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With a population of roughly 795,000 cats (from a 2018 report by Euromonitor International), there are various kinds of Malaysian cat breeds in our country. These cats range in different sizes, fur lengths, and colors.

If you’re interested in adopting or owning any of these Malaysian cat breeds you’ve come to the right place!

Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about these adorable felines.

Since we won’t be able to cover all the types of cats in Malaysia, this article contains 10 of the most common cat breeds in Malaysia.

1. Kucing Malaysia (Piawaian Kucing Malaysia)

Kucing Malaysia is a medium-sized cat with a muscular body and almond-shaped eyes. It also has rounded-tip ears that tilt forward.

This cat generally looks a lot like a ragdoll but with shorter fur, and usually has a white blaze on its face and muzzle.

Because of its short fur and lack of undercoat, it’s an easy-to-groom cat.

This feline was part of a breeding project to create Malaysia’s very own indigenous cat as such, they’re an exciting part of Malaysia’s cat culture and history.

2. Ragdoll

One of the most common cat breeds in Malaysia is the Ragdoll.

Ragdoll Cat
Ragdoll Cat – Photo credits to Mark Rigler (Flickr)

These are gentle, affectionate companions that make you fall in love with them in an instant. Despite their long fur, they are easy to groom and seldom shed.

Most Ragdolls have bright blue eyes and darker grey fur on their face, ears, tail, and feet.

Other variations of their color points are an inverted V of white fur on their face or darker fur on their muzzle.

Unfortunately, this breed is prone to digestive problems and obesity.

They can also develop heart diseases, kidney diseases, and urinary tract issues.

3. American Shorthair

As the name suggests these cats come with short fur in a range of different colors and patterns. These are medium-sized cats that look round and padded.

American Shorthair
American Shorthair – Photo credits to nonkuri yubiri (Flickr)

This breed is one of the Malaysian cat breeds that originate from Europe and America.

Historically their strong jaws and powerful bodies were used as pest control.

This breed is calm and plays well by itself. Furthermore, they are easygoing cats that will love every member of your family.

Sadly they can develop hereditary health conditions like heart disease, hip dysplasia, and obesity.

Online, these cats can go from RM300 up to RM2000.

4. British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is one of the most recognizable types of cats in Malaysia.

British Shorthair Cat
British Shorthair Cat – Photo credits to omnomscandy (Flickr)

They mostly appear in gray but can also have orange and brown coats.

These kitties have a wide round face, chipmunk cheeks, short necks, and large round eyes. Their dense coats need a weekly combing and add to their fullness.

These relaxed kitties can be difficult to train as they take a while to mature.

They can also be difficult to pick up but not impossible; you just have to find what’s most comfortable for them.

Regrettably, they are prone to obesity and can develop heart problems.

5. Persian Cat

These are sweet, listless cats who will love lounging on your lap.

Grey Persian Cat
Grey Persian Cat – Photo credits to Dmitriy Piskarev (Pexels)

They have short thick legs, firm paws, and a long coat that is prone to matting, with their most distinctive features being small ears that sit far apart and their short snubs.

There are the Peke-faced Persians whose faces are flat, and Classic Persians whose faces are less flat with more prominent features.

Other variations include the Teacup Persian, Doll-face Persian, Chinchilla Persian, and Exotic Shorthair.

Because of their short snubs, they are prone to breathing difficulties, and eye conditions. They’re also quite vulnerable to heat and can have sensitive skin.

6. Bengal Cat

These are some of the only cat breeds in Malaysia that resemble their wild Asian Leopard ancestry.

Bengal Cat
Bengal Cat – Photo credits to Simply Viola (Flickr)

These cats have short glittery fur that comes in different shades of brown, silver, and white.

They have long torsos but small dome-shaped heads. They also have large paws, prominent knuckles, and a thick rounded tail.

These are affectionate kitties who love everything! Even the water!

They’re an energetic and intelligent breed, so mental stimulation is a must.

Do also note that they have sensitive stomachs. Additionally, they are prone to contracting cancers, pancreatic diseases, and feline urinary tract disease.

7. Siamese Cat

This chatty cat(thy) has short fur that is easy to groom and is hypoallergenic.

Siamese Cat
Siamese Cat – Photo credits to Tiffany Steinke (Flickr)

They’re lean, agile cats, who are often affectionate, friendly, and cuddly.

Their color points are dark fur near their face, ears, legs, and tails, with bright blue or golden-brown eyes.

These cats are known to be fiercely loyal and attached to their people; you’ll find they’re unable to stay away for too long.

Like the Bengal cat, this breed has a sensitive stomach along with a tendency to contract eye conditions that lead to blindness, asthma, and hip dysplasia.

8. Maine Coon

These handsome gentle giants are one of the biggest cat breeds in Malaysia.

Maine Coon
Maine Coon – Photo credits to Thirdman (Pexels)

They have heavy shaggy long fur that requires regular grooming, with their large head, tall ears, and broad chest contributing to their grandeur.

These are energetic cats who will need exercise to keep healthy and happy but are also sweet, sociable, and well-tempered cats.

They are also easy to train because of their intelligence!

Unfortunately because of their size, they are prone to hip dysplasia and can develop obesity.

Moreover, they may also develop heart diseases and urinary tract infections.

9. Burmese Cat

There are two variations of looks within this breed!

A Pair Of Burmese Cats
A Pair Of Burmese Cats – Photo credits to Robert Kay (Flickr)

One has a stocky body, rounded expressive eyes, and a wide head, while the other has a wedge-shaped head, pointed ears, and almond-shaped eyes.

They have short silky fur that comes in shades of solid browns, reds, and lilacs (platinum).

These playful felines are sociable and love their humans, and are the kind of breed that needs constant attention.

These cats can develop diabetes plus contract genetic hypokalemia and feline orofacial pain syndrome.

10. Community Cat

Community cats aren’t exactly a breed, as it mainly refers to both stray and feral cats.

Community Cats Have Many Color Variations
Community Cats Have Many Color Variations

A stray cat is usually less fearful than a feral cat and can handle being touched. But a feral cat is extremely anxious around people.

Note: Cats generally become feral when they have little positive human interaction. 

Community cats can have issues with skin diseases, over-breeding, anxiety, and parasites, to name a few.

It will take patience to train them into domesticated pets, but are lifelong companions if you do train them well.

These are some of the most fantastic Malaysian cat breeds, with many different personalities and needs.

Purebred or Mixed Cats?

Instead of shopping for a purebred, you may want to consider adopting a mixed fur-baby.

This is because, with such a large population of cats, many of these felines are community cats who deserve loving homes.

All they need is someone to offer that to them.

Furthermore, if you’ve read our guide on the cost of owning a pet in Malaysia, you’ll know that adopting from a shelter has the added benefit of being the cheaper option!

And who knows? You may just find your best friend from shelters instead of shops.


In short, many different Malaysian cat breeds are unique.

Although it may be tempting to buy a breed that matches your needs, we urge you to adopt instead.

All you need is to find the right cat for you, and although you might not get what you want, you might find exactly what you need.

And purebred or otherwise, your cat still needs to eat:

So have a look at our best overall cat foods or best wet cat foods, articles to give your feline companion the best it deserves.


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