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Here are 9 best pet shops in Kuching, Sarawak for all your pet needs.

There are pet shops that specialize in exotic pets, and others that cater to cats and dogs or just cats. Some pet shops serve as pet hotels and pet grooming centers too.

Others carry an impressive selection of pet food and accessories at reasonable prices and with a variety of different brands to choose from.

Pet Shops In Kuching

1. Evermore Pets

Evermore Pets - Facebook
Evermore Pets – Facebook

Evermore Pets at Section 33 is one of the best pet shops in Kuching for those who have or are looking into getting exotic pets. They even have tarantulas and bearded dragons.

Plus, they carry the related accessories for exotic pets. On the other hand, cat owners will also find everything they need and more here.

Evermore Pets Shop In Kuching
Evermore Pets Shop In Kuching – Photo belongs to Evermore Pets

Evermore Pets do run a cat hotel as well but do call up at least a week in advance asthey get full fast!

Both owner and staff are friendly and informative so go ahead and ask them about your pet’s needs and care. It helps that their prices are reasonable too!

2. Purr Pets

Purr Pets - Facebook
Purr Pets – Facebook

No need to worry about parking as there is plenty of parking near Purr Pets at the Tabuan Tranquility Commercial Centre!

Moreover, prices are decent and they have a lifetime membership program that costs RM10. Joining will entitle you to discounts on your purchases!

Purr Pets Shop
Purr Pets Shop – Photo belongs to their shop

They have a large selection of premium food especially for cats. Though you will still find food and accessories for other common pets such as hamsters and dogs.

Once inside you will be greeted by friendly and helpful human staff as well as feline staff that wander around the store.

There is an on-site pet salon too.

3. Amazing Pets

Below Wisma STU, Amazing Pets takes up 2 shop lots and carries a diverse range of pet food and accessories.

We will start by saying that the prices are high but you will be able to find premium brands here.

Interestingly, they have a snack station when you get to pick and mix your own pets’ snacks!

Amazing Pets Shop In Kuching
Amazing Pets Shop In Kuching – Photo belongs to Amazing Pets

Other than pet food, Amazing Pets offers grooming services but do call in advance to enquire if they have available slots.

Do note that the staff at Amazing Pets is not too friendly and thus service can be off putting to some especially those intending to send their dogs for grooming. So, tread lightly.

4. Pet Folio

Pet Folio - Facebook
Pet Folio – Facebook

First-time pet owners and customers are in good hands at Pet Folio as the staff and the owner are very friendly and helpful.

Besides their great service, you can look forward to meeting their in-store cat who freely roams about!

Pet Folio Pet Shop
Pet Folio Pet Shop – Photo belongs to the shop

On the whole, prices are agreeable and you will find many choices for cat food and cat snacks from Japanese brands.

Note: Repacking of kibbles is possible for certain brands.

But apart from food, Pet Folio sells accessories for both canine and felines.

Lastly, this pet shop in Kuching is at the Swan Commercial Centre where parking is easily available.

5. Cuties Pet Shop

Cuties Pet Shop - Facebook
Cuties Pet Shop – Facebook

Cuties Pet Shop mainly caters to cats but you will still be able to find accessories and snacks for your canine friend! Don’t hesitate to ask the staff if you need some advice too.

And if you are searching for crates for your pet, this place has one in almost every size!

Cuties Pet Shop In Kuching
Cuties Pet Shop In Kuching – Photo belongs to Cuties Pet Shop

Affordable pricing and limited parking slots does mean that it can be tricky to secure a parking slot in this area so it’s best to visit outside of peak hours (e.g., lunch time).

6. Eden Aquapet

Eden Aquapet - Website
Eden Aquapet – Website

Eden Auapet provide delivery services for those who are unable to get to their physical store.

In general, the service at Eden Aquapet  is good and the staff and the owner are both very amiable and helpful.

Their competitive pricing is also another reason why they have many loyal customers.

Eden Aquapet
Eden Aquapet – Photo belongs to Eden Aquapet

This aside, they have grooming services in addition to the usual pet food and accessories.

However, in regards to their grooming services, you will need to make an appointment at least 3 days in advance as slots fill up really quickly.

Note: Parking at the Eden Aquapet store is easy! With plenty of parking spots available, you need not worry too much about peak hours.

7. Love Crystal Pet House

Love Crystal Pet House - Facebook
Love Crystal Pet House – Facebook

Love Crystal Pet House doesn’t have plenty of parking spaces nearby but it is still a great spot for all you pet needs and more importantly, it’s open every day!

There is plenty of pet food and pet accessories and beds and for sensible prices.

Furthermore, they carry holistic dog food as well as homemade dog food which is great if your pet has a sensitive gut.

Love Crystal Pet House
Love Crystal Pet House – Photo belongs to their shop

And you can also look to the friendly staff for some great advice!

Other than this, Love Cyrstal Pet House do provide grooming services for both dogs and cats too. Though you will need to make an appointment beforehand.

8. Just Pets @ Batu Kawa

Just Pets @ Batu Kawa - Facebook
Just Pets @ Batu Kawa – Facebook

Because it’s close to a main road, parking is sparce at Just Pets but it’s worth finding one as this pet shop in Kuching has one of the largest selection of items for pets in this list!

There’s stuff for cats, dogs, birds and even reptiles so you will find almost everything you will need in one place if you happen to have multiple pets.

Just Pets @ Batu Kawa - Website
Just Pets @ Batu Kawa – Website

Another huge plus here is that they have their own website, with delivery as well as pick up options available.

On top of that, they have a pet hotel and  grooming services! The store is clean too so you will have ease of mind leaving your pets here for boarding.

Feel free to reach out to their friendly staff for more information regarding pet care.

9. The Animal Kingdom Sdn Bhd – HQ

The Animal Kingdom Sdn Bhd – HQ - Facebook
The Animal Kingdom Sdn Bhd – HQ – Facebook

Parking is never going to be an issue at the Animal Kingdom Sdn Bhd pet store. Additionally, they have a large variety of food and accessories including rabbit cages.

They have choices for many kinds of pets including rabbits and turtle and their prices are reasonable!

The downside though, is that they are often are running low on stock so if you’re looking for anything specific, call them up before heading to the store!

Services from the staff can be a hit or miss as quite a number of customers do complain about rudeness while some say that the staff is plenty helpful!


This makes up the 9 best pet stores in Kuching, Sarawak!

For the pet shops we listed that have services such as boarding and grooming, we highly recommend that you call ahead as some don’t entertain walk ins.


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