5 Best Car Batteries In Malaysia 2021 (Top Brands + Tips)

You can worry less about the next battery change when you choose the best car battery Malaysia 2021!

Regular vehicle maintenance is great but it’s just as important to have the right equipment under the hood! And car batteries typically need replacement every 2 to 3 years, on average.

Find out which are the best car battery brands in Malaysia! Or read our guide on how to choose a car battery!

5 Best Car Batteries In Malaysia 2021

1. Century Marathoner Car Battery


The Century Marathoner Car Battery is one of the best car battery options in Malaysia. The batteries come with a year’s warranty.

You can find some battery options for your car from the Century Battery official website. Just select your car type from the extensive drop-down list of car models and years!

Century Marathoner Car Battery
  • Type: MF Battery
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Price: ~RM200 – RM300

2. Amaron Go Car Battery

Amaron has been in the car battery business since 2009. The batteries are made in India with American technology.

The Amaron Go Car Battery is available for many car types in Malaysia. And if you buy the batteries from official distributors, you are eligible for the pro-rata warranty that ranges between 15 to 36 months!

Note that the 36-month long warranty (or 60,000km mileage, whichever comes first) is applicable for the following battery ranges and petrol engines only:

  • 38B20L
  • 46B24 series
  • DIN-type
Amaron Go Car Battery
  • Type: MF Battery
  • Warranty: 18 – 36 months
  • Price: ~RM200 – RM300

3. Camel Standard Plus Battery

Camel has a battery finder tool on their official website too. The NS40ZL Camel car battery is compatible with many common cars in Malaysia.

Including all Perodua models and Honda City, CR-Z, Jazz, etc.

Camel Standard Plus Battery
  • Type: MF Battery
  • Warranty: 18 months
  • Price: ~RM195 – RM310

4. Varta Blue Dynamic Car Battery

Made in Germany according to European standards:

Varta Blue Dynamic Car Battery comes in 25 models of different sizes and capacity. To suit standard cars. You can check your car model and respective battery type on their website.

Varta Blue Dynamic Car Battery
  • Type: MF Battery
  • Warranty: 18 months
  • Price: ~RM220 – RM310

5. Panasonic Maintenance Free Car Battery

Panasonic has a maintenance-free car battery as well. These are made in Thailand with Japanese technology. Including a vent plug to prevent bursts!

Unfortunately, they’re not a one-size-fits-all car battery! But should be sufficient for small cars.

Panasonic Maintenance Free Car Battery
  • Type: MF Battery
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Price: ~RM230

How To Choose The Correct Battery For Your Car

Do not leave getting a new battery to the last minute if yours shows signs of degradation. That includes having trouble to start the engine!

This is to avoid sellers taking advantage of you when your car really breaks down!

Car Breaks Down

1. Warranty

Before you buy a new battery:

You should actually check if the original one falls under your car warranty!

A new battery should come with its own warranty too. At least 12 months’ for a free replacement.

There are also warranties that go for as long as 36 months!

2. Group Size (Battery Size)

By this, we mean the physical size of the battery.

If you’re not getting the same brand and model as the original battery, will the new battery still fit the allocated space?

You can check what size battery your car uses from the car owner manual. Or from the label of the original battery!

Or even search for it online (together with your car details – engine size, year and model)!

3. Reserve Capacity

Reserve capacity (RC) is measured in minutes. This is how long the battery can run for in case your alternator does not work. Or when the engine is off.

Longer RC is not necessarily better. Look into the car owner manual for the RC that suits your car!

4. Battery Type (Maintenance)

This will determine the price of the batteries too! As you can guess, the maintenance-free batteries cost the most!

  1. Wet cell battery – requires electrolyte monitoring and the occasional top up, either by you or a trusted professional
  2. Maintenance Free (MF) Battery or dry cell battery; Most cars are now using dry cell batteries.

5. Brand

Choose a reputable brand. A specific brand may be written in your car owner manual too.

Don’t take the cheapest battery you can find from a lesser known brand!

Because there are so many ways that a cheap battery can be defective. And you don’t want to have to replace the battery again sooner than you plan to!

Also, a high-grade battery will last much longer!

6. Grade

Different brands may have a separate premium battery range/ model. Which will be more expensive than their standard types.

However, these higher-grade batteries will last longer.

7. Manufacturing Date

Batteries are generally rated to last for 5 years. And even good batteries will degrade eventually if they’ve been sitting unused for a long time.

Thus, you should try to get your battery from a place that sees fast turnover.

For reference, any battery made at least 6 months or less ago is considered “new”.

Some manufacturers may make it difficult for you to determine the age of the battery.

In that case, look at the first 2 digits on the left of the 4-5 digit long shipping date code (usually on the corners of the battery, not on the label):

  • Letters (A to L) for the month of manufacture – Where A represents January, and L represents December
  • Numbers (0 to 9) for the year of manufacture – 0 being 2010.

Tips To Prolong Your Car Battery’s Life

Car batteries need a lot more maintenance than car mats!

1. Park In The Shade When You Can

To avoid unwanted evaporation from the battery cells!

This water is to keep the acid in the battery dilute. Without the water, the acid will eat away the inside of your battery!

2. Limit Short Frequent Trips

Those short trips add up! Eventually draining the battery!

Because each trip requires you to start up the car (i.e. use the battery). And if the trip is not long enough, there’s not enough time for it to charge back!

With this argument, frequent long trips are actually better for your car battery.

Otherwise, it’s a good idea to buy a portable car battery charger! For emergencies! Or to maintain the correct voltage level yourself!

These allow you to jump-start your car too. Without the need for another vehicle to be present!

3. Ensure That The Battery Is Secure

Any shaking or vibration may result in a short circuit. Which will damage the battery and your car’s electrical system!

A potential danger to your passengers and you too!

4. Do A Monthly Voltage Check

You will need a car battery tester for this. As a voltage check will help you know that your battery maintenance is optimum!

Lancol Micro-200 Pro Car Battery Tester

Aim for 12.5V to 12.7V always! Any reading less than 12.5V is something to worry about.

A dead/ flat battery will read at 12V!

You can also ask about your battery’s health at the service center when it’s to change the engine oil!

5. Don’t Use Electronics While Idling/ Without Turning On The Engine

This is another thing that will drain out the battery unnecessarily!

The reason for this:

Is that when the engine is off, so is the alternator (which charges up the battery and maintains its voltage).

So when you turn on the headlights, music, air conditioner, dash cam, etc or leave the key in the ignition with the engine off, the battery is draining out without being replenished!

Always double-check that your lights are off when you park your car for the night!

6. Clean Your Battery

Watch out for rust and other signs of corrosion. Especially on the battery terminals and connectors!

You can use an old toothbrush and a simple solution of baking soda and water to scrub these away!

7. Disconnect The Terminals If You Will Not Be Using Your Car For A Long Time

Even if you don’t use your car:

The battery will drain on its own naturally. So if you know you’re going to be away for weeks and months on end, you better disconnect the terminals!

Or connect it to a trickle charger!


Considering that the car batteries in this best car battery Malaysia 2021 list are all around the same price range:

Let your area, car model and type as well as warranty period be the deciding factors! You may as well get the service that comes with the battery delivery too!

Both Century Battery (Item 1) and Amaron (Item 2) have nationwide delivery and installation! Amaron batteries have longer warranty too! Which tells you how confident they are in their battery quality!

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