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If you have yet to incorporate heavy cream in your cooking, then you are missing out! Finding heavy cream in Malaysia is not as difficult as you would think.

It’s a relatively common product in local supermarkets though you might not be able to find your exact preferred brand. Some brands are just more widely available than others.

Therefore, we have listed the 10 heavy cream brands in Malaysia that you can keep an eye out for.

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What Is Heavy Cream?

Heavy cream is heavy whipping cream. It is the milk fat that is on top of fresh milk that isn’t homogenised. So, as you can imagine, heavy cream is saturated with lots of creamy fat that add richness to your dishes.

Note: Homogenised means that the milk fat particles have been reduced in size for even distribution throughout the milk.

The fat content can range from between 36 to 40% and some are even higher than that! Hence, it’s important to read the labels carefully if a recipe requires higher fat content.

How Do You Use Heavy Cream?

A versatile product, heavy cream can be incorporated in both savoury and sweet dishes.

It is an excellent addition to dishes such as soups, sauces and desserts too – either as a whipped topping or added into melts!

Here are some examples of dishes and desserts that make use of heavy cream:

  1. Baked Pasta
  2. Chicken Tikka Masala
  3. Ice cream
  4. French Onion Soup
  5. Baked Eggs
  6. Cream Biscuits
  7. Cheese Quiche
  8. Custard
  9. Tiramisu
  10. Baked Oatmeal

11 Heavy Cream Brands In Malaysia

This list also includes halal heavy cream brands and heavy whipping cream brands.

1. Nestle Reconstituted Cream

Nestle Reconstituted Cream is made from milk solids and water and has over 50% fat which makes it a heavy cream! It is perfect for tiramisu and you will find the consistency thick with a beige hue.

Nestle Reconstituted Cream

Other than desserts, Nestle Reconstituted Cream goes well with savoury dishes such as pasta or sauces! It whips well and hence, you can use it to make whipped cream for dessert toppings too.

One downside however is that the packaging is not very convenient. It comes in a can so you either have to use the whole tin or pour the balance into a separate container to store in the fridge for later use.

2. Nestle All Purpose Cream

Another option for halal heavy cream in Malaysia:

Nestle All Purpose Cream

Nestle’s All-Purpose Cream isn’t exactly heavy cream but it does have 5.4g of fat content.

And while it can be used the same way heavy creams are used, this all-purpose cream does not whip well. That said, you can still add it into the soups, pasta or even as dips.

The advantage of Nestle All Purpose Cream is its availability. You can always order it online and not worry about it spoiling as it only needs to be refrigerated once opened.

However, this heavy cream does come in a carton and will need to be in a separate container after you open it.

3. Rich’s Double Cream

Packed in a convenient container with a bottle cap cover, Rich’s Double Cream suits those who just need a splash of cream in their food!

Rich’s Double Cream
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And since it’s a double cream with double the content of butterfat, it’s even thicker in consistency compared to regular heavy cream.

Plus, it has the fat content of 30% and with no added sugars, so it will not alter the taste of your dishes.

Another advantage of using Rich’s Double cream is its heat stability as well as acidity tolerance. Which means that it won’t split when high heat is applied nor will it curdle if you mix in fruits with high acidity.

4. Dairymont Whipping Cream

Dairymont Whipping Cream is an Australian product made from fresh cow’s milk with 35% fat. Because of this, it is ideal for desserts.

Dairymont Whipping Cream

However, you can use this heavy whipping cream in Malaysia for savoury dishes such as pasta as well.

Moreover, the certified halal heavy cream comes in a convenient packaging with a plastic capped lid that allows you to use small amounts at a time.

That said, it is recommended to consume it 7 days after opening. So, unless you have use for 1l of heavy cream within the week, we suggest you opt for a brand that is available in a smaller amount.

Also, since Dairymont Whipping Cream only has about 8 months of shelf life (unopened), we don’t recommend it for stock piling.

5. Anchor Whipping Cream

A popular brand from New Zealand, Anchor Whipping Cream is a popular choice for both food and beverages as it has 35.5% of milk fat content.

Anchor Whipping Cream
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This halal heavy cream in Malaysia has a smooth texture and natural creamy flavour which will enhance the flavour and texture of your dishes.

It also remains stable even in contact with acidic ingredients. The carton includes a bottle cap cover for easy storage. And to make it easier to use in small amounts each time.

However, Anchor Whipping Cream can only be kept in the fridge for 3 days after opening so plan your recipes before purchasing a carton to avoid food (and money) wastage.

6. Bulla Thickened Cream

This uber thick cream contains no less than 35% milk fat and comes from Australia. As you can imagine from the name, the texture is considerably thick!

Bulla Thickened Cream

And this is because of the added thickeners inside. Bulla Thickened Cream also uses halal gelatine. Despite this, the halal logo doesn’t appear to be present on the packaging.

It comes in multiple sizes from 600ml to a whopping 5L! Regardless of the size, this heavy cream is packaged in resealable containers for convenient use and storage.

Thanks to its thick texture, it really gives a creamy texture to food. And its use ranges from both savoury dishes or desserts. Alternatively, it whips well so you can add it on top of desserts and beverages too!

7. EMBORG Perfect Pasta Cream

Don’t let the name confuse you, you can still use EMBORG Perfect Pasta Cream for other dishes and desserts besides pasta.

EMBORG Perfect Pasta Cream
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In fact, the EMBORG Perfect Pasta Cream has a higher milk fat content of 35% compared to EMBORG Cooking Cream.

However, if you want to use this heavy cream in pasta as it’s meant to, you will find that it adds an incredible creamy texture. Especially for carbonara.

The packaging doesn’t have a reusable lid so the smaller packs might be more suitable for if you only need to add a little to your dishes.

This is one of the easiest heavy cream brands in Malaysia to find as EMBORG is readily available in many stores including 99 Speedmarts as well as larger supermarket such as Aeon or Lotus’s.

Moreover, this heavy cream is also Halal certified!

8. Arla Whipping Cream

Arla Whipping Cream contains 36% milk fat and you can use it for savoury and sweet recipes as well as beverages. However, it pairs particularly well with pasta!

Arla Whipping Cream
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While this heavy cream does whip well, note that it does contain some salt which could alter the taste of your food especially beverages.

If it’s your first time trying out this heavy cream, you might want to get a small pack as a trial first.

This Danish product is popular and can be found in supermarkets such as Village Grocer and Aeon. Furthermore, it is halal certified.

The packaging of Arla Whipping Cream does not have a resealable cap so you will have to store the balance in another container. After which, you should keep this heavy cream in the fridge.

9. Arla Pro High Stability Whipping Cream

With 35% of milk fat content, Arla Pro High Stability Whipping Cream comes in a resealable packaging with a plastic bottle cap cover.

Arla Pro High Stability Whipping Cream
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It’s relatively easy to find in supermarkets such as Village Grocer, Jaya Grocer and Aeon. And this product does have halal certification.

Like the Arla Whipping Cream, the ingredient label of the Arla Pro High Stability Whipping Cream does show that there is salt. So you might want to have a taste test with a smaller carton size.

In comparison to the Arla Whipping Cream, the Pro High Stability Whipping Cream is more suitable for those cooking with high heat or acidic ingredients.

Because this heavy cream won’t split or curdle under these conditions.

10. Millac UHT Whipping Cream

Millac UHT Whipping Cream contains 38% milk fat and is a product of Ireland. You will be able to pick some up at Jaya Grocer or Village Grocer.

Millac UHT Whipping Cream

This heavy cream is certified halal.

And it is versatile as it can be used in both hot and cold dishes. This heavy cream can also be used with whipping cream gas chargers.

On top of that, the Millac UHT Whipping Cream will go well with both savoury and sweet dishes. And you could also whip some up to add onto beverages.

Do note that the Millac UHT Whipping Cream has a 6-month shelf life and is sold in 1L sizes without a resealable cap.

Heavy Cream Vs Whipping Cream

While there is often no major difference between the applications or texture for heavy cream and whipping cream, one sure-fire way to differentiate them is the fat content.

Heavy cream or heavy whipping cream should have a milk fat content of 36% and above.

But if the recipe you are following calls for heavy cream, we suggest you stick to it for the higher fat content.

This may be important because the heavier the milk is (i.e., the higher the milk fat content) the better it will be as a thickening agent.

Where To Buy Heavy Cream In Malaysia

If you specifically look for heavy cream in Malaysia, it might appear that there aren’t too many choices available.

However, some brands market heavy cream as whipping cream. As such, you should not rely solely on the terminology. Look at the milk fat content instead. Or refer to this list!


Heavy cream in Malaysia can level up your cooking by changing the flavor and overall consistency.

Just remember to check the ingredient label for the milk fat content (at least 35%) to ensure you’re getting actual heavy cream and not light whipping cream!


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