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For new parents, it can be overwhelming to pick out a stroller among so many brands! On top of looking after the baby’s basic needs!

But what you really need is a lightweight stroller that is both safe and comfortable for you to use and your little one to sit in! Or even sleep in!

Here’s how to choose the right stroller for your needs (and baby’s)!

1. Why it’s Important To Choose A Stroller Carefully

Much like when buying breast pumps:

Choosing a stroller requires you to think about your current lifestyle carefully. As well as future plans!

Safety, reliability, weight, and ease of use are other factors to keep in mind. You may also want features like adjustable handlebar height, storage space, and washable or removable covers!

And remember, it’s always best to consult a seasoned seller from a dedicated baby shop, rather than absent-mindedly picking one out yourself!

Does The Stroller Have Enough Storage Space
Does The Stroller Have Enough Storage Space

2. Where Do You Need To Use A Stroller?

Are you going somewhere with narrow walkways? With flat or bumpy ground? What about escalators, lifts, and public transport?

All of these factors will determine the size and type of baby stroller to get!

3. How Long Will You Need The Stroller For?

It’s easy to say you’ll just get another one when your kid gets bigger:

But not only is that a waste of money, throwing the old one out will take a toll on the environment. And for that matter, Malaysian landfills are quickly filling to the brim!

Decide how long you think you’ll need the baby stroller. And whether you can compromise between size and weight! Because the convertible strollers tend to be much heavier!

4. Can It Be Unfolded (And Folded) Quickly?

This is especially handy if you’re going to be on the move frequently:

Assembly can be a real pain in the butt and that’s why one-handed foldable strollers are such a godsend! Allowing you to carry your child in one arm while you unpack their stroller!

5. Weight Of The Stroller

Need we say more?

Don’t forget that you’ll have to bring all your baby’s essentials along too! Imagine hauling all of that up a flight of stairs!

Strollers For Newborns Can Lie Flat
Strollers For Newborns Can Lie Flat

6. Is The Stroller Suitable For Newborns?

As you may well be aware, newborns need extra support for the heads!

Thus, a baby stroller should be able to recline to ~170-180 degrees fully.

An incline of 10 to 30 degrees on the contrary, is not advisable.

7. Safety Features To Have On A Stroller

No matter how safe your baby stroller is, never leave your kid out of your sight! Don’t underestimate the value of a peak-a-boo window!

Other features to look for:

  • Five-point harness (not three-point)
  • Brakes!
  • Sunshade or canopy
  • Nowhere that your kids can get their fingers and toes caught!
  • Safety belt to keep the child in the stroller
  • Sturdy wheels – front wheels should be able to lock!
  • Broad base (so the stroller won’t tip over)

8. Types Of Strollers

Yes, there’s more than just a single or twin stroller! Strollers can be made for different purposes:

8.1. Full-Sized Stroller

Plan to have more than one baby? It may be worth the investment to buy a full-sized stroller. These all-purpose strollers are more durable, versatile, and will last until your kids are out of the toddler stage!

There are usually more storage options and features with these types of strollers. But that adds to the bulk and price too!

8.2. Lightweight Stroller

If portability is your priority, there can be no doubt that a lightweight stroller (or umbrella or travel stroller) is the answer! They can usually be folded and packed away. Perfect for those family trips!

Unfortunately, your kid will likely outgrow them fast!

8.3. Jogging Stroller

Don’t limit yourself to a treadmill! With a jogging stroller, you can bring your kid along comfortably while being outdoors for a walk or jog in the park. Even on uneven terrain!

Another alternative is a baby carrier.

The downside of jogging strollers is that they are usually not the most space-saving option!

Some Strollers Are Designed For Rougher Terrain
Some Strollers Are Designed For Rougher Terrain

8.4. Twin Stroller

A double stroller may have seats that are side by side. Or in tandem. Obviously, the main advantage of a twin stroller is that you do not need to get a separate stroller.

However, you will compromise on mobility!

Tandem Strollers Are Convenient For Twins
Tandem Strollers Are Convenient For Twins

8.5. Car Seat Stroller

Get your baby out of the car and outside without having to unbuckle them! Car seat strollers can convert from a baby car seat by using an adaptor to fit it into a stroller base.

This type of stroller however, typically is not be able to support toddlers.


This guide is for you if you don’t know the first thing about choosing a stroller. Know how to determine which strollers have the features you need.

At the same time, it helps to be aware of the different types of strollers available so you have a better idea of what you need.

See this list of the best baby strollers in Malaysia.


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