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Stretch out on the best yoga mat Malaysia 2022! Especially if you practice yoga on a regular basis!

The expected cost range for yoga mat prices in Malaysia can be anywhere from RM20 to a few hundred. You can get cheap yoga mats (under RM50) online in Malaysia. But those mats will not last for very long!

So if you do other more intensive home workouts besides yoga, you should buy a proper yoga mat! See our list below for recommendations!

11 Best Yoga Mat In Malaysia

We’re hopping straight into the list! Which is not in any particular order, by the way.

  • Best Natural Yoga Mat – Jade Harmony Yoga Mat
  • Best Budget Natural Yoga Mat – ZiShine Natural Rubber Yoga Mat Antiskid Pu Hot Yoga Mat
  • Best Budget Yoga Mat (Under RM100) For Standing/Jumping – Decathlon Domyos Yoga Mat
  • Best Yoga Mat For Home Use (Under RM150) – Adidas Yoga Mat
  • Best Portable Yoga Mat – Manduka EKO Superlite Mat 71” Yoga Mat
  • Best Yoga Mat For A Variety Of Workouts – Wolo Yoga Mastery Mat
  • Best Yoga Mat If You Sweat A Lot – Lululemon Reversible Yoga Mat
  • Best Wide Budget Yoga Mat – DIY Yoga Mat
  • Best Yoga Mat For Longevity (High Durability) – Manduka Pro or Manduka Prolite
  • Bet Yoga Mat For Lifetime Yogis – Manduka Pro

If you are getting a yoga mat or exercise mat for the very first time, do check out our guide below the list for more information and tips!

1. Lululemon Reversible Yoga Mat

This reversible mat from Lululemon is the thicker version (5mm) of their other reversible mats (1mm or 3mm). Perfect for those tricky poses that require you to be on your wrists or knees!

If you find yourself sliding on it, try the other side! One side is sweat absorbent. Great for those of us that sweat a lot! Think, Pilates! ran this yoga mat through their tests, and found that they provide great traction even when wet. These mats are also easy to clean.

Although, they do pick up scratches and oils (from your skin) easily. And when new, the Lululemon reversible yoga mat emits quite a strong smell.

Since it is quite heavy, you may also want to leave this mat at home most of the time!

Closer look at the mat:

Lululemon Yoga Mat
  • Material: Polyurethane and rubber
  • Features: Anti-microbial layer (e.g. rubber), anti-slip (dry/wet)
  • Thickness: ~5mm
  • Weight: 2.4kg
  • Dimensions: 183 x 68cm (72 x 27inches)
  • Price: ~RM315



2. Adidas Yoga Mat

Made of synthetic rubber with 8mm thickness, the standard-sized Adidas Yoga Mat provides adequate grip onto floors and will not move from the floor.

This is a solid mat and looks very durable too. Better still, it doesn’t appear to have an odor!

Adidas Yoga Mat

Although, for workouts that require a great deal of movement, we would not recommend this as the mat can shift!

When you do yoga poses on this, you’ll have less pressure on your joints! However, the top surface of the mat can be a bit slippery for sweaty palms!

On the whole, the finishing is nice but there may be a few dents. The mat is neither too soft, or firm. But it does lean towards the firmer side.

Which means that it is not the most flexible! And can be a pain to roll up (i.e. too thick). It doesn’t really lie flat after you unroll it too.

But once rolled, it’s light enough to be an occasional gym companion!

Promo video:

Adidas Yoga Mat Close-up
  • Material: Vinyl combination of EVA (85%), TPE (15%)
  • Features: Non slip, Portable
  • Thickness: 8mm
  • Weight: ~900g
  • Dimensions: 176 x 61cm (69 x24inches)
  • Price: ~RM138



3. Manduka eKO Superlite Mat 71” Yoga Mat

Choose from 6 different moody colors when you buy the Manduka eKO Superlite Mat 71” Yoga Mat. There’s no need to break in this mat either. Which is a big con for the Manuka Pro series.

Despite being 1.5mm thick:

The combination of the textured surface and natural tree rubber material makes it light enough for travel yoga mat! While still giving you a slip resistant surface!

It is very grippy when dry, but the regular eKO has an even better grip than the superlite version.

And if you sweat a lot, you may not want to get the Manduka eKO Superlite Mat 71” Yoga Mat because it does get slippery when wet.

This mat also has a rubber smell that can transfer to your skin so bear that in mind if you want to get it!

Promo video:

Manduka eKO Superlite Mat 71'' Yoga Mat
  • Material: Natural rubber
  • Features: Anti slip
  • Thickness: 1.5mm
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Dimensions: 172 x 61cm (68 x 24 inches)
  • Price: ~RM219



4. JadeYoga Harmony Yoga Mat

Often compared to Manduka yoga mats, the JadeYoga Harmony Yoga Mat is made of a wholly different material – natural rubber!

Which has a strong odor that some may not like at all! It is possible to wash this mat, but drying will take a long time as the rubber really soaks in water!

JadeYoga Harmony Yoga Mat

That same quality makes it adept for high intensity workouts that involve a lot of sweating! Like hot yoga.

Moreover, this mat certainly does not lack grip! And you will be able to do all sorts of balancing poses with it! Although some quick-movements may be hindered by all that built-in friction!

A better alternative for smoother movements is the Manduka Eko Mat.

This mat does come in 4 sizes too. Depending on where you get it from. The thinnest version is around 4mm.

So if you’re looking for a yoga mat with a plush feel, the JadeYoga Harmony Yoga Mat is not for you!

A comparison by showed that between the JadeYoga Harmony and Manduka Pro yoga mats, both provide the same level of cushioning.

And while the JadeYoga Harmony does keep up with sweatier exercises better than the Manduka Pro, it’s not as easy to clean as the latter!

Lastly, these JadeYoga Harmony yoga mats typically do not last as long as Manduka mats. The average lifespan can vary from 3-5 years. Maybe even a decade if you look after it right!

JadeYoga Harmony Yoga Mat - Pink
  • Material: Natural rubber
  • Features: Open-cell structure
  • Thickness: ~5mm
  • Weight: 2kg
  • Dimensions: 180 x 61cm (71 x 24inches)
  • Price: ~RM420



5. Wolo Yoga Mastery Mat

A promising newcomer for yoga mats in Malaysia:

Wolo Yoga’s Mastery Mat comes in 3 attractive shades (limestone grey, hibiscus red, and Alaskan blue).

Wolo Mastery Mat - Limestone Grey

The mats have been tested by local yoga instructors and yoga enthusiasts for both indoor and outdoor use. They share that the mats are stable and supportive enough for a wide range of different exercises:

Such as yoga balancing poses and headstands, kneeling, burpees, planks, jumping.

Sweat isn’t an issue with these mats, and they will maintain their grip well throughout your whole workout routine. Even though the mats have a very comfortably smooth surface!

It remains to be seen whether these mats can last for years but if you want to support a local brand in their journey to creating high quality yoga mats, you can get yourself a Wolo Yoga Mastery Mat!

Wolo Mastery Mat - Alaskan Blue
  • Material: PU leather (top), Natural rubber (base)
  • Features: Sweat Absorption, Non-Slip, Enhanced Grip
  • Thickness: 4mm
  • Weight: 2.6kg
  • Dimensions: 183 x 68cm ( 72 x 27inches)
  • Price: RM320



6. Decathlon Yoga Mat (8mm, Thick Cushion) – Domyos

Also of standard size, the Decathlon Yoga Mat from Domyos is value for money! The blue jungle print is very attractive too.

It’s thick enough (8mm) to relieve some pressure (and pain) when you’re doing standing or jumping exercises! It holds its ground (i.e. anti slip) and has some bounce.

The foam padding and grip is enough for yoga, core workouts and HIT exercises too! As long as you don’t sweat a lot – because the mat does start to get slippery on the top surface when wet!

So if you have sweaty hands, this yoga mat may not be the best for planks either!

On another note, the Decathlon Yoga Mat (Domyos) is easy to clean and has a slight synthetic odor.  You may want to give it a quick wash with soap when you first get it (feels sticky/ oily).

There is a thick strap that makes it very convenient to bring around. At 2kg, it’s still fairly portable.

Decathlon Yoga Mat
  • Material: PVC Foam
  • Features: Anti slip, easy to wash, easy transport
  • Thickness: 8mm
  • Weight: 2kg
  • Dimensions: 173 x 61 cm (68 x 24 inches)
  • Price: ~RM79
  • Accessories: Strap



7. MR.DIY Yoga Mat

Looking for an exceptionally thick yoga mat? Try the MR.DIY Yoga Mat! It’s incredibly affordable. There is a larger version too!

At 15mm, it’s substantially thicker than most yoga mats on this list. And wider too. The main material appears to be PVC foam.

However, this yoga mat is not completely non slip! Especially for more intense workouts like mountain climbers!

If you just want a bit of cushioning for (less-mobile) indoor exercises at home, it’ll do the job for cheap.

MR.DIY Yoga Mat
  • Material: PVC foam
  • Features: Non slip, reversible
  • Thickness: 15mm
  • Weight: n/a
  • Dimensions: 185 x 62cm (73 x 24inches)
  • Price: ~RM30



8. Belle Ame Manduka Style High Density Pro Yoga Mat

There are 3 different sizes for the Belle Ame Manduka Style High Density Pro Yoga Mat. Of varying thickness!

But once you roll it up, the diameter of the roll is around 10.5cm. And when you roll it out again, it will lie flat.

This is still quite a heavy yoga mat (more than 2 kg) so it is probably best to leave the Belle Ame Manduka Style High Density Pro Yoga Mat at home!

It feels dense, durable, and supportive. And will adequately protect your knees and elbows during workouts.

The quality of the mat is good and it is frequently marketed as a cheaper alternative to pricier Manduka yoga mats.

However when you first get it, it can feel slippery. The suggested “break in” period for this yoga mat is 1-3 months.

Belle Ame Manduka Style High Density Pro Yoga Mat
  • Material: PVC
  • Features: Anti-slip
  • Thickness: 4 or 5mm
  • Weight: 2.2kg
  • Dimensions: 173 x 61cm (4mm thickness), 183x 61cm (4mm thickness), 183x 61cm (5mm thickness)
  • Price: ~RM230



9. ZiShine Natural Rubber Yoga Mat Antiskid Pu Hot Yoga Mat

A strong smell accompanies the sturdy ZiShine Natural Rubber Yoga Mat Antiskid Pu Hot Yoga Mat 5mm Body Position Line! Leave it to ventilate for up to 2 days when you first get it!

The price and quality ratio suits beginners and pros alike!

It works well for Vinyasa flows and doesn’t feel slippery, even when your palms get sweaty!

While thick and sturdy, the mat can also feel a bit firm for some. Another drawback is that it is prone to staining.

We’re not confident that it’s 100% natural rubber but the ZiShine Natural Rubber Yoga Mat Antiskid Pu Hot Yoga Mat seems to be a wonderful yoga mat for home use!

And it is significantly cheaper than other natural rubber mats like the JadeYoga Harmony Yoga Mat!

ZiShine Natural Rubber Yoga Mat
  • Material: Natural rubber
  • Features: Anti-tear, non slip, water absorbent
  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Weight: 3kg
  • Dimensions: 183 x 68cm (72 x 27inches)
  • Price: ~RM128
  • Accessories: Straps and bag



10. Manduka Prolite Yoga Mat 71″, 4.7mm

Against the heavier price tag of the Manduka Pro Mat, the Manduka Prolite Yoga Mat is a more attractive option for casual yogis who do yoga on a regular basis! Or are frequently on the go!

Manduka Prolite Yoga Mat Solid - Black Sage

Because this mat is much lighter! Without sacrificing comfort. It still has enough padding for supporting your wrists and knees!

Like the Pro version however, the Manduka Prolite Yoga Mat also requires some breaking-in. For some, this process can take as long as a year! You may want to hold out on hot yoga until then!

Promo video:

But as you would expect from a Manduka yoga mat, the Manduka Prolite Yoga Mat is extremely hardy!

Manduka Prolite Yoga Mat 71in, 4.7mm Solid - Black Sage
  • Material: PVC
  • Features: Closed-cell surface to prevent bacteria build up
  • Thickness: 4.7mm
  • Weight: 1.8kg
  • Dimensions: 180 x 61 cm (71 x 24 inches)
  • Price: ~RM480



11. Manduka PRO Mat 71″ Solid – 6mm

Want a yoga mat that will last your lifetime?

Look no further than the Manduka PRO Yoga Mat! Which is well-known for its durability. However, if you’re not going to use it every day, you will be discouraged from using it.

Manduka PRO Mat 71in Solid - 6mm - Odyssey

As the break in period requires a lot of patience. And during the process of breaking it in, you will have to accept its initial slippery feel. Something which the editors of found to be a pain!

But the extra effort is worth it and the mat is comfortably dense for its 6mm thickness! If you are a committed yogi, you will get your money’s worth out of the Manduka PRO Yoga Mat!

Another point to take in:

The Manduka PRO Yoga Mat is not a very portable yoga mat, seeing that it weighs 3.4kg.

Break in process:

Manduka PRO Mat 71in Solid - 6mm - Midnight
  • Material: PVC
  • Features: Closed cell construction prevents build-up of moisture and bacteria
  • Thickness: 6mm
  • Weight: 3.4kg
  • Dimensions: 180 x 66cm (71 x 26 inches)
  • Price: ~RM600



How To Choose The Best Yoga Mat

This is not going to be as complicated as choosing the best treadmill in Malaysia.

But it helps to be aware of the available options out there!

1. Where Are You Going To Use It?

Keep in mind of the location you will most likely be using your mat.

  • On the go (to your favorite gym?)
  • At home
  • Outdoors (park or beach)

It needs to be able to grip unto whatever surface you’re laying it on!

2. Material

Yoga mats come in many types of material:

  • Natural rubber (latex)
  • Jute
  • Cork
  • PVC foam
  • TPE rubber
  • NBR

The manmade polymer called Nitrile rubber, or NBR is one of the most common materials for yoga mats. Aside from PVC foam.

Another commonly used material is TPE rubber (thermoplastic rubber, or thermoplastic elastomer).

They do feel different:

While both are widely considered synthetic rubbers, TPE rubber is partially made with rubber. And hence, brands are quick to market them as environmentally-friendly. Or as a latex alternative.

Rubber, jute and cork are all environmentally-friendly options as long as the rest of the fitness mat is not made of synthetic material too. They are usually more expensive.

And are sadly, not so available in Malaysia yet. The ones we have found are only partially natural, and that means they’ll still end up in the landfill when you have no more use for them!

3. Dimensions

The average yoga mat dimensions are 68 x 24inches. Or 172 x 61cm. If you’re shorter than 6 feet, this size should be fine!

However, you may want to get a larger mat based on your workout routine, height and body size.

4. Thickness

There are mats that are 1mm thick. And others that are more than 8mm thick. The standard thickness is around 3-4mm.

Thicker mats tend to provide more support for your joints. But this also depends on the material. And if you want to be able to pack up the mat quickly, thick mats can be troublesome to roll back up.

The firmness matters too as you may not be able to hold balancing poses as well on a plush mat!

5. Portability (Weight)

Some mats can weigh 2kg or more. You can treat that as bonus arm work out if you have to carry it around from your home to the gym frequently.

Though it’s probably best that you leave the heavier mats at home! As there are other mats that are made for travel!

6. Non-stick Surface

Perhaps the main reason for getting a yoga mat in the first place:

The top of the mat should not be sticky to the touch. Or get slippery when you start sweating!

While the base of the mat may be textured for additional grip on the floor. Important if you’re going to be jumping a lot!

7. Other Features

  • Durable
  • Quick-dry
  • Easy to clean
  • Odorless
  • Reversible
  • Eco-friendly
  • Guidelines on the mat

How To Maintain Your Yoga Mat

Daily use can wear out any mat fast! The way you store it matters too!

Here are some ways to keep your yoga mat clean and in tip top condition:

  • Follow the care instructions (if any)
  • Wipe the yoga mat down with a damp cloth (use water, a homemade baking soda solution or diluted vinegar) after every session
  • Let the mat fully dry before rolling it up
  • Once in a while, deep clean your mat by soaking it in a tub for at least 15 minutes
  • Avoid using alcohol on your mat – this can degrade the material
  • Do not store your mat where it will be exposed to sunlight


Picking the best yoga mat in Malaysia 2022 is very subjective. And heavily dependent on many factors – like the kind of workouts you do, your lifestyle, weight, height, etc.

If you’re looking for longevity though, you cannot go wrong with the pricier Manduka yoga mats!


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