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Trying to satisfy your picky feline companion (or master) with some tasty wet food for cats? Here is a roundup of the best wet food for cats in Malaysia!

You’re probably here too because you know how important it is for cats to have enough water! Or maybe you want to find out what the best wet food for kittens is!

Regardless, your cats are lucky to have an owner who puts such priority on their health!

7 Best Wet Cat Food In Malaysia 2022

Finding good wet cat food (that still tastes appealing to fussier cats) is really not easy!

By good, we mean with high quality ingredients and a nutritional balance that is high in protein and fat.

With less carbohydrates! The criterion is similar to picking out the best dry cat food.

We like these 7 brands in particular for the best cat wet food in Malaysia because they have better nutrition and ingredient quality than others:

  • Monge
  • Snappy Tom
  • Carnilove
  • AvoDerm
  • Fussie Cat
  • Aixia
  • Fancy Feast by Purina

Our recommendations:

  • Best Wet Food For Indoor Cats – FANCY FEAST Royale Gourmet Canned Cat Food
  • Best Wet Food For Outdoor Or Active Cats – Carnilove White Muscle Meat Wet Cat Food
  • Best Wet Food For Kittens – AvoDerm Cat Canned Food
  • Best Premium Wet Food For Cats – Carnilove White Muscle Meat 100g Wet Cat Food
  • Best Wet Food For Cats With Ideal Nutrition – Monge Cat Canned Food
  • Best Wet Food For Healthy Senior Cats – Monge Cat Canned Food
  • Best Wet Food For Fussy Cats – Aixia Kuro-Can Mini Canned Cat Food
  • Best Budget Friendly Wet Food For Cats – Snappy Tom Canned Food

Disclaimer: If your cat has special needs, you may want to seek advice from your vet.

1. Monge Cat Canned Food 80g

For wet cat food, the Monge Cat Canned Food has an impressive amount of protein. Almost double of what Carnilove wet food provides. This does vary according to the flavour you get.

Different Flavors Of Monge Cat Canned Food
Different Flavors Of Monge Cat Canned Food

All of the available flavors incorporate some sort of sea food. The fat content is relative low too.

The price is reasonable. And the Monge Cat Canned Food is a similar-priced alternative to the Fancy Feast Royale range of wet food for cats.

But is rated very high (52/60) on! For its species appropriateness and ingredient quality!

You might think that such a high protein/ low fiber diet is unsuitable for elder cats but on the contrary:

And according to WebMD, senior cats may benefit from the same diet as a younger cat (i.e. high protein)!

Cats don’t actually need fiber unless they are overweight and mostly indoors!

Monge Cat Canned Food - Yellowfin Tuna With Salmon
  • Protein Source Options: Atlantic Tuna, Chicken & Squid, Tuna + Chicken + Beef, Seafood Mixed + Chicken
  • Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein (min) 10-19% | Crude Fat (min) 0.3-1% | Crude Fibre (max) 0.5% | Moisture (max) 78-80%
  • Suitable For: Adults
  • Size: 80g
  • Price: ~RM3.75



2. AvoDerm Cat Canned Food

Choose from chickenocean fish or salmon! Any of the flavors will come with the signature dose of Californian avocados as a rich source of Omega-6 and Omega-3 for your pet’s coat!

Their affordable canned foods pack animal-sourced protein and have few carbohydrates.

Different Flavors Of AvoDerm Cat Canned Food

So it’s still one of the best wet food for cats that you can get in Malaysia! Do take note that this wet cat food also contains high fat (more calories) per 100g.

This canned food is suitable for kittens too because of the smooth mushy texture. In fact, we noticed that the texture and smell is comparable to the Royal Canin Recovery Food.

Either way, all of our cats really seem to like the AvoDerm Cat Canned Food! Even if it looks kind of gross to us!

Texture Of AvoDerm Wet Cat Food - Salmon Recipe
  • Protein Source Options: Chicken Formula; Ocean Fish; Salmon; Indoor Weight Control Formula
  • Guaranteed Analysis: Protein (min) 10% | Fat (min) 3-7% | Fiber (max) 1.5-2% | Ash (max) 2-2.7% | Moisture (max) 78%
  • Suitable For: All Life Stages
  • Size: 156g
  • Price: ~RM5.5



3. Fussie Cat Premium Canned Cat Food

First of, we like that they have a nutrition breakdown. Secondly, meat tops the ingredient list. Although some of the meat sources are not specified.

And Fussy Cat Premium Canned Cat Food scores 4/5 by

Different Flavors Of Fussie Cat Premium Canned Cat Food

While CatFoodDB rates them 6.7/10 considering 20+ of their products. Their wet cat food is one of the best you can get in Malaysia. Or at least above average when it comes to nutrition.

Even if the ingredient quality of this canned food for cats is questionable. From first impression, it looks like there are stringy bits of what we can only assume is meat, floating in a thin soup.

But the Fussy Cat Premium Canned Food is fine just to give your cats some variety from their usual dry kibble or other wet food once in a while.

Our cats don’t have any problem or aversion to taking this canned food.

Texture Of Fussie Cat Premium Canned Cat Food - Tuna With Shrimp
  • Protein Source Options: Tuna, Sardine, Mackerel, Tuna & Chicken, Ocean Fish With Shrimp, etc
  • Guaranteed Analysis: Protein (min) 12% | Fat (min) 0.9% | Fiber (max) 1% | Ash (max) 3% | Moisture (max) 83-84%
  • Suitable For: Kittens/ Adults
  • Size: 400g
  • Price: ~RM3.6



4. Aixia Kuro-Can Mini Canned Cat Food 80g

AIXIA has been around for some time (since 1990). The HQ is based in Japan but the manufacturing happens in both Japan and Thailand.

Most of the products (e.g. wet pouches, canned food, mousse, etc) feature tuna as the main ingredient.

Different Flavors Of Aixia Kuro-Can Mini Canned Cat Food

We wish there were more resources on the nutrition analysis. But it does look like there’s more meat rather than jelly or filler when you open the can! It actually does look delicious

And fur sheds less according to another user. Furthermore, many fussy cats can’t wait to eat this!

We’re trusting this one to Japanese quality. But if you ask your cat to make the decision, they’ll most likely accept this wet cat food eagerly!

We tested this wet cat food on our 4 cats, and they really like it!

Aixia Kuro-Can Mini - Tuna & Skipjack Tuna With Dried Skipjack
  • Protein Source Options: Tuna, Chicken, Skipjack (also tuna), Whitebait
  • Guaranteed Analysis: Protein (min) 13.9% | Fat (min) 0.9% | Fiber (max) 0.1% | Ash (max) 3.5% | Moisture (max) 82%
  • Suitable For: All Life Stages
  • Size: 80g
  • Price: ~RM3



5. Natural Balance Cat Canned Food

Natural Balance offers diverse flavors in their canned food line that suits both kittens and adult cats. Indoor cats will have their own formula in this range too (i.e. more fibre, less fat)!

Different Flavors Of Natural Balance Kittens To Adults Wet Cat Food
Different Flavors Of Natural Balance Kittens To Adults Wet Cat Food

However as a brand of cat food, Natural Balance does not provide the ideal nutritional balance for cats (and also ironically given their brand name).

And their recall history is sketchy (cases of melamine and more recently in mid-2020, choline chloride). Because of this, they only score a C (34/60) on

Note that for Natural Balance wet cat food, the fish flavors (especially salmon) have higher ingredient quality than the poultry versions (according to catfooddb anyways).

To conclude, it’s further from other brands for the best wet cat food in Malaysia. But still better than commercial brands (looking at you, Friskies and Whiskas).

From what we can tell, this brand of wet cat food has a pretty high fat content (and calories) too.

Natural Balance Ultra Premium Cat Food - Tuna & Shrimp Formula
  • Protein Source Options: Chicken & Liver Paté Canned Cat Formula; Indoor Chicken Formula; Ocean Fish Canned Cat Formula; Salmon Canned Cat Formula
  • Guaranteed Analysis: Protein (min) 9-10% | Fat (min) 5-6% | Fiber (max) 1-1.5% | Moisture (max) 78%
  • Suitable For: All Life Stages
  • Size: 156g
  • Price: ~RM5.5



6. Snappy Tom Canned Food 400g

Snappy Tom Canned Food hails from Australia. But is surprisingly very affordable! One can costs RM3.2 but that’s for 400g. In comparison, the Carnilove wet cat food is RM4.36 for a 100g can!

And both are grain-free and have the same protein %. The fat content is less too (3% vs 6.7%) if you’re comparing between Snappy Tom and Carnilove wet canned food.

Snappy Tom Canned Food 400g

Most importantly, our cats adore the taste of the Snappy Tom canned food too!

This is actually the cheapest wet food for cats that we have found. It’s slightly cheaper than the Fussy Cat Premium canned food.

And they have a decent score (48/60) on! The nutritional ratio suits cats. As the ingredient quality is not as high (7/10) as with Monge cat food (8/10) though.

However, if you really want to get your cats more protein, the Monge cat food has almost double the protein %!

Snappy Tom Wet Cat Food - Chicken With Tuna Flakes Flavor
  • Protein Source Options: Sardines in Smoked Salmon Jelly, Whole Fish, Tuna with Sardine Chunk, Tuna with Chicken, Chicken, Chicken with Beef Liver, Chicken with Tuna Flakes, Lamb
  • Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein (min) 10% | Crude Fat (min) 2-3% | Crude Fibre (max) 1% | Salt (max) 1%
  • Suitable For: Kittens / Adults
  • Size: 400g
  • Price: ~RM3.2



7. Cindy’s Recipe Delicious Cat Canned Food

Another budget-friendly option for wet cat food, Cindy’s Recipe Delicious Cat Canned Food is mainly tuna. With other meats added, depending on the flavor you choose.

Different Flavors Of Cindy's Recipe Delicious Cat Canned Food

The protein content is quite high, ranging from 11% (Delicious) to 15% (Original). Despite this, it’s not a particularly high source of energy (57.93-76.37kcal/100g).

So you may give these to your indoor cats without fear of weight gain! If you do have an active cat, go for AvoDerm, Carnilove or Natural Balance wet food for cats instead!

And speaking from experience, our cats enjoy the taste and texture of Cindy’s Recipe Delicious Cat Canned Food!

If you pick the small whitefish flavour, you can actually see whole fish (they look like anchovies) in the food!

Texture Of Cindy's Recipe Delicious Cat Canned Food - Deboned Tuna With Small White Fish
  • Protein Source Options: Deboned Tuna With Small Whitefish, Deboned Tuna With Shrimp, Deboned Atlantic Tuna, Deboned Tuna With Salmon, Deboned Tuna With Goat Milk, Deboned Tuna With Chicken
  • Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein (min) 11% | Crude Fat (min) 1% | Crude Fiber (max) 1% | Crude Ash (max) 2% | Moisture (max) 87%
  • Suitable For: Kittens / Adults
  • Size: 80g
  • Price: ~RM1.8



Dry vs Wet Cat Food – Which One Is Better For Your Kitty?

Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer to this question. It rather depends on your cat’s own needs.

Wet cat food is especially good for cats that:

  • Don’t drink enough water
  • Need to lose some weight
  • Are constipated
  • Are older or have dental problems
  • Are male – male cats have a very high chance of getting very painful urinary obstructions

All of this is because wet cat food has a much higher water content than dry food!

So feeding your cat wet food can prevent urinary tract disease, and help with constipation. Plus, help your cat lose some weight (water has zero calories)!

On the other hand:

Dry cat food is great for cats that need to put on some weight since it usually has more carbohydrates.

To summarize:

CriteriaWet FoodDry Food
Water ContentMoreLess
Carbohydrate ContentLessMore
TasteCats usually prefer thisn/a
StorageRefrigerate or eat once openedNo need to refrigerate
FeedingCan be messyMess-free with little to no supervision

How Much Wet Cat Food Should You Give Your Cat?

So many people choose to give their cats both wet and dry food. Typically with wet food as a topper over the dry food. Or as an infrequent treat.

However, actually suggests owners to give more wet cat food over dry cat food!

And it makes sense because wild cats get water from their prey (60-70% water). While wet cat food has 70-80% water content!

You should also take into account the breed of your cat as well, as different breeds do have different dietary needs.

But if you want to know exactly what your cat needs, it’s also best to seek professional advice from your local vet!


Luckily, there are enough options for best wet food for cats in Malaysia if you struggle with a picky eater! Because cats need wet food to stay hydrated. To prevent constipation, weight gain, and serious urinary problems (and hefty vet bills) later on in their life! Of course, food isn’t the only recurring cost when getting a cat. Check out our guide on how much does a pet costs in Malaysia, to know all about the economics of owning a pet. Further reading:


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