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Both spring and foam mattress have their individual pros and cons. So how do you decide between getting a spring or foam mattress?

Which one will last longer? And which one is better for back pain?

Find out in this guide!

Foam VS Spring Mattress (Differences Between Them)

First, let’s discuss what makes a foam mattress different from a spring mattress.

And if you prefer an overview, here’s a handy table that compares the advantages and disadvantages of foam and spring mattresses:

CriteriaFoam MattressSpring Mattress
CostSlightly Lower (Rebonded)Low
Motion IsolationGreatPoor To Fair
Sleeping positionSideBack And Stomach
User WeightBelow Average To AverageAverage To Above Average
Back Support & Pressure ReliefGood & Even (Memory Foam)Good But Not Evenly Spread Out
FirmnessSoft To Very FirmFirm
LongevityGreat (High density foam)May Sag After 5 To 8 Years
BounceLow To NoneGood

1. Materials

Clearly, they are made differently.

Foam mattress can be made solely of PU (polyurethane) foam, memory foam, or synthetic latex foam.

Spring mattress on the other hand, can have a softer layer on top of the springs so you don’t sleep on the coils/ springs directly.

This softer layer (called a comfort layer) is usually of foam but the main part of the mattress is a system of Bonnel coils, individual pocket-springs or continuous springs.

Bonnell Springs Are What Traditional Spring Mattresses Use
Bonnell Springs Are What Traditional Spring Mattresses Use

2. Longevity – Can A Foam Mattress Last As Long As A Spring Mattress?

It might surprise you but a foam mattress (especially the high-density sort) might actually last a lot longer than spring mattress.

Overall, you can expect a foam mattress to last up to 7 years or up to 12 years (for high density foam) while a spring mattress might start to deteriorate between 5 to 8 years.

So yes, a high density or memory foam mattress can outlast a spring mattress.

Layers Of Foam Of Different Density Can Make Up A Single Mattress
Layers Of Foam Of Different Density Can Make Up A Single Mattress

Obviously, the weight of the mattress user matters a lot too.

Furthermore, many spring and foam mattresses come with a 10-year warranty so that tells you that they can probably last just past 10 years.

3. Ventilation

If you’ve ever slept on foam before, you already know the answer to this question.

Foam mattresses do usually sleep much warmer than any other kind of mattress in the market. This is particularly so for high density foam mattress. Memory foam mattresses tend to trap body heat.

To compensate for this, many new foam mattresses now incorporate new cooling gel or open cell technology. Even so, a foam mattress will still feel warm in a room without air-conditioning.

Spring mattresses meanwhile have space (between the springs) for air to circulate around. But don’t forget that it is the top layer (comfort layer) of the spring mattress that will also determine how warm the mattress will feel.

4. Back Support & Pressure Relief

Both spring and foam mattress are capable of providing back support and pressure relief.

That said, you should look into specific types of spring mattresses and foam mattresses like memory foam mattresses or spring mattresses that use a system of pocket coils.

Pocket Springs Offer Better Motion Isolation Than Bonnell Spring Mattresses
Pocket Springs Offer Better Motion Isolation Than Bonnell Spring Mattresses

5. Cost

The price range for a spring mattress in Malaysia can range from between RM300 to RM1,200 while rebonded foam mattresses can cost from as little as RM130.

Memory foam mattresses on the other hand, can cost up to RM1,500.

Note: Prices based on queen sized mattresses.

Either way, it will not be difficult to find a spring or foam mattress that fits your budget.

PS: You will see hybrid mattress that combine memory foam and pocket springs for around RM2,000 as well.

6. Motion Isolation

Memory foam mattresses definitely win this category as even individual pocket spring mattresses can have some motion transfer between a sleeping couple.

Let’s not forget the annoying squeaks that are inevitable with old spring mattresses.

7. Firmness

The firmness of foam mattresses can vary significantly, not all foam mattresses are soft and cushy. In fact, high density foam can be exceptionally firm.

On the other hand, a great deal of spring mattresses are firm.

8. Bounce

Because foam absorbs movement, foam mattress really don’t have much bounce to them. Memory foam has no bounce at all while poly foam is slightly springy.

Memory Foam Does Not Bounce Back Quickly
Memory Foam Does Not Bounce Back Quickly

Spring mattresses however, are known for their bounce which is why they are pretty poor in motion transfer.

9. Body Weight

Soft foam mattresses may soon sag under regular use by a heavy sleeper. In this case, spring mattresses will offer better support.

If you have average or below average body weight and often sleep on your side, the straightforward choice for you is a foam mattress.

Should You Get A Spring Or Foam Mattress?

Price shouldn’t really be a deciding factor since a spring and foam mattress can cost about the same price.


Those that often sleep on their back or stomach should get a spring rather than a foam mattress. But if you change up your sleeping positions constantly, a foam mattress might be better for you.

Foam mattresses do provide good support and pressure relief (especially memory foam mattresses) for side sleepers too.

Couples sharing a mattress may want to get a foam mattress instead of a spring mattress for better motion isolation.

If you have a higher-than-average body weight, a spring mattress will be better for you. Foam mattresses suit lighter users and average body weights better.

But you might also prefer a mattress with more bounce (spring mattress) rather than sinking into it (foam mattress)!

Whichever you choose, always check that the warranty period is at least 10 years!


If you find yourself still stuck on whether to get a spring or foam mattress, you might want to look into getting a hybrid mattress!

Because hybrid mattresses combine the benefits of both spring and foam mattress types. Even if they will cost a lot more than you expect.

See what the best mattresses in Malaysia are.



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