but still have the basics at affordable prices. Things like nuts are a lot cheaper here than in other places.

However, if you are looking for a particular brand, you might not be able to find it. And things tend to be sold in bulk, which is more convenient for a bakery or cafe business than for the occasional baker.

As with other baking supply shops in KL, Bake With Yen branches are usually busy on weekends. And hence, parking may not be easy to find.


Chow Kit Branch:

Rampai Branch:

OUG Branch:

3. Yummie Bakery Sdn Bhd

Yummie Bakery Sdn Bhd Facebook
Yummie Bakery Sdn Bhd Facebook

Anyone running a bakery business on a budget may want to check out this bakery supply shop in Kuala Lumpur!

There are boxes for cakes, numerous cake toppers, ingredients, and all sorts of baking essentials and accessories you can think of! For low prices too.

There can be a lot of customers so go early if you want to avoid the long queues. And if you prefer online delivery, they do have this service too! Just give them a call.

4. Pastry Pro Sdn Bhd

Pastry Pro Sdn Bhd Website
Pastry Pro Sdn Bhd Website

Here’s a wholesale baking supplies store with air conditioning that has knowledgeable and amiable staff!

And true to the name, it’s a great place to get a wide variety of quality ingredients and high end baking utensils, and other bakery supplies!

As such, prices are inevitably higher than other places in this list.

They don’t lack parking space in their compound either! However, it’s not that convenient to get here if you fully rely on public transport!

Besides baking supplies, they have their own baked goods too. Macaroons and other pastries which they distribute to cafes and hotels alike.

5. Quality Bakers Concept Store

Quality Bakers Concept Store
Quality Bakers Concept Store – Photo credits to Quality Bakers Concept Store

Quality Bakers Concept Store is a small and tidy store with a huge product selection to satisfy baking enthusiasts.

And in this area, they have the most variety when it comes to baking supplies that you can buy in bulk.

Prices are not too high, though still more pricey than other bakery supply shops in KL. Butter is relatively cheap here.

Despite the name of the store, the quality of the goods doesn’t reach the high end. And are more around the mid to upper tier.

6. Bake @ Polymart Damai Perdana

Bake @ Polymart Damai Perdana Website
Bake @ Polymart Damai Perdana Website

What’s not to like about Bake @ Polymart Damai Perdana?

Prices are fair, the staff is friendly and there is a lot to pick and choose from their collection of baking supplies and confectionery ingredients!

The shop is very well organized so you can probably find what you need on your own without having to engage the staff.

Plus, the aisles are generous compared to other baking supply shops in KL.

7. LS Bakery Shop

LS Bakery Shop
LS Bakery Shop – Photo credits LS Bakery Shop

Run by a soft-spoken friendly owner as well as helpful staff:

LS Bakery Shop stocks all the essential bakery supplies and some quality baking ingredients too!

Prices vary according to the item. Certain items like cake boxes are cheap, others may be more expensive than you expect.

Parking is for the most part, easy.

The only gripe seems to be the inconsistent opening hours.

8. Easy Make

Easy Make Bakery Ingredients
Easy Make Bakery Ingredients – Photo credits to Google Maps

While there’s not a big diversity of goods, Easy Make has the baking tools necessary for the casual baker.

It is a neat shop with quality products available. Moreover, prices aren’t unreasonable. Though you will not find things like Mascarpone cheese or real vanilla extract here.

And it can get crowded quickly if there are more than 10 customers inside at a time.

The owner is very knowledgeable and happy to share some advice on baking.

9. Bake Well Supplies Sdn Bhd (Taman Melawati)

Bake Well Supplies Sdn Bhd Website
Bake Well Supplies Sdn Bhd Website

No need to head to the city for bakery supplies, Bake Well Supplies Sdn Bhd in Taman Melawati has everything you need for a baking business.

Including butter, assorted packaging, ingredients, etc. Shelves are high and always well-stocked. The friendly staff makes the shopping experience better even if the shop is very crowded at times.

The only real bother might be the lack of parking. Double-parking is common here. Moreover, prices are comparatively higher.

10. Baking Hub Ingredients Sdn Bhd

Baking Hub Ingredients Sdn Bhd
Baking Hub Ingredients Sdn Bhd – Photo credits to Baking Hub Baking Supplies (Facebook)

Find the usual and less typical ingredients  (including natural vanilla, imported butter and chocolate) for baking cakes here, but also a great selection of different flour types that are freshly stocked.

Besides offering some intriguing baking tools and appliances, a comfortable shopping environment, helpful staff, and a convenient location:

Baking Hub Ingredients Sdn Bhd is a neighborhood baking supplies shop in Kuala Lumpur that suits the leisurely home baker.


So whether you are just starting to bake or venturing into the baking industry, this list of the best bakery supply shops in Kuala Lumpur should suffice!

And if you are trying to cut down your expenditures as much as possible, it’s a safe bet to visit any Bake With Yen branch. For picking up unusual ingredients, there are certain shops to keep in mind too.

Now that you know where to get your ingredients, how about the oven itself? Check out our article on the best baking ovens in Malaysia for our curated list.

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