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Choosing whipping cream can feel like a challenge as there are so many available whipping cream brands in Malaysia.

On top of that, they all have different tastes and textures. Some are best for topping desserts whilst others are a breeze to whip up!

Without further delay, these are the 11 best whipping creams and non-dairy whipping creams in Malaysia!

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What Is Whipping Cream?

Whipping cream is common baking ingredient for giving pastries and desserts that last touch, most often as decoration at the top of a cake, pie, milkshakes etc. But whipping cream can also be used to thicken soups and some gravies.

Common uses for whipping cream:

  • Toppings for beverages and desserts
  • Thickener for soups
  • Creamer for beverages

It is basically a liquid cream, and therefore whipping cream is similar to heavy cream. The thing that sets them apart is their milk fat content. Heavy cream is considered to have 36% milk fat and above.

In comparison, whipping cream’s milk fat content is usually at 30% although there is no fixed standard and it is not compulsory for whipping cream brands to follow this classification.

Other names for whipping cream

  • chantilly cream
  • squirty cream

How Do You Whip Whipping Cream?

To whip is to put the cream through a mixing or whisking process. This creates air bubbles within the cream splitting the fat. And this is what creates that pleasant foamy appearance.

Keeping the cream cold is key to having stabilized whipped cream (i.e., whip cream that keeps its shape).

Furthermore, the higher the milk fat content, the easier it is to whip!

11 Whipping Cream Brands In Malaysia

1. Anchor UHT Whipping Cream

Considered to be a high-end brand for whipping cream:

Anchor UHT Whipping Cream
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Anchor UHT whipping cream has 35% of milk fat content so it’s creamy enough to have a thick consistency but not high enough to be considered heavy cream.

Regardless, it still whips well but it has a visible yellow hue so you will need to balance it out with food colouring if you want that pure white colour.

It comes packed in both 1L and 250ml sizes although both sizes of packing come without a lid so unless you plan on using the entire 1L, you might want to purchase smaller packs at a time.

And while the Anchor UHT whipping cream has the shelf life of up to 9 months (approximately 270 days), it will only lasts for about a week in the refrigerator (after opening the packaging up).

2. Arla Pro Whip & Cook Cream 30% Fat

An affordable whipping and cooking cream, Arla Pro Whip & Cook Cream contains 30% milk fat content.

Arla Pro Whip & Cook Cream 30% Fat
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So while this whipping cream brand in Malaysia still makes your dishes nice and creamy, it probably will take just a bit longer to whip up without the use of an electric mixer.

Thankfully, the final hue is not yellowish so colour balancing is not necessary and hence, the Arla Pro Whip & Cook Cream is great for toppings.

The packaging is definitely a plus too as it comes with a lid and you can use small amounts at a time conveniently during cooking.

Now, purchasing Arla Pro Whip & Cook is pretty easy as you can get them at supermarkets such as Lotus’s and online. As well as from baking speciality shops such as Azim bakery.

3. Elle & Vire Whipping Cream (Crème Excellence)

Elle & Vire Whipping Cream is an expensive French product with 35% of milk fat content. It delivers decent thickness but it is not considered heavy cream.

Elle & Vire Whipping Cream (Crème Excellence)
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And while this whipping cream does whip well, it isn’t very stable and will melt after a while.

To combat this, keep the mixing bowl, whisk and the whipping cream cold before whipping to help maintain its fluffiness.

Another downside of the Elle & Vire Whipping Cream is that there is no lid for the packaging.

The sizes of which are large at in 1L or 10L too so it would need to be kept in a sealed container in the refrigerator for future use once opened.

Additionally, finding this whipping cream in Malaysia is not as convenient since it is seldom seen in supermarkets.

If you don’t mind waiting you can instead opt to buy it online.

4. Oldenburger Whipping Cream (UHT)

A German product that has a long shelf life, OldenBurger Whipping cream contains 35% milk fat and whips up rather well.

Oldenburger Whipping Cream (UHT)
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It is halal certified and comes in convenient resealable packaging. However, this is limited to 1L packs. Not such an issue since they are not a hassle to store.

But if you’re looking for pure white whipped cream, Oldenburger is not for you as it has a yellow hue (though not as yellow as Anchor whipping cream).

While you can get this whipping cream brand online, getting this whipping cream directly from a physical store is going to be a hit and miss.

5. Vivo Ace 200 UHT Whipping Cream

Vivo Ace 200 UHT Whipping Cream from Singapore has low dairy content and instead uses vegetable oil and soy.

Vivo Ace 200 UHT Whipping Cream
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And because there is colouring and flavouring in the whipping cream, this could affect the final taste of your dishes.

Therefore, you may want to just use the Vivo Ace 200 UHT Whipping Cream mainly as a topping.

That said, it still does whip up well. But seeing that the milk fat content is not stated, we would not recommend using this whipping cream brand for recipes that specifically call for heavy cream.

Additionally, this halal certified whipping cream comes without a resealable cap. Which might not be so important since it’s a UHT product with a shelf life for up to 270 days.

6. EMBORG Whipping Cream

A highly popular and easy-to-find whipping cream brand in Malaysia:

EMBORG Whipping Cream
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You can pick up EMBORG Whipping Cream by heading to supermarkets such as Lotus’s, De Market, Jaya Grocer or even Bake With Yen.

That said, this whipping cream is expensive! Although, we will say that it’s very creamy and light. And also comes in a whipped cream canister.

The pure white hue makes it aesthetically pleasing for dessert toppings besides the fact that it whips very well into a nice thick foam.

Furthermore, due to the 35.1% milk fat content, you can also incorporate it into your dishes or beverages.

We definitely love the packaging as it comes with a resealable cap making it super easy to store and use in smaller amounts!

7. Millac Gold Whipping Cream

Millac Gold Whipping Cream isn’t made purely from milk and has a blend of buttermilk, vegetable oil, salt and only 6% of cream milk.

Millac Gold Whipping Cream
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We can’t guarantee the taste of it when combined with some dishes so you may want to do small batches to test.

Unfortunately, it comes in a 1L packet without a resealable lid. A further a disadvantage of this whipping cream brand in Malaysia is that once opened (despite being in the refrigerator), you will have to finish it up within 3 days.  

A definite win for the Milac Gold Whipping Cream however, is that it makes for delightful piping toppings as it is pure white!

8. President UHT Whipping Cream

Coming from another French brand, President UHT Whipping Cream consists of 35.1% milk fat content and hence, the President UHT Whipping Cream can double as heavy cream although technically, it isn’t one.

President UHT Whipping Cream
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It can be used for dishes as well since it is without flavorings or added salt. It takes within 3 minutes to whip up President UHT Whipping Cream too.

However, this is a relatively expensive product. And you will find that President UHT Whipping Cream does not come with a resealable cap and is only available in a 1L-sized carton.

On a positive note, there is no noticeable yellow hue with this whipping cream but it definitely isn’t pure white if you compare it to the Emborg or Anchor whipping cream.

9. Vivo Topping Ace 1100G (Non Dairy)

This plant alternative to dairy whipping cream is great for those who are lactose intolerant.

Vivo Topping Ace 1100G (Non Dairy)
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Despite this fact, the Vivo Topping Ace 1100G has a milky flavour and has a pure white hue which makes it great for toppings!

Note: The label does mention that the Vivo Topping Ace 1100G does contain traces of milk.

It whips up pretty fast (less than 3 minutes) with an electrical mixer.

Although, you will have to store this whipping cream in another container as it only comes in a 1.1L packaging and does not have a resealable cap.

It’s not to easy to find the Vivo Topping Ace 1100G in local supermarkets can be tricky but you can always purchase it online or at speciality stores like Bake With Yen.

10. Mauri Non Dairy Whipping Cream

For another non-dairy whipping cream alternative:

Mauri Non Dairy Whipping Cream
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Mauri is a Malaysian product that is readily available from the official online store but could be trying to find in other local supermarkets.

This appears to be a flavoured whipping cream as well (e.g., Sweet Cream flavored).

Which means you may want to use the Mauri Non Dairy Whipping Cream just for dessert toppings or desserts strictly as it could really alter the taste of more savoury dishes.

In fact, AB Mauri markets the Mauri Non-Dairy Whipping Cream as a product specially for cake decorations.

As a final note, the packaging doesn’t come with a resealable cap but it does have a shelf life of 1 year.

11. Value Pride Ready To Whip Topping (Non Dairy)

No time to whip up whipping cream? This readymade sweetened whipping cream, Value Pride Ready To Whip Topping is your best bet!

Value Pride Ready To Whip Topping (Non Dairy)
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This is a non dairy whipping cream brand in Malaysia so you won’t be find any milk or cream listed in the ingredient label.

Apart from this, the Value Pride Ready To Whip Topping is affordably priced and comes in a 907g package albeit without a resealable cap/ lid.

However, since it’s more for dessert toppings for, we believe that you could use the entire carton as frosting for a 6-inch cake.

And because it is pure white, it is easy to get the color you want by using food colouring!

Surprisingly, purchasing the Value Pride Ready To Whip Topping in-store is hard as it’s not easily found in many local supermarkets.

For a higher success rate, try baking specialty stores like Bake With Yen.


And with that, we have whisked up this list of 11 whipping cream brands that you can find in Malaysia.

Choosing the right whipping cream for your dish can be tricky especially when it comes to frosting as it will make or break the overall texture of your cake.

As a rule of thumb, always get a small packet first and test out the flavour, colour and stability. And don’t forget to keep your whisks and bowl ice cold!


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