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You can worry less about the next battery change when you choose the best car battery in Malaysia!

Regular vehicle maintenance is great but it’s just as important to have the right equipment under the hood! Car batteries typically need replacement every 2 to 3 years, on average.

Find out which are the best car battery brands in Malaysia. Or read our guide on how to choose a car battery!

Table Of Contents:

Type Of Car Batteries

1. Standard Flooded

Also known as lead-acid, wet or regular car batteries, this technology is called SLI as well. SLI stands for starting, lighting, and ignition.

The older version of SLI batteries required top up with distilled water on a regular basis. These days, they have been replaced by modern maintenance-free batteries with low water loss.

Standard flooded car batteries are economical. And suit vehicles without start-stop technology or that do not require a lot of power.

2. Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFB)

EFB batteries offer superior performance over the standard flooded battery. They are meant for use in vehicles with simple automatic start-stop systems.

3. Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM)

With 3 times more cycle life than a conventional starter battery:

AGM batteries are more heavy duty too. There is no risk of battery acid leaking even if the casing is broken.

As with EFB batteries, AGM batteries work well with vehicles that have automatic start-stop systems and Regenerative braking systems (RBSs).

And they can cope with higher power demands (i.e., more sophisticated electronics common in premium cars).

Technical Specifications For Car Batteries

Before we proceed with the best car batteries list below:

You should first know about some important terms/ terminology and technical specifications for batteries to evaluate and rate their performance.

Here are some quick notes:

1. Cold-cranking Amps (CCA)

  • This is important in cold countries where it is more difficult to start the engine
  • For Malaysia (hot weather), it’s enough to know that the higher the CCA rating, the greater the starting power of the battery.

2. Reserve Capacity (RC)

  • how long a battery can run a vehicle if the charging system should fail (i.e., alternator doesn’t work)
  • how long you can accidentally leave the headlights on, and still be able to start the car (without a jump-start)

Note: Jump-starting a car is a useful skill to have in case of an emergency. Check out our article on how to jump-start a car for a detailed guide.

3. Ampere Hours (AH) @ 20HR

  • Virtually all car batteries run at 12 volts
  • Ampere Hours is the measurement unit for how much energy is stored in a battery
  • 50Ah @ 20Hr means you can get 12 volts out of the battery at a rate of 2.5 amperes for 20 hours. In other words, it takes 20 hours to fully charge or deplete the battery at 2.5 amperes.

7 Best Car Batteries In Malaysia

  • Best Overall Car Battery – Century Marathoner Max
  • Best Durable Car Battery – AMARON HI-LIFE & Panasonic MF High Spec
  • Best Value Car Battery – Camel Standard Plus Battery
  • Best Budget Car Battery – BOSCH SM Mega Power Battery

1. Century Marathoner Max Car Battery


The Century Marathoner Max Car Battery is one of the best car battery options in Malaysia.

Century Marathoner Max Car Battery

Century has certification by Sirim. As well as certification by TUV Rheinland for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO/TS 16949.

Besides this, they are the OEM suppliers to popular car brands in Malaysia – Including Perodua, Proton, and Hyundai.

This battery comes with 18 months’ warranty for petrol vehicles in private use.

It is built with tropicalized plates and the new Denxita formula. Which claims to have double the endurance of a conventional battery!

Century Marathoner Max car battery has average CCA. But it has the highest reserve capacity (RC) of 58 minutes for NS40ZL size batteries. This is the same RC as the Century Ultramax car battery too.

Note: Excellent service too.

  • Type: MF Battery
  • Warranty: 18 months (Petrol Vehicles for private use)
  • Price: ~RM200 – RM300


  • Good ratio (22%) of BCCAs to proteins per scoop
  • Digestive enzymes incorporated to improve digestion
  • Informed Choice certified
  • Supports muscle bulking and repair


  • High carb content per scoop
  • Takes more effort to mix

2. Amaron Hi Life Car Battery

Amaron has been in the car battery business since 2009. The batteries are made in India with American technology. In fact, Amara Raja Batteries Limited (ARBL) collaborates with Johnson Controls Inc., USA.

The Amaron Car Battery is compatible for many car types in Malaysia. And Amaron battery contains the patented SilvenX alloy. Responsible for its long-lasting power.

Amaron Hi-Life Car Battery

While Amaron Hi Life is the premium lasting series (with high heat tolerance and vibration resistance), there is another budget version called Amaron Go. The price difference is around RM30.

So, we suggest getting the Amaron Hi Life for the ~30% increase in CCA and RC! It also requires zero maintenance and is factory charged for your convenience!

In addition, this is the only battery brand that we found that offers up to 36 months of warranty*

 *Pro-rata & ONLY available from selective official distributors

Because of its durability and long warranty, Amaron is one of the top selling brands of car batteries in Malaysia.

  • Type: MF Battery
  • Warranty: 18 – 36 months
  • Price: ~RM200 – RM300


  • Very reputable brand
  • Reliable


  • The long 36 months warranty is pro-rata and only available from certain authorised sellers; the price may also be slightly higher
  • Expensive

3. Camel Standard Plus Battery

Camel Group Co. Ltd began in 1980. And they’ve been in the automotive battery business for close to 40 years at this point! Their distribution covers major Chinese cities. And more than 40 countries!

Camel Standard Plus Battery

They have a factory in Kuantan, Pahang.

Their Standard Plus Battery claims to improve fuel consumption by ~5%. And decrease your car’s carbon dioxide emissions by more than 5% too!

The AH, CCA & RC are comparable to Amaron Hi-Life. And Camel offers a decently long warranty of 18 months. Or 30,000 KM depending on which comes first!

Camel Standard Plus Battery has the highest RC (80 minutes) for a NS60LS type battery which is ideal for common car models – Honda Civic Or Accord, Toyota Vios, etc.

Note: If you need some help picking out a battery, Camel has a battery finder tool on their official website too.

  • Type: MF Battery
  • Warranty: 18 months
  • Price: ~RM195 – RM310


  • Long warranty
  • Affordable


  • Shorter warranty than what Century Ultramax offer

4. Varta Blue Dynamic Car Battery

VARTA® has been making batteries as early as 1887! And is under Clarios Global (formerly Johnson Controls) – a huge corporation for energy storage solutions with a legacy that is just about as old as VARTA®’s!

Varta Blue Dynamic Car Battery

Varta Blue Dynamic Car Battery comes in 25 models of different sizes and capacity:

The battery can suit standard cars, cars with start-stop technology, and cars with both start-stop & braking energy recovery system!

You can check your car model and respective battery type on their website.

It is made according to German standards. With a very high CCA of 370 for NS40ZL type batteries. And higher than what other car battery brands have to offer.

Note: It’s possible to trade in your old battery; Delivery to East Malaysia is possible too.

  • Type: MF Battery
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Price: ~RM220 – RM310


  • High CCA
  • Reliable (German standards)
  • Reputable brand – since 1887


  • Shorter warranty than what Century Ultramax offer

5. Panasonic Maintenance Free Car Battery

Panasonic has a maintenance-free car battery as well. These are made in Thailand with Japanese technology.

Panasonic has 2 battery models:

The MF standard (white body) and the MF high spec (black).

Panasonic MF High Spec Car Battery

The Panasonic MF standard car battery has a higher CCA than the Amaron Go (301 vs 265) for the battery size, NS40ZL.

While the Panasonic MF High Spec car battery has the highest CCA in this list with 400 and 469 for the NS40ZL and NS60LS battery sizes respectively.

But both models have similar features including a vent plug for fluid loss prevention and to prevent bursts!

And they carry the new HEAD2 Calcium Alloy to improve plate durability (i.e. extend battery life).

Although, the MF High Spec has an extra silver alloy coating on the original Calcium Alloy (HEAD2) grid.

This additional coating improves the heat endurance capability of the battery. Minimizing evaporation of the electrolyte! And thus, prolonging the battery life!

Promo video for MF high spec:

The downside of the Panasonic car battery is the higher price, which makes it the one of the most expensive car batteries around.

We personally use the Panasonic MF standard for a Honda City (this is the battery it originally came with). And it has lasted around 2.5 years.

Panasonic Maintenance Free Car Battery
  • Type: MF Battery
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Price: ~RM230


  • Reliable brand
  • Highest CCA in our list (for MF High Spec version)


  • Expensive
  • Short warranty

6. Yokohama Gold MF Series

Go local if you’re searching for the best budget car battery!

Yokohama Batteries is a local automotive battery manufacturer that exports to over 40 countries. The business started ~50 years ago back in 1967. By reconditioning used automotive starter batteries.

Yokohama Gold MF Series

They got their Superbrand status in 2016. And while they have both conventional and MF batteries for sale, the Yokohama Gold MF Series is their premium series (besides the Platinum MF Series).

It is compatible for many passenger size models – these include NS40Z/ZL, NS60/L, NS60S/LS, and NS70/L. There is a chart on their site that you can refer to for suggested application!

The Yokohama Gold MF Series has calcium to strengthen the plates. Even so, there are some users who remark that their battery only lasts for 1-2 years.

So, keep that in mind if you want to take a chance on the Yokohama Gold MF Series car battery!

  • Type: MF Battery
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Price: ~RM180-185


  • Competitive price/ very affordable
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 compliant


  • Short warranty
  • Not as reliable as other brands

7. BOSCH SM Mega Power Battery

Made in South Korea:

The BOSCH SM Mega Power Battery features calcium technology for reliable starting.

BOSCH Mega Power Battery

As an MF Battery however, the BOSCH SM Mega Power Battery has an affordable price point:

Compared to the Amaron Hi-Life battery, the BOSCH SM Mega Power Battery is significantly cheaper for similar specifications. That is, if you don’t mind the shorter warranty period.

For both the NS40ZL / 42B20L and NS60LS / 46B24L battery sizes, the CCA, RC & AH of the BOSCH SM Mega Power Battery are comparable to Amaron Hi-Life.

However, if you’re the type to go with imported brands, you might still be tempted to take German brand, BOSCH for their reputation over other brands.

Note: You can get a one-year warranty card from Robert Bosch Sdn. Bhd.

My personal car has been using this BOSCH SM Mega Power battery for 1 year and 10 months, and it is still doing good.

BOSCH SM Mega Power Battery
  • Type: MF Battery
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Price: ~RM170 – RM190


  • Affordable
  • Decent warranty period duration
  • Minimizes water loss


  • Competitors with similar specifications offer long warranty periods

Specification Comparison Of Car Batteries

Do double check to make sure the battery size is right for your car! The fit of your battery is as important as when getting custom car mats for your car!

Note: The warranty mentioned in the tables below is only applicable for petrol vehicles for private use, not for commercial use.

Car Battery Size NS40ZL / 45B19L / 36B20L

Suitable car models are the Honda City or Jazz, Myvi, Axia, Bezza

Car Battery RC, minutes AH @ 20Hr CCA Weight, kg Warranty, month Price, RM
Century Marathoner 50 38 308
Century Marathoner Max 58 38 320 18 / 25,000 KM 200
Century Ultramax 58 38 351 21
Century Motolite 40 28 268 9.5 12 170
Amaron Go 43 35 265 9 15 200
Amaron Hi-Life 55 35 335 10 15 230
VARTA Black Dynamic 28 35 315 11 12 210
VARTA Blue Dynamic 40 370 250
Camel Standard Plus Battery 55 36 330 9.4 18 / 30,000 KM 195
Yokohama Gold MF Series 51 32 310 12 180
Panasonic MF Standard 35 301 12 250
Panasonic MF High Spec 52 38 400 9.7 12 300
HELDEN Silver MF 36 270 1 128
BOSCH Mega Power Battery 57 38 340 12 170

Car Battery Size 55B24LS / 65B24LS / NS60LS

Suitable car models include Honda Civic and Accord, Toyota Vios and Almera, Proton Waja

Car Battery RC, minutes AH @ 20Hr CCA Weight, kg Warranty, month Price, RM
Century Marathoner 58 40 351
Century Marathoner Max 73 45 400 18 / 25,000 KM 218
Century Ultramax 73 55 434 21
Century Motolite 52 35 275 12 180-210
Amaron Go 56 45 295 11.6 15 230
Amaron Hi-Life 75 45 360 11.6 15 250
VARTA Black Dynamic 35 45 335 12 12 230
VARTA Blue Dynamic 50 390 12
Camel Standard Plus Battery 80 45 360 10.8 18 / 30,000 KM 215
Yokohama Gold MF Series 58 40 355 12 185
Panasonic MF Standard 45 365 12 260
Panasonic MF High Spec 79 50 469 12.9 12 320
HELDEN Silver MF 45 340 1 145
Yuasa MF 45 430 12 / Unlimited 215
BOSCH Mega Power Battery 70 45 350 12 190

How To Choose The Correct Battery For Your Car

Do not leave getting a new battery to the last minute if yours shows signs of degradation. That includes having trouble to start the engine!

This is to avoid sellers taking advantage of you when your car really breaks down!

Car Breaks Down

1. Warranty

Before you buy a new battery:

You should actually check if the original one falls under your car warranty!

A new battery should come with its own warranty too. At least 12 months’ for a free replacement.

There are also warranties that go for as long as 36 months!

2. Group Size (Battery Size)

By this, we mean the physical size of the battery.

If you’re not getting the same brand and model as the original battery, will the new battery still fit the allocated space?

You can check what size battery your car uses from the car owner manual. Or from the label of the original battery!

Or even search for it online (together with your car details – engine size, year and model)!

3. Reserve Capacity

Reserve capacity (RC) is measured in minutes. This is how long the battery can run for in case your alternator does not work. Or when the engine is off.

Longer RC is not necessarily better. Look into the car owner manual for the RC that suits your car!

4. Battery Type (Maintenance)

This will determine the price of the batteries too! As you can guess, the maintenance-free batteries cost the most!

5. Brand

Choose a reputable brand. A specific brand may be written in your car owner manual too.

Don’t take the cheapest battery you can find from a lesser-known brand!

Because there are so many ways that a cheap battery can be defective. And you don’t want to have to replace the battery again sooner than you plan to!

Also, a high-grade battery will last much longer!

6. Grade

Different brands may have a separate premium battery range/ model. Which will be more expensive than their standard types.

However, as we mentioned earlier, these higher-grade batteries will last longer.

7. Manufacturing Date

Batteries are generally rated to last for 5 years. And even good batteries will degrade eventually if they’ve been sitting unused for a long time.

Thus, you should try to get your battery from a place that sees fast turnover.

For reference, any battery made at least 6 months or less ago is considered “new”.

Some manufacturers may make it difficult for you to determine the age of the battery.

In that case, look at the first 2 digits on the left of the 4-5 digit long shipping date code (usually on the corners of the battery, not on the label):

  • Letters (A to L) for the month of manufacture – Where A represents January, and L represents December
  • Numbers (0 to 9) for the year of manufacture – 0 being 2010.


Like engine oil, choosing the right car battery is serious business! Hence, this list of the best car batteries in Malaysia!

Let your budget, brand reputation, Cold-cranking Amps (CCA) & Reserve Capacity (RC) as well as warranty period be the deciding factors!

The best overall car battery is Century Marathoner Max which balances performance and price. For the best durable car battery, you can consider Amaron Hi-Life or the Panasonic MF High Spec car battery.

And if you are looking for long guarantees, try Century Ultramax (21 months), Camel Standard Plus Battery (18 months) or Amaron Hi-Life (18 months)!

Besides getting a car battery from a reputable brand, you may want to learn how to extend your car battery life for longer too!

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