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Terms in this document:

Provider/ Owner of the Site = BestBuyGet (“Provider”, “us”, “we”)

Viewer/ User of the Site = “you”

Use of the Site is subject to the following conditions:

  1. All content and information on the Site is for your reference and subject to change without any notice to you.
  2. How you choose to use any information (or other) from the Site is at your own risk with no applicable liability to us.
  3. Do not change, display, publish, translate, copy, distribute, sell, license, create or derive any content from the Site for commercial purposes.
  4. This Site may occasionally direct and link you to other sites to access third-party material. See Disclosure. We do not have any authority to change or update the content in these given links. You as a user must understand the risk of relying on information off the internet before you use it.
  5. We do not endorse and are not responsible for the following:
  6. Accuracy of any statement, opinion or advice on the Site made by any third party
  7. Content on sites that we link to
  8. Reliability of any products and services that you purchase from a site that we link to
  9. We will not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from your use of information from the Site or any site that we link to. Or your use of a product or service from an external site that we link to on the Site.
  10. You accept that it is solely your responsibility to evaluate the accuracy and reliability of any content from the Site or any third-party site that we link to
  11. The Provider is not under any obligation to keep content on the Site up-to-date, free from typographical errors or complete.
  12. It is at our discretion to update, improve or change the content on the Site without any notice to you.
  13. We do not guarantee secure and uninterrupted access to the Site
  14. We are not liable for any consequential loss or damages that arise from inter-connectivity problems on the Site or from your internet service provider, cyber attacks from a third party, failure of your PC hardware, unauthorized access to your PC, or similar.
  15. You agree that The Provider may at any point, work with third party contractors (either individual or a company) to provide you services. And The Provider is not liable for any services or lack thereof by these third party contractors.
  16. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Provider against any third party claim from or related to your use of Provider’s services.
  17. The Provider may assign this agreement without your knowledge or consent wholly or in part at its sole discretion.

Terms And Conditions For Advertising Services

BestBuyGet is the publisher of bestbuyget.com and its associated subscriber email (“us, our, we”).

The aim of this document is to set out our standard terms and conditions for any advertising products and/or services we provide to advertisers on our website.

General Terms

  1. Every advertiser and advertising agency (“you”) who would like to advertise on bestbuyget.com must agree to these terms and conditions before the order or advertising request (regardless of whether the request came through the phone, contact form or email) can proceed.

And if we accept your order (in writing), your order and this document will form the basis of a contract between you and us for the provision of the advertising ordered by you.

  1. Do note that we may categorize, head, label, title or name any advertisement as “Advertisement” whenever required to do so by law. Or whenever appropriate, for any reason, in order to distinguish it from other content types.
  2. Any failure by BestBuyGet to enforce any provision of this Agreement shall not be construed as a continuing waiver of any rights under such provision. And in the event that any part of this Agreement is held unenforceable, the remaining provisions of the Agreement shall still remain in full force and effect.
  3. We make no representation, guarantee or warranty in regards to our website traffic (e.g. number of viewers, impressions, etc).
  4. With the exception of any warranty or representation made expressly in writing by us, you acknowledge that you have not relied on any advice given or representation made (by us or on our behalf) in connection with the advertising.
  5. No purchase order or document issued by you will vary these Terms and Conditions.
  6. These Terms and Conditions are subject to change at our discretion at any time, without notice to you. However, the changes will only apply to orders made after the date the change becomes effective (i.e. is published on our website). So you (and BestBuyGet) will still be bound by the Terms and Conditions that were current during the date of your order.

A. Publishing Your Order:

  1. With reasonable exceptions (e.g. subject to availability, technical limitations and these Terms and Conditions, etc), we will publish your advertisement in a format that is agreeable to both parties. For listicles, they will follow the same format as other products on the respective listicle. And if you require certain phrases to be in (or other specific instructions), it is your responsibility to notify us through email before the order starts. And with our acknowledgement in writing.
  2. The positioning or placement of your advertisement within our blog articles will be at our discretion. Unless both parties expressly agree otherwise in writing. You further acknowledge that we will let our readers know that your product is sponsored. By putting a small note either above or under your product’s description.
  3. We reserve the right to determine what (if any) purchase links (e.g. Lazada link, Shopee link, etc) to place underneath your product. Unless both parties expressly agree on another option in writing. If you have an affiliate program where there is commission for BestBuyGet and discount coupon or voucher code for our readers to buy your products/ services, we will be open to sharing your website shop link instead.
  4. If you submit any advertising material to us, you authorize and approve the publication of this material by us on your behalf. And you warrant that the advertising material complies with all relevant laws and regulations (copyrights and trademarks included) and that its publication will not give rise to any claims or liabilities against us, our partners, our directors, employees or agents.
  5. In relation to the clause above, you also indemnify BestBuyGet and our partners, our directors, employees and agents against all claims, demands, proceedings and other liability that may arise (wholly or partially, directly or indirectly), from the publication of the advertising material. And you indemnify BestBuyGet and our partners, our directors, employees and agents against any costs, expenses, losses, damages, liability and claims suffered or incurred and arising if you fail these Terms and Conditions (or any other negligent or unlawful act or omission by you) in connection with the advertising material.

B. Order Cancellation:

  1. It is (if we decide to) our absolute discretion to refuse to publish or withdraw any advertisement (without giving any reason) at any time of the contract (before, during and after). If we do refuse, no fee will be charged to you. And in the case where the advertisement is already published, we will notify you accordingly and provide a full refund.
  2. If you want to cancel your order, send us a written notice as soon as possible. For orders where 1 product must be added to an existing listicle, a 50% refund is usually possible. For larger orders with multiple advertisements involved (regardless of published or ongoing status), it is the sole discretion of BestBuyGet to determine if a partial or full refund is possible.

C. Payment For Your Order

  1. The rate for your advertisement will be quoted by us (through email).
  2. Payment will be through online transfer to our bank account.
  3. For orders requiring a brand new article, a deposit of 30% is required first before the order can proceed. For other orders where a brand new article is not required (e.g. only featuring your product in existing articles on bestbuyget.com), deposit is not necessary.
  4. The final draft will not be published on bestbuyget.com until we have received (and acknowledged, in writing) full payment. If we have not received full payment after 7 working days from sending you the final draft, we will consider the contract withdrawn. And we will terminate any ongoing agreements with you for advertising that is yet to be published. For the case where new articles (i.e. not using our existing articles) have already been written for you, we will keep the previous deposit mentioned in item 17.
  5. For orders where we have quoted a rate to publish a specific quantity of advertisements over a specified and agreed-upon period, and you have submitted less than what is needed for the publication within the agreed period, we will still charge the full rate.

D. Delays And Errors To Your Order:

  1. We will not be liable/ responsible for or compensate you for any indirect or consequential losses, including loss of profits, loss of revenue and loss of business opportunity if there are:
    • Delays in the publication of your order. Where these delays are due to late payment to us. Or slow action from your team to review or approve the respective order.
    • Any errors in the advertising material that you submit to us to be used to publish or to accompany the order.
    • Any errors you have overlooked (for whatever timeframe) if we have already sent the finished order to you for review.
    • Delays or failure for you to receive your completed order or to publish your advertisement on time or otherwise, due to external factors outside of our reasonable control (e.g. natural disaster, war, electricity failure, telecommunications services or systems, governmental or legal restraint, etc).
  1. You agree that we will not be liable for any costs, expenses, losses or damages suffered or incurred by you arising from our failure to publish your advertisement in accordance with your request.

E. After The Order Is Completed (Your Rights And Responsibilities):

  1. You are free to share the published advertisement on your respective social media platforms as you see fit. With appropriate credit given to BestBuyGet. And provided that the content (e.g. video, words, pictures, audio, etc) does not reflect negatively on BestBuyGet. Or other third parties involved in the article.
  2. Once the order is completed (advertisement is published on bestbuyget.com), you may request to update (if necessary) or correct anything about the product that has changed since the order was published. We do not have a limit to the number of amendment requests. Nor are we obliged to make these changes if we do not find them to be reasonable.
  3. Replacing the product in the published advertisement with a completely different product (i.e. name of product has changed, including version number) is not acceptable. And will require separate payment. Without any compensation or refunds given for the product in the original order.
  4. If you are no longer selling the product or service mentioned in the advertisement, do notify us in writing so that we can take the respective advertisement down. Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer you any compensation or replacement in that case.

F. After The Order Is Completed (Our Rights And Responsibilities):

  1. If we find that you are no longer selling the product or service mentioned in the advertisement, we will take the respective advertisement down. With written notice to you first. But after 7 working days, we will consider that you have approved the removal. Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer you any compensation or replacement in that case.
  2. We reserve the right to re-publish your advertisement in any other place and medium ( at no extra cost to you) if we choose to.
  3. If later on, we find that the advertisement is offensive, abusive, defamatory, or breaching a law or pre-existing agreements with or rights of third parties, or in violation of a copyright, trademark right, or other intellectual property right of any third party, or otherwise, just inappropriate for bestbuyget.com, we may, without prior consultation or notice to you, amend your advertisement in any way we see fit. At no extra charge to you. If we have to remove it entirely, we will provide you a written notice and a waiting period of 7 working days first (similar to item 26).
  4. We reserve the right to change the placement or positioning of your advertisement in the future without notification to you. However, if the format and wording changes, we will notify you via email to review these changes.