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What is the common or standard bed size in Malaysia for a single, queen, or king bed?

There may be additional sizes too (although more common in other countries)! And some mattresses companies may list double mattress as a size. Which can be very different from a queen size mattress!

Keep reading to find out what the difference is! And how you can choose mattress size that suits you best!

Mattress Size Comparison Guide

For your convenience, we have included the standard size of mattresses available in Malaysia:

Bed Dimensions, cm
Small Baby Cot 60 x 120
Large Baby Cot 70 x 130
Single 91 x 190
Single XL 90 x 200
Super Single 107 x 190
Queen 152 x 190
Queen XL 150 x 200
King 183 x 190

Single Bed Size Malaysia

It’s getting harder to find great-fitting bedsheets for this particular mattress size. As commercial bed sheets are generally much larger now (107cm x 200cm). You may have to custom-make your bedsheets!

Two of these pushed together may be able to fit a king sized bed frame. Something you can consider if your partner has a different mattress preference from you!


  • 91cm x 190cm (Malaysia)
  • 92cm x 188cm (Australia)
  • 96.5 X 188.0cm to 96.5cm X 190.5cm (America)
Single Bed Size Dimensions

You may also hear of these sizes too:

  • Small singles can measure 76.2 X 190.5cm.
  • A baby cot mattress typically measures between 60 x 120cm and 70 x 130cm.
  • LS (Long singles) or Single XL or Twin XL are ~10cm longer to accommodate taller people. Or those that move around a lot at night and thus, require more leg room!


When space is a real constraint, you may have no choice but to get a single bed! These are made to sleep one person. Except for large frames, where it may be a tight squeeze and hard not to fall off!

Student dormitories frequently use this bed size to save on space. And they are convenient (and cheaper) if you live in a rental studio or apartment!

Single beds can also be referred to as twin beds!

Suitable For:

Kids and roommates who do not want to share a bed!

If you have a bunk bed, it will likely need this size of mattress too! They serve well as a day bed too. Since you can find foldable mattresses of this size!

Should be fine for petite adults below 6 feet.

Super Single Bed Size Malaysia


  • 107cm x 190cm (Malaysia)
  • 107cm x 203cm (Australia, “King Single”)
Super Single Bed Size Dimensions

Note: There is another less common and bigger size, 134cm x 190.5cm (America) – called “Full” or “Double”. Or 138 x 188cm in Australia.


Wider and longer than a single bed, and a luxurious size for a solo sleeper! Double-check the dimensions of bed frames before buying these!

Suitable For:

Growing kids and teens! As well as adults who need space to toss and turn when they sleep! Or a parent co sleeping with their child or furkid!

Queen Size Bed Malaysia

Not too different from the rest of the world:

Queen size bed measurements in Malaysia are pretty standard across mattress brands!


  • 152cm x 190cm (Malaysia)
  • 153cm x 203cm (Australia)
  • 152cm x 203cm (America)
Queen Size Bed Dimensions

Note: Queen XL sizes can be 10 inches longer! Double beds are not the same as queen beds – they are something in between a super single and a queen bed


Generous for a single sleeper. And comfortable enough for a couple where both partners do not roll around a lot when they sleep!

For smaller master bedrooms, this is a no-brainer! A very common bed size and easy to find bedding for!

Suggested room size for queen sized beds are 10 feet by 10 feet according to Even though it’s possible to cram a queen sized bed into a small room!

Suitable For:

A safe choice for a guest room for your parents when they visit. Or even for siblings that get along.

But do consider the future too. Because if you have pets and kids that will share your bed, it will get crowded quickly!

King Size Bed Malaysia

King size bed dimensions in Malaysia are a lot smaller than US-made mattresses so mind where you are getting your mattress from!

In our humble opinion, it’s a waste of money to get one of these if you sleep by yourself! However, it makes total sense if you have a sleeping partner, several pets, or kids sharing your bed!


  • 183cm x 190cm (Malaysia)
  • 193cm x 200cm (America)
King Size Bed Dimensions

Note: Sometimes (but rarely), you will see California King – this mattress size is longer than a king mattress, and may be a bit narrower too! Made for people over 6 feet tall!


Usually the largest size you can find from most mattress companies and brands in Malaysia. With these, you will not have to fight for space with your partner!

And there’s room for extra pillows! Or your kid and pet to squeeze in comfortably!

Of course, the larger size means you have to consider if you will still have walking space in your room! Don’t forget the bed frame!

Suitable For:

Large rooms (at least 12 feet by 12 feet according to and couples who want as much rolling space as possible.

Which Bed Size To Choose?

You don’t necessarily need the biggest mattress size you can fit into your room! Especially if you don’t move much when you are sleeping! Or if you like to sleep close to your partner!

However, if your room size (and budget) is adequate:

A bigger mattress rarely ends in regret! Unless you’re compromising on the mattress quality for the size! If that’s the case, a mattress topper can help!

Other factors to consider:

  • Will you have to move soon? You may not want to deal with a large mattress then!
  • Are you just upgrading your mattress? Then be sure to check that the mattress fits your existing bedframe (and bed sheets)!
  • What does your sleeping partner prefer?
  • Getting the mattress into the bedroom – how many floors do you have to ascend? Lift size? Stairs? Can it get through the door? This is not a problem with inflatable foam mattresses.


Sleeping habits, future-proofing, and room size are the main determining factors when choosing an appropriate bed size in Malaysia! Logistics is no longer an issue with mattress-in-box solutions!

But we can’t stress enough how important it is to put quality over size. If you cannot afford a larger mattress of high quality right now, look into getting a smaller one first. Then save up for an upgrade!

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