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If you’re working from home, there are differences in getting a gaming chair VS an office chair. Both chairs have comfort in mind.

But the level of comfort, the outlook, available features, and price of the chair can vary a lot. So, should you get an ergonomic office chair or a gaming chair?

Let’s dive deeper into the key factors that make gaming chairs and office chairs different and similar in this post.

Gaming Chair VS Office Chair

Here’s a handy table to summarize the differences and similarities between gaming chairs and office chairs:

Criteria Gaming Chair Office Chair
Design Sporty Corporate
Material Similar – hard plastic, aluminum, steel, mesh, PU leather/ fabric
Comfort Similar – both chairs are made for long hours of sitting down
Features -Some can recline
-High adjustability
-Premium models can bear >150kg
-Usually can’t recline far back
-Some are not as adjustable
-Maximum weight limit for premium models is 150kg
Pricing RM250 to RM2,000 RM150 to RM2,500

Benefits Of A Gaming Chair VS An Office Chair

If you’re comparing models that cost more than RM1,000, one benefit of a gaming chair over an office chair is the weight capacity.

From what we see on the market (in Malaysia), premium gaming chairs have a higher weight capacity than premium office chairs of the same price.

Moreover, there are a lot more design choices available for gaming chairs than office chairs.

And if you want a chair that you can nap in, gaming chairs are usually able to recline back more than office chairs. Some gaming chairs can tilt back close to 180°. For office chairs, the maximum tilt angle may be 130°.

But gaming chairs tend to be more expensive than office chairs. That said, the price can vary a lot for office chairs too.

Office Chair VS Gaming Chair For Work

Aside from your budget:

There are several more factors to consider between an office chair or a gaming chair for a working environment.

1. Design

Gaming chairs can be very flashy:

There are gaming chairs that take inspiration straight from racing cars. Including the bucket design for the seats. Or an angular profile with wings for the back rest. There may be stripes on the sides of the chair too.

Gaming Chairs Tend To Have Tall Winged Backs
Gaming Chairs Tend To Have Tall Winged Backs

Furthermore, the logos of gaming chairs tend to be large and in your face. Some new gaming chairs have RGB lights for extra flair. Or follow a theme for a popular anime, cartoon, or movie character.

On the other hand, office chairs are not as sporty looking. Seats are typically flat, with wingless backs. Flat seats are more comfortable for the knees than bucket seats with raised edges.

Because they need to fit into a corporate environment:

Office chairs are normally available in solid neutral or dark colors. Like grey, black, white, navy, maroon, beige, etc.

There are sleek minimalist and other contemporary designs. As well as office chairs that look luxurious with PU leather seats.

Office Chairs Typically Have Flat Seats
Office Chairs Typically Have Flat Seats

2. Build

Regardless of whether you get an office chair or gaming chair, a solid build is preferable in the long run.

Cheap chairs will have a frame of hard plastic instead of steel or aluminum. This goes for both gaming and office chairs.

Similarly, the wheelbase can be of hard plastic too. If you have the budget for it, do get a chair with an aluminum or steel wheelbase. As these can bear more weight.

Another important component of office chairs and gaming chairs is the hydraulic pump or gas lift. It is possible to get a spare (of universal size) if yours breaks.

Caster wheels are common features for both gaming and office chairs. Some are lockable too. What you should look for are heavy-duty caster wheels. These will last longer.

The seat and back material matter too. Mesh cannot provide as much support as alternative materials. But mesh is more breathable and forgiving in a non-air-conditioned space.

Other materials like PU leather or fabric feel warm if you don’t have air conditioning. However, PU leather does look and feel plush and expensive. It is a pity it doesn’t last as long as fabric.

Not All Gaming Chairs Are Highly Adjustable
Not All Gaming Chairs Are Highly Adjustable

3. Adjustability

If you’re not the only one who is going to be using the chair, adjustability is a feature worth checking out. No matter whether it’s an office chair or a gaming chair.

Some chairs have immovable armrests. Premium chairs often come with 3D or 4D armrests. These allow you to change the angle and height of the armrests. As well as to move them further out.

Head rests and lumbar support (if any) may not be adjustable either. Unless it’s a premium office or gaming chair.

Not All Chairs Have Adjustable Headrests
Not All Chairs Have Adjustable Headrests

Moreover, users that are below or above average heights should check the maximum (and minimum respectively) height that the seat can be set to.

Gaming Chair VS Office Chair Comfort

Both gaming chairs and office chairs can be comfortable to sit in for extended periods. If you can’t try them out in person, pay attention to the make and dimensions of the chair.

Note that the design of office chairs encourages you to sit in an upright position. While gaming chairs offer more freedom in the way you choose to sit. It really depends on what you prefer.

Office Chairs Encourage You To Sit Upright
Office Chairs Encourage You To Sit Upright

Here are some questions you can ask yourself when choosing a chair:

  • How thick is the seat padding?
  • Is there mesh for ventilation? This is important if you will be using the chair in a non-air conditioned room
  • Is the seat wide enough for you to sit comfortably or cross-legged?
  • Can the lumbar support be adjusted?

If you’re not of standard build or height, you should invest in pricier models. These tend to be highly adjustable. And built with more sturdy materials (i.e., they can bear more weight).

Some gaming chairs even come with massage functions!


1. Is An Office Chair Better Than A Gaming Chair?

While ergonomic office chairs are like gaming chairs (e.g., lumbar support), an office chair is not necessarily better than a gaming chair. It is best to compare individual models of office chairs and gaming chairs.

2. Can I Use A Gaming Chair As An Office Chair?

If there’s no restriction on the size or look of the chair, a gaming chair can take the place of an office chair.


Still wondering if you should get a gaming chair or office chair? This depends greatly on your needs (i.e. how you plan to use the chair) as well as your style preferences.

We recommend checking out both options to find a model that meets all your requirements. See our picks for the best gaming chairs in Malaysia. And the best office chairs in Malaysia.