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It’s easy to keep buying new stuff and not think about the consequences.

But when it comes to mattresses, their size and weight make them cumbersome to handle (and transport). Storing them in your home is space-consuming too!

So what can you do if you have an old mattress to get rid of? By the way, we (and your neighbors) are strongly against just leaving your old mattress on the roadside! It’s unsightly and inconsiderate!

How To Dispose Your Old Mattress

We’ll start with the easiest methods first. There are ways to prolong the life of an old mattress before you give up on it.

Because buying the best mattress for your needs is not as straightforward as you would think. For that we have a separate post on recommended mattresses.

Furthermore, many new mattress combine layers of different materials (i.e. hybrid mattress). Which makes it difficult to recycle the whole mattress!

Breaking apart a hybrid mattress:

1. Deep Clean

Are dust mites, weird odors or stains the problem?  Try sunning the mattress, using a steam cleaner or vacuum cleaner on it!

Check out our how to clean mattress article for an in-depth guide!

If none of these methods work, you can engage a professional cleaning service in Malaysia! Might as well ask them to tackle other upholstery in your home too!

Once your mattress is clean, you may want to get a mattress protector to prevent further mishaps in the future!

Exposing Your Mattress To Sunlight Regularly Can Keep Moldy Smells Away And Kill Dust Mites
Exposing Your Mattress To Sunlight Regularly Can Keep Moldy Smells Away And Kill Dust Mites – Photo credits to Rachel Claire (Pexels)

2. Flip It Around

In case you didn’t try this already:

And we don’t mean for you to flip the mattress upside down, because most mattresses are not made to be reversible. Particularly in the case of hybrid mattresses.

But simply turning the mattress 90° or 180° might solve the problem of backaches in the morning!

Anyways, you should be turning your mattress around from time to time to even out the weight distribution and prevent sagging in certain areas of the mattress!

A must-do if you and your sleeping partner are of significantly different body weights!

3. Get A Mattress Topper

These typically cost around RM200 or even up to RM600.

If you are staying at a rental, this is a viable budget-friendly option if the existing mattress is too firm for your liking! Or not supportive enough!

As a topper can add some comfort to a firm mattress, sofa bed or foldable mattress. Or delay inevitable sagging in a plush top mattress!

They are much lighter to lift and rotate than the actual mattress. Important if you have mobility issues.

Remember To Rotate Your Mattress Occasionally
Remember To Rotate Your Mattress Occasionally – Photo credits to Max Vakhtbovych (Pexels)

There are different types of mattress toppers – memory foam, fleece, or even wool. One made of memory foam can increase motion isolation in your mattress too.

Mattress toppers can also double as a mattress protector. Since you can remove them for washing.

What’s the difference between a mattress protector and mattress topper? Mattress protectors cost as low as RM20 (depending on the size and brand) and are very thin.

Please Don't Leave Your Old Mattress Outside
Please Don’t Leave Your Old Mattress Outside – Photo credits to kmarienico (Flickr)

4. Sell It Secondhand

Make sure the mattress is still good to use before you consider this option:

Get a nice clear photo of the mattress and its condition (include any defects). And put it up for sale (the cheaper your price, the faster you can expect a sale) on any secondhand sale platform:

Like, Carousell, or Facebook Marketplace. There may also be Facebook groups for your area so you can find buyers nearby!

Delivery and transportation is more convenient if you live in populous cities where delivery services like Lalamove or Mr Speedy are available!

5. Call Up A Local Charity

Do not and we repeat, do not just dump you old mattress in front of the closest charity shop.

It’s not polite to assume they will take it. And you may be giving them a burden rather than relief. Always call them first before you drop off the mattress.

Some local charities (e.g. Salvation Army) may have their own van to pick up the mattress from your home too.

Malaysia's Landfills Don't Need More Junk (Picture is just illustration purposes)
Malaysia’s Landfills Don’t Need More Junk (Picture is just illustration purposes) – Photo credits to Tom Fisk (Pexels)

6. Call Tzu Chi Foundation

As an alternative to the above, you might have a Tzu Chi group in your hometown. There are actually 4 branches in Malaysia – Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, and Kedah.

There may also be a regular collection point (Tzu Chi Recycling Point) in your neighborhood. But you should always check with the staff on duty before leaving your mattress there!

On their site, mattresses are actually listed under Non-Recyclable Items.

But they have been known to donate mattresses to those in need.

7. Ask The Mattress Seller

Some, not all mattress sellers have this option available. If they don’t list it out, just ask them first before you buy the new mattress from them.

There is a chance that they can take away your old mattress when they deliver the new one. Sometimes, for free. And sometimes, at an additional fee.

Admittedly, we’re not a big fan of this method. Since we don’t know where the mattress will end up! You can ask but there’s no way to know for sure.

8. Wait For The Old Newspaper Guy

This method is only if the mattress is totally unusable:

The next time you see the old newspaper guy in your neighborhood, ask him if he takes old mattresses.

He might just be interested in your mattress. Especially if it has metal parts to salvage! The metal frame and coils from old spring mattresses are particularly valuable!

The Bed Springs And Metal Frame Of Spring Mattresses Are Incentive Enough To Recycle And Repurpose Them
The Bed Springs And Metal Frame Of Spring Mattresses Are Incentive Enough To Recycle And Repurpose Them – Photo credits to Scott Hart (Flickr)

However, the rest of the mattress (i.e. the soft stuffing) will be chucked away!

Typical local neighborhood recycler:

Bonus: Pass It On To Someone With Skills

Know someone who is really into arts and crafts and handy with power tools?

They might have use for an old spring mattress! You’d be surprise how many ways old bed springs can be repurposed creatively!


Please don’t just leave your mattress outside your house or at the nearest communal dumpsite/ dumpster. Especially if it’s still useable!

We hope this post gives you more ideas of what to do with an old mattress! If you know of other methods, let us know!


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