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Buttermilk is not a common ingredient here in our local supermarkets because there are cheaper options available (e.g. butter, milk, ghee, etc).

And therefore, it can be tough to find buttermilk brands in Malaysia.

Which is why we have listed down 11 recommended buttermilk brands that you can purchase specialty supermarkets or online. This includes both liquid and powdered buttermilk.

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What Is Buttermilk?

Buttermilk is basically the residue left behind when you churn heavy cream to make butter. It has a slight vinegary smell and is much thicker than dairy milk.

It has an almost yogurt-like acidic taste that adds further flavor to dishes (usually western cuisine) and baked goods as well.

Considered a cultured liquid, buttermilk has a long shelf life. However, it must be stored deep in your fridge to avoid temperature fluctuations from opening and closing the fridge door.

Note: You will sometimes notice lumps in your buttermilk before expiration but that is normal so make sure to give it a good shake before use.

Alternatively, if you do not have use for buttermilk often, opt for buttermilk powder instead. It is basically just buttermilk that has been dehydrated into powder.

This will keep for longer than the liquid version and you can store it in your pantry. Plus, it tastes just as good as liquid buttermilk so you aren’t sacrificing on flavour!

11 Buttermilk Brands In Malaysia

1. Pauls Cultured Buttermilk

Reasonably priced in a carton of 600ml, Pauls’ Cultured Buttermilk can be found at Isetan KLCC but is harder to find in other supermarkets such as Lotus’s or Village Grocer.

Pauls Cultured Buttermilk
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Alternatively, you can always purchase this buttermilk brand online through Happy Fresh or Lazada!

Pauls’ Cultured Buttermilk contains 100% Australian cow’s milk and originates from Australia since the 1933.

The buttermilk is made from low fat milk with cultures added into it so you will get that light yogurt taste.

This results in cakes, scones and pancakes that have a better texture and taste. Plus, you can use this buttermilk to marinate your chicken!

2. Lean Food Organic Cultured Buttermilk

Made from low fat milk, Lean Food Organic Cultured Buttermilk is has a sensible price point.

Lean Food Organic Cultured Buttermilk

It makes a welcome addition to any dish and is 99% fat free. You can use it for pancakes, baking or even for cooking chicken and fish.

Plus, this buttermilk does not contain GMO, preservatives, antibiotics and hormones!

However, the Lean Food Organic Cultured Buttermilk doesn’t have a long shelf life and is best used 7 days after opening.

And it isn’t readily available in many supermarkets. Although, you should be able to find this buttermilk brand in deMarket and Jaya Grocer.

Alternatively, there are online stores that have this buttermilk in stock.

3. The Saco Pantry Powdered Buttermilk

Started in 1973, The Saco Pantry Powdered Buttermilk comes all the way from Wisconsin, United States.

The Saco Pantry Powdered Buttermilk
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This powdered buttermilk is easy to store and is gluten and nut-free – perfect for those with allergies!

That said, you won’t be able to find this buttermilk brand in regular supermarkets in Malaysia.

Instead, opt for buying it online as since it’s in a powdered form, you need not worry about it spoiling during shipping.

The ingredients are pretty much the same thing you would get with liquid buttermilk -The Saco Pantry Powdered Buttermilk consists of churned buttermilk, sweet dairy whey, and lactic acid.

As a bonus, this buttermilk is low in fat and cholesterol!

4. Dairy Farmers Buttermilk

Dairy Farmers have been around for a whopping 122 years (and counting)! With fresh cows’ milk from Australia, you will find their dairy products rich and creamy!

Dairy Farmers Buttermilk
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Their competitive-priced buttermilk is found in 600ml and is 98% fat free. You can use it for cooking and baking.

Isetan KLCC happens to stock this particular buttermilk brand but you probably won’t have much luck anywhere else unless you order it online.

But if you do manage to get your hands on it, it is worth it as the Dairy Farmers Buttermilk is splendid for pancakes, cakes, marinating chicken or making drinks!

5. Bob’s Red Mill Buttermilk Powder

Made in United States, Bob’s Red Mill Buttermilk Powder is made from dried sweet cream buttermilk.

Bob’s Red Mill Buttermilk Powder
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It is admittedly very difficult to find the physical product in Malaysia but Bob’s Red Mill Buttermilk Powder can ordered online through Shopee or Lazada.

This butter milk brand provides a great flavour to pancakes and mashed potatoes. However, it is missing that usual tangy taste of buttermilk.

And there’s no ignoring the fact that Bob’s Red Mill Buttermilk Powder is very expensive at around ~RM80 for 624g!

So we definitely recommend this for home bakers or those who are making artisan baked goods to sell.

6. Morrisons Buttermilk

Produced by a local supermarket in UK called Morrisons, Morrisons Buttermilk is made from British cows’ milk and is unfortunately unavailable in Malaysian supermarkets.

Morrisons Buttermilk
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Still, you can purchase Morrisons Buttermilk online. But beware that since this buttermilk is not in powdered form, you have to ensure that the delivery method involves chilled containers.

Furthermore, getting Morissons Buttermilk can get pricey – it costs ~RM30 for only 300ml.

It’s worth noting that Morrisons Buttermilk has a thinner consistency compared to other buttermilk brands in Malaysia. And while it’s a home brand buttermilk, it is still suitable for baking.

Lastly, the Morrisons Buttermilk is also suitable for vegetarians.

7. Judee’s Buttermilk Powder

Judee’s is a relatively new brand that produces their buttermilk powder in Ohio which makes it almost impossible to find in Malaysian stores!

Judee’s Buttermilk Powder
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However, since it’s powdered buttermilk, you can safely order this buttermilk brand from online platforms.

Prices are not far-fetched at RM119 for a 5kg pack! It is delicious in pancakes and waffles.

And if you have allergies, you will appreciate that Judee’s Buttermilk Powder is nut free, non-GMO and gluten free! In fact, it is made for those that suffer from celiac disease!

Additionally, the packaging for Judee’s Buttermilk Powder comes with a Ziplock!

8. Longley Farm Natural Cultured Buttermilk

Longley Farm comes from the UK and their buttermilk is freshly made from Jersey cows!

Longley Farm Natural Cultured Buttermilk
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Prices are considered mid-range at RM34 at 500ml – the amount is good seeing that Longley Farm recommends using up this buttermilk within 48 hours of opening.

This buttermilk is suitable for vegetarians and is gluten free. It is without preservatives or stabilizers which explains the short shelf life.

Sadly, you won’t be able to find Longley Farm Natural Cultured Buttermilk in your local supermarket and your only choice is to order it online. 

9. Now Real Food Buttermilk Powder

Based in the United States since 1968, this family-owned company makes more than just buttermilk. You can find a variety of health food and supplements on their website.

Now Real Food Buttermilk Powder
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But you won’t be able to find Now Real Food Buttermilk Powder in our local supermarkets and will therefore, have to resort to online platforms.

Luckily, this won’t be too much of a hassle as the Now Real Food Buttermilk Powder is available on both Shopee and Lazada!

And best of all, since it’s in a powdered form, this buttermilk won’t spoil as easily!

This low calorie and non-GMO product gives dishes extra richness even though it is noticeably thinner than regular buttermilk.

10. Bright Cow Cultured Buttermilk

Bright Cow is a local product made from freshly expressed Australian cows in Negeri Sembilan!

Bright Cow Cultured Buttermilk
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Which means that this is as fresh as you can get for buttermilk in Malaysia. Bright Cow Cultured Buttermilk happens to be very affordable too.

And it is available in some local stores like Village Grocer.

With a shelf life of 35 days, you can keep this buttermilk longer in your fridge.

However, this is cultured buttermilk so there are cultures as well as salt inside which will taste different compared to pure buttermilk.

11. Ronnybrook Farm Dairy Cultured Buttermilk

Made in the United States with grass-fed cows, Ronnybrook Farm Dairy Cultured Buttermilk contains cultures that give this buttermilk a nice tang!

This buttermilk is very rich and thick. And so is the flavor.

Because unlike many other buttermilk brands, this buttermilk brand uses whole milk as well as cream in the Ronnybrook Farm Dairy Cultured Buttermilk.

Unfortunately, Ronnybrook Farm Dairy Cultured Buttermilk is not a common sight in many Malaysian stores which again, leaves you with online options instead.

But price are relatively affordable at ~RM20 for one litre (excluding shipping costs).

Bonus: Organic Valley, Organic Pasteurized Low Fat Cultured Buttermilk

Organic Valley has been around since 1988 and practices sustainable farming methods! This American brand has plenty of other products besides their buttermilk.

Organic Valley, Organic Pasteurized Low Fat Cultured Buttermilk
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However, you can’t find this buttermilk brand in Malaysia unless you order it online. And it is expensive at ~RM50 for barely a litre!

We will say though that the texture of Organic Valley’s Organic Pasteurized Low Fat Cultured Buttermilk is quite runny and thin.

Moreover, the taste of this buttermilk is very mild so you probably won’t get a rich flavour in your cooking.

Where To Buy Buttermilk In Malaysia?

Finding buttermilk in Malaysia can prove to be tricky but you will still be able to find them in major grocery stores if you aren’t too picky about the brands.

If you can’t find any in your local Jaya Grocer or Village Grocer or other high end supermarkets with many international goods, you can always purchase get buttermilk online.

However, we recommend sticking to powdered buttermilk if you are ordering buttermilk from overseas because it may not survive the shipping to Malaysia!


Depending on your cooking needs and frequency, you can narrow down your selection of the various buttermilk brands in Malaysia.

For a richer taste, look for a buttermilk brand that use whole milk and cream instead of low-fat milk.

Also, if you only need a little at a time, consider getting powdered buttermilk for the longer shelf life.

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