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ACCESSTRADE is one of the leading affiliate marketing platforms in Malaysia under Interspace. They have over 20 years of experience in affiliate marketing across Japan and Southeast Asia.

ACCESSTRADE has been officially launched in Malaysia in 2018. The current CEO of both Malaysia and Singapore is Hayato Nakata.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

In case you don’t know how affiliate marketing works:

Affiliate marketing is a process of earning commission by promoting products/events/ services from other companies.

You get the commission only if a customer makes a purchase, clicks a particular link, or registers (depending on what the company requires).

For example:

If there is a product that I personally like, I can promote it to my friends, family or followers. By signing up for the applicable affiliate program (if any).

You can usually find affiliate programs in the company’s official website (at the bottom of the homepage).

After signing up for the respective affiliate program, you will get access to the affiliate dashboard.

Where you will be able to generate an affiliate link for tracking purpose. That’s how the company can trace a sale back to your website!

Then you can start using the affiliate link in your website, Youtube, or other social media platforms to promote the product/ service.

Any user who clicks on your affiliate link will be tracked. And when they make a successful purchase (with no refund or cancellation after a set period of days), you will get a commission from the sale.

It’s that simple!

PS: Some product companies don’t have their own affiliate program (like Shopee). That’s where an affiliate platform like ACCESSTRADE fits in. They act as a middle man between you and the product company. They manage, track and report to both parties.

Can You Really Make Money Using ACCESSTRADE?

The short answer is YES. We joined ACCESSTRADE on Oct 2020. And we are happy with the user interface, reports, follow up service, and earnings (the amount depends on our website traffic).

ACCESSTRADE Affiliate Dashboard
ACCESSTRADE Affiliate Dashboard

Sometimes, the dashboard takes a while to load but that could be our internet speed.

ACCESSTRADE Merchant and brands

ACCESSTRADE works with notable brands like Lazada, Shopee, Zalora, Lenovo, Klook, and many more.

PS: In fact, it was their Shopee campaign that first attracted us to join ACCESSTRADE!

Notable Campaigns And Brands On ACCESSTRADE
Notable Campaigns And Brands On ACCESSTRADE

Features / Dashboard / User Interface

  1. Dashboard – where you can see the summary of your site performance daily or monthly. Or by a custom period. You can see stats like your total earnings, earnings per click etc.

Navigate by clicking on the left-most panel!

Monitor Your Site Performance And Earnings With The ACCESSTRADE Affiliate Dashboard
Monitor Your Site Performance And Earnings With The ACCESSTRADE Affiliate Dashboard
  1. Campaigns – where you can find brands or products to promote. Apply and wait for approval. Usually it doesn’t take long to get approved. Once approved, you can generate affiliate links and start promoting in your platforms!
Create Affiliate Links On The ACCESSTRADE Affiliate Dashboard
Create Affiliate Links On The ACCESSTRADE Affiliate Dashboard
  1. Reports – this is where you can study your performance in a more detailed manner.For example, you can check your daily performance based on the number of clicks and conversions. And you can even see performance by the type device your users prefer too.
You Can View Reports From The ACCESSTRADE Affiliate Dashboard
You Can View Reports From The ACCESSTRADE Affiliate Dashboard
  1. Payments – this section lets you see your earnings. The minimum withdrawal amount for ACCESSTRADE is RM60. That means your earnings have to be at least RM60 before ACCESSTRADE can send the money to you.
  2. AT Super Points (NEW) – Allows you to collect points and exchange for selected products on ACCESSTRADE. In addition to this, you will get ACCESSTRADE SUPER POINTS based on event participation and publishers’ campaign activation.We personally don’t have much use for this section but other users might!

Our Experience On Using This Platform (After More Than 6 Months)

We have used this platform on BestBuyGet for more than 6 months. Here are our thoughts on ACCESSTRADE:


  • Top notch support: their team will actively help you with anything
  • Proactive team will reach out you for their latest affiliate campaigns
  • After signing up, they will send you free materials in the first 7 days to help you get started on promoting and affiliate marketing (ACCESSTRADE Academy) – great for beginners
  • They will send you invitations to talks or online webinars to broaden your knowledge
  • The platform is user-friendly
  • They are more reliable than their main competitor. For example, they will not unexpectedly pause your affiliate programs – you don’t know how frustrating that is until it happens to you


  • Affiliate programs or campaigns are not as many as their competitors

How To Signup And Get Started With ACCESSTRADE

The sign up process is very straightforward. And it’s FREE.

  1. Just go to their official website and click the sign in button. Press “sign up now”.
  1. Then you will be directed to the page (refer below). First, choose whether you want an individual or a corporate account. PS: Not a big deal since it can be changed easily later, by talking to their support team.
  2. Select your country
  3. Do you have a website or blog? If not, you’ll just need to provide your social media urls.
  4. Fill up the rest of the registration form. And make sure you use a strong password.

You’re all set.

From our experience, there was no approval period. We could immediately access the affiliate dashboard after registration!

And as for your payment details (your preffered bank and bank account number), you can add these later anytime!

Publisher Account Types For The ACCESSTRADE Affiliate Program
Publisher Account Types For The ACCESSTRADE Affiliate Program


Affiliate marketing is one of the many methods to earn some pocket money online. And an easy way to make passive income!

We definitely recommend ACCESSTRADE to anyone who wants to start their affiliate marketing journey! The platform is easy to use, and the service and support is reliable and responsive!


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