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The best soundbars in Malaysia for 2021 can definitely elevate your viewing experience, giving you cinematic quality audio right in your home.

And if you find your TV speakers to be lacking, why not investing in a quality soundbar?

For your convenience, we’ve checked out the latest models that might interest you and put them together in one post!

11 Best Soundbars In Malaysia 2021

  • Best Budget Soundbar – Xiaomi 33 Inch Mi TV Soundbar/SHARP HT-SB115
  • Best Entry Level Soundbar Malaysia – Yamaha SR-B20A
  • Best Dolby Atmos Sound Bar – Sonos Arc Soundbar With Dolby Atmos
  • Best Smart Soundbar – Bose Smart Soundbar 300
  • Best Premium Soundbar – JBL BAR 9.1
  • Best Midrange Soundbar – Sonos Beam
  • Best Budget Soundbar With Dolby Atmos – Samsung HW-Q600A Soundbar
  • Best Soundbars Below RM1,000 – LG SN4 Sound Bar or Yamaha SR-B20A
  • Best All-Round Soundbar – Sony HT-Z9F

We still recommend that you see our full soundbar reviews below to figure out which ones might be best suited for you!

1. Bose Smart Soundbar 300

Build Quality

Made out of premium plastic with a metal grille wrapped around the front and sides, the Bose Smart Soundbar 300 is undeniably elegant in a matte black finish.

Bose Smart Soundbar 300 with Remote Control

It has a discreet profile (2” height) that won’t distract or block your view when placed on a console table, even directly in front of the TV.

Additionally, you can also mount it on a wall bracket (requires a separate purchase).

Sound Quality

The Bose 300 does get quite loud without compromising in crispness or quality.

It also has a wide soundstage given its size, although its only-okay stereo quality and 3.0 setup does mean it’s not suited to true 5.1 surround sound.

And while the bass is quite defined, it’s not as punchy as some other soundbars such as the Sonos Beam.

It unfortunately does not support Dolby Atmos or DTS:X either. Nor does it have EQ or room correction features.

Key Features

However, the soundbar features built-in support for Alexa and Google Assistant.  Allowing you control your TV along with any external entertainment devices.

It also offers connectivity with other Bose Products, allowing you to pair your soundbar with your headphones (for personal listening) or other Bose Bluetooth speakers.

Bose Smart Soundbar 300 - Connections

Additionally, you can stream music from your devices directly to the soundbar (via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay 2 and Spotify).

Bluetooth functionality is present as well, but connectivity can be poor according to some reviews.

Verdict – Best Smart Soundbar

Compact, mid-range soundbar that’s a great upgrade from your TV speakers, but the Bose Smart Soundbar 300 doesn’t offer Dolby Atmos/DTS:X support or a true surround sound experience.

At this price, you can consider the slightly pricier Sonos Beam for better sound too.

Bose Smart Soundbar 300
  • Dimensions: 69.85 x 5.72 x 10.16 cm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 3.17kg
  • Connectivity: Optical Audio Cable or HDMI ARC
  • Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth, WiFi
  • Smart Features: Voice Control, Apple Airplay 2
  • Dolby Atmos: No
  • Control: Bose Music App, Remote Control, Voice Control, Apple Airplay 2
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Price: ~RM2,000


  • Great sound and audio
  • Reasonable price
  • Sleek design
  • Apple AirPlay 2 compatible


  • HDMI-cable not included
  • Poor Bluetooth functionality
  • Time-consuming setup

2. Sonos Arc Soundbar With Dolby Atmos

Build Quality

The SONOS Arc Soundbar has a slim, curvy profile, which allows for easy wall-mounting or discreet placement on a TV stand.

Sonos Arc Soundbar With Dolby Atmos

You also have a choice of either a black or white matte finish to match your overall aesthetic.

That being said, its overall length means it’s more suited for 55” TVs than smaller ones, and at 8.5cm, is quite tall for a soundbar.

Sound Quality

The soundbar has Dolby Atmos support for your favourite streaming sites (Netflix, Amazon Video, etc) and movies, so long as your TV supports it.

It also has an impressive 5.0.2 surround system, bouncing audio off the walls and ceiling to create an immersive experience.

As for quality sound itself, it’s very well done with crisp highs, a dynamic midrange and notable bass, even without a subwoofer.

It also offers bass and treble adjustments through the app.

In short, the Arc gives you quality sound, with cinematic audio for movies, and a great mix for music.

Key Features

The soundbar is controllable through a remote, a mobile app, and Apple AirPlay 2. It also supports voice control with built-in Alexa and Google Assistant.

Sonos Arc Soundbar With Dolby Atmos Connections
Sonos Arc Soundbar With Dolby Atmos – Connections

And if you really want to invest in a true-surround sound system, the SONOS Arc Soundbar is modular with other Sonos products speakers (i.e. you can create a full surround system).

There’s also Spotify connectivity for easy music playing with connected devices.

Unfortunately, most of its systems work best with Apple products, so Android users might have a slightly worse user experience.

Verdict – Best Dolby Atmos Sound Bars

The Sonos Arc Soundbar offers some of the best Dolby Atmos performance out of the soundbars on our list, albeit at a very high price.

Sonos Arc Soundbar With Dolby Atmos - Side
  • Dimensions: 114.17 x 8.7 x 11.57 cm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 6.25kg
  • Connectivity: Optical Audio Cable or HDMI ARC
  • Wireless Connectivity: WiFi
  • Dolby Atmos: Yes
  • Control: Sonos App, Remote Control, Voice Control, Apple Airplay 2
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Price: ~RM4,500


  • Exceptional sound quality
  • Great use of Dolby Atmos
  • Voice control through Alexa or Amazon Assistant
  • Adjustable EQ settings
  • Supports Apple AirPlay 2
  • Comes with HDMI cable and an optical audio adapter


  • Very pricy
  • Poor Android support
  • Dynamic tuning only available for iOS devices
  • No Bluetooth support

3. Sonos Beam Voice Enabled Soundbar

Build Quality

The Sonos Beam is the budget-friendly, lightweight counterpart to the Sonos Arc, with only a 65cm width and being 1/3rd of the weight (2.8kg vs 6.25kg).

In black or white, the Beam is minimalist, and fits very well with most home interiors.

Sonos Beam Voice Enabled Soundbar

Sound Quality

The Beam offers good soundstage given its size, and is overall a powerful speaker for movies and streaming with great audio width and height.

Though not particularly built for music playback, the Beam does deliver a solid listening experience, with great balance across the overall mix.

Furthermore, the bass is quite punchy, even without a separate subwoofer.

However, the treble can get a bit grating if you push the soundbar to the limit, so maxing out the volume isn’t recommended.

Unlike the Sonos ARC, the Beam does not support Dolby Atmos, and unfortunately doesn’t deliver on a surround sound experience by itself.

Sonos Beam Voice Enabled Soundbar - Connections
Sonos Beam Voice Enabled Soundbar – Connections

Key Features

While most definitely soundbar, the Sonos Beam also acts a wireless speaker, allowing you to play music from common music streaming sites (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.)

It can also interface with other SONOS products. You can listen to the same track so long as a SONOS speaker is present.

There is built-in voice control through Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa too.

Verdict – Best Midrange Soundbar

Compared to the Bose 300, the Sonos Beam offers better overall sound quality, although the Bose does have more wireless connectivity options and a smaller size.

Sonos Beam Voice Enabled Soundbar - Side
  • Dimensions: 65.1 x 6.85 x 10 cm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 2.8kg
  • Connectivity: Optical Audio Cable or HDMI ARC
  • Wireless Connectivity: WiFi
  • Dolby Atmos: No
  • Control: Sonos App, Remote Control, Voice Control, Apple Airplay 2
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Price: ~RM2,400


  • Great audio quality for the price
  • Solid bass even without a subwoofer
  • Slim and lightweight
  • Great wireless connectivity


  • Room equalisation requires an Apple device
  • Lacks Dolby Atmos/DTS:X support
  • No Bluetooth connectivity

4. Samsung HW-Q950A Soundbar with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X

Build Quality

Both wide and heavy, the soundbar of the Samsung HW-Q960A is definitely beefy.  Its form factor is much larger than either the Sonos Arc or JBL Bar 9.1.

The build is sturdy and mostly plastic covered with fabric, with stylish angled corners.

Because the unit consists of a wireless subwoofer and two wireless rear speakers:

Setup isn’t as simple as singular soundbar/subwoofer combos. But the resulting sound experience with all the speakers present is impressive.

Samsung HW-Q950A Soundbar with Dolby Atmos and DTSX

Sound Quality

The HW-Q50A has a well-balanced sound profile, suited for both movie audio and music playing.

Furthermore, the Auto EQ feature helps to calibrate the soundbar to your personal surroundings. Besides a customisable EQ, allowing you to tailor the sound to your liking.

Its true 11.1.4 surround configuration (with the wireless rear speakers) also delivers a remarkable soundscape with detailed and well-reproduced sounds.

This is especially true of Dolby Atmos or DTS:X-enabled titles, with decent sound verticality due to its up-firing speakers.

Key Features

While the soundbar setup works with any TV:

Additional features with Samsung Smart TVs include Q-Symphony (TV speakers alongside soundbar audio) and SpaceFit Sound (Room Auto EQ for both TV speaker and soundbar).

There is Tap Play for Samsung mobile devices, allowing you to stream music simply by tapping the soundbar.

Other features include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as voice control support with Amazon Alexa.

Verdict – Best Dolby Atmos Soundbar

While the Sonos Arc offers decent Dolby Atmos experience with a simple setup, the Samsung HWQ-950A is more complex with better sound and Dolby Atmos usage.

If you already own Samsung mobile devices, the Samsung HWQ-950A is an obvious choice in the RM4K range. And notably cheaper than the Sonos Arc too!

Samsung HW-Q950A Soundbar
  • Dimensions: 123.2 x 6.95 x 13.8 cm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 7.1kg
  • Connectivity: Optical Audio Cable or HDMI ARC
  • Wireless Connectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth
  • Dolby Atmos: Yes
  • Control: SmartThings App, Remote Control, Apple Airplay 2
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Price: ~RM3,800


  • Well-rounded Dolby Atmos sound
  • Great compatibility with Samsung Smart TV
  • Powerful speakers
  • Balanced sound profile
  • Excellent audio tuning and customisability
  • Voice control support with Amazon Alexa


  • Pricy
  • Large dimensions for a soundbar
  • Slightly complicated setup

5. Samsung HW-Q600A Soundbar with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X

Build Quality

Well-built with a minimalist design – it looks like a rectangular block. Again, mostly of quality plastic with a metal grille front:

The Samsung HW-Q600A is fairly wide, so it’ll take up some space on a console table. But its low height means it won’t obstruct viewing space.

There’s also a wireless subwoofer, which you can freely place around the room.

Samsung HW-Q600A Soundbar with Dolby Atmos and DTSX

Sound Quality

It may be rated for 3.1.2. channel surround sound, but this is dependent on where you put it too. As the up-firing speaker can have issues if the ceiling is too high, or isn’t a flat surface.

Like the Samsung HW-Q50A, you get both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X support  with the Samsung HW-Q600A for improved audio when streaming or watching movies.

As for general stereo, it has great overall sound out-of-the-box, but lacks a punchy bass. Even with the subwoofer present.

However, there are multiple audio pre-sets and a customisable EQ, so you can tailor the soundscape to your personal liking.

Key Features

The soundbar works best with Samsung Smart TVs and respective remotes, allowing for Q-Symphony. In which the soundbar works in-tandem with the Samsung TV speakers.

It also supports multiple devices through Bluetooth. You can pair it with both your TV and mobile device for convenient music play.

Verdict – Best Budget Soundbar with Dolby Atmos

The Samsung HW-Q600A is a great lower-cost option if you can’t afford the Samsung HW-Q950A but have a Samsung Smart TV. It has adequate surround sound and plenty of features for its price.

Just note that you will not have voice control or casting functionality with this soundbar.

Samsung HW-Q600A Soundbar
  • Dimensions: 98 x 5.8 x 10.5 cm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 3.4kg
  • Connectivity: Optical Audio Cable or HDMI ARC
  • Wireless Connectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth
  • Dolby Atmos: Yes
  • Control: Remote Control
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Price: ~RM1,699


  • 1.2 Surround Sound
  • Compatible with Samsung Smart TVs and Devices
  • Supports Bluetooth Multi-Device Connection
  • Supports Both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X


  • Q-Symphony only works with Samsung TVs
  • No Voice Assistant Functionality
  • Doesn’t support casting over Wi-Fi, ChromeCast or Apple AirPlay 2

6. Sony HT-Z9F TV Soundbar with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X

Build Quality

The Sony HT-Z9F has a premium feel to it. The body is of glossy black plastic while the front features a sturdy metal-grille. Which is easily detachable as it is magnetised.

This allows for easy cleaning and a more pronounced sound (if you remove it completely).

There’s also a wireless subwoofer for additional bass, similar to the Samsung HW-Q600A.

Sony HT-Z9F TV Soundbar

Sound Quality

The Sony HT-Z9F delivers a well-balanced sound signature and great overall clarity. Most importantly, it retains this even at max volume.

There is 7.1.2 Surround Sound with front-firing speakers, which works relatively well. But not as immersive as a true surround sound setup.

It’s unfortunately lacking in customisability too. You cannot adjust for room correction, make bass/treble adjustments, or customize the EQ.

Sony HT-Z9F TV Soundbar - Top

Key Features

Moving on to features:

The soundbar has great wireless playback features. Stream music over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

It also has Chromecast built-in, so you can stream from your own personal library. As well as link it up to other Chromecast-enabled speakers.

Moreover, its 2 HDMI ports provide easy connectivity to multiple devices.

The Sony HT-Z9F also supports 4K HDR 18Gbps passthrough:

Meaning you can run your TV Box or gaming console through the soundbar (which is connected to the TV), without a significant drop in visual quality.

Verdict – Best All Round Soundbar

With plenty of connectivity options, wireless playback features and decent audio quality, the Sony HT-Z9F is definitely an amazing all-round soundbar for the price!

As long as you can live without being able to make sound customizations!

Sony HT-Z9F TV Soundbar with Dolby Atmos and DTSX
  • Dimensions: 100 x 6.4 x 9.9 cm (H x W x D)
  • Weight: 3.1kg
  • Connectivity: Optical Audio Cable or HDMI ARC
  • Wireless Connectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth
  • Dolby Atmos: Yes
  • Control: App, Remote Control
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Price: ~RM2,700


  • Subwoofer included
  • Great sound, even at max volume
  • Great wireless connectivity options
  • 4K HDR passthrough


  • Poor audio customisability
  • Surround sound could be better

7. JBL BAR 9.1 True Wireless Channel Soundbar System with Surround Speakers and Dolby Atmos

Build Quality

The JBL Bar 9.1 is another well-built, premium-feeling soundbar that has a low rectangular silhouette. But with a metallic top and rounded edges.

It’s slimmer than either the Sonos ARC or Samsung Q950A.

Visually, the JBL Bar 9.1 is unique because you can place 2 detachable satellite speakers on each end of the soundbar. Each comes with a 10-hour battery, and is usable while charging.

There is a large subwoofer for some hefty bass too.

JBL BAR 9.1 True Wireless Channel Soundbar System

Sound Quality

The soundbar utilizes Dolby Atmos and together with its wireless rear speakers, you get room-filling, directional sound at near-cinematic experience.

On the whole, audio quality is excellent, with detailed vocals and fairly neutral sound, suitable for playing just about anything.

However, given that the JBL Bar 9.1 has fewer forward channels:

It’s not as good as the Samsung HW-Q950A when it comes to detail.

And there is no real EQ customisability with the JBL Bar 9.1, so you’re stuck with a handful of pre-sets and basic room correction.

JBL BAR 9.1 True Wireless Channel Soundbar System - Connections


Apart from surround sound support, the satellite speakers also work as standalone devices. They are thus, highly portable around the house.

Furthermore, 4K Dolby Vision passthrough enables you to easily hook up devices from the soundbar through the TV.

There is support for both ChromeCast and Apple Airplay 2 too.

And you can send music through the soundbar via Bluetooth, which is a nice touch!

Verdict – Best Premium Soundbar

While it’s not up to par with the quality surround sound of the Samsung HW-Q950A:

The JBL Bar 9.1 is definitely a wonderful though pricey Dolby Atmos and surround sound system. It has unique versatility and connectivity options, all wrapped in quality audio!

For those who don’t like to fiddle with apps, it’s another premium soundbar option to consider. But if you want customizable EQ, go for the similarly priced Sonos Arc Soundbar.

JBL BAR 9.1 True Wireless Channel Soundbar System with surround speakers and Dolby Atmos
  • Dimensions: 88.4 x 6.2 x 12 cm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 3.64kg
  • Connectivity: Optical Audio Cable or HDMI ARC
  • Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth, WiFi
  • Dolby Atmos: Yes
  • Control: Remote Control, Apple Airplay 2, Chromecast
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Price: ~RM4,499


  • No separate app necessary
  • Flexible wireless speaker placement
  • Supports both Chromecast and Apple AirPlay 2
  • Great audio quality
  • Good use of Dolby Atmos


  • Pricy
  • Slightly complicated setup
  • Wireless speakers require recharging

8. LG SN4 Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer

Build Quality

The LG SN4 is a sleek sound bar, made mostly of quality plastic. It looks similar to the Samsung HW-Q600A but with rounded corners.

It comes with a wireless subwoofer which provide more bass compared to a soundbar-only setup.

LG SN4 Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer

Sound Quality

As for audio quality, you get what you pay for:

The LG SN4 is a step-up from standard TV speakers, with crisp audio details and a solid bass being provided by the subwoofer.

But more expensive soundbars will definitely top its performance!

Its 2.1ch configuration does mean that it’s not suited for surround sound, even with DTS:X. To put it simply, you’re not going to get a cinematic experience with this particular soundbar.

That aside, there’s also an adaptive audio feature, which is welcome, but doesn’t compare with tweaking the audio settings yourself.

You can tweak the bass, treble and subwoofer to some extent (i.e. basic adjustments).

Key Features

As stated earlier, the soundbar supports DTS:X, offering notable 3D sound.

There is support for Bluetooth connectivity, along with HDMI Arc and Optical audio cable.

Other than that, it’s a basic soundbar, and won’t have the fancier features you’ll find in a Samsung or Sonos soundbar.


While it’s not going to beat out a Sonos or Bose soundbar in terms of stereo or surround quality, the LG SN4 is considerably cheaper! And still quite good. It is an attractive budget option if you have an LG TV.

LG SN4 Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer - Side
  • Dimensions: 89 x 5.7 x 8.5 cm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 2.1kg
  • Connectivity: Optical Audio Cable or HDMI ARC
  • Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Dolby Atmos: No
  • Control: Remote App, Remote Control
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Price: ~RM799


  • Decent audio for the price
  • Punchy bass
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Supports DTS:X
  • Affordable (Under RM800)


  • Only has 2.1 Audio Ch.
  • Best paired with an LG TV
  • No Dolby Atmos Support
  • No Wi-Fi Connectivity options

9. Yamaha SR-B20A Sound Bar with Built-in Subwoofer

Build Quality

The Yamaha SRB-B20A is solidly built, with quality fabric wrapping around the majority of its plastic body. A bit like the Samsung HW-Q950A Soundbar but the Yamaha SRB-B20A has softer (i.e. rounder) edges.

Its overall dimensions are average, and can fit comfortably between a 55” TV without fuss.

There is a key hole for wall mounting. Wall mounting this soundbar is not difficult.

Yamaha SR-B20A Sound Bar with Built-in Subwoofer - Side

Sound Quality

The SR-B20A has some notably well-done low-frequency bass, even without a dedicated subwoofer.

While there’s no Dolby Atmos, it does have DTS Virtual:X, which adds some noticeable surround and height volume in your listening experience, especially given the price.

Music audio is also surprisingly proficient, giving dynamic and detailed sound, punching well above its weight.

There are a number of audio pre-sets with the companion app, but customisability options are definitely limited.

All-in-all, the audio falls short of the Sonos Beam or Samsung HWQ600-A, but the SR-B20 sounds better than budget options like the Xiaomi Mi TV Soundbar.

Yamaha SR-B20A Sound Bar with Built-in Subwoofer - Connections

Key Features

As a basic soundbar, it unfortunately doesn’t have many features you’ll find in higher-spec soundbars, such as HDMI passthrough or Wi-Fi connectivity.

But the SR-B20A does support Bluetooth 5.0, so you can still use the soundbar as an extended speaker for your mobile devices.

It also has a simple plug-and-play setup, with the companion app being able to control both the TV and soundbar through a HDMI ARC connection.

Verdict – Best Entry-Level Soundbar

While it’s not the cheapest option, the Yamaha SRB-20A is a fine choice between budget and higher-end soundbar models, offering great audio quality for the price.

If you need Wi-Fi connectivity however, do look into another soundbar instead.

Yamaha SR-B20A Sound Bar with Built-in Subwoofer - Top
  • Dimensions: 91 x 5.3 x 13.1 cm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 3.2kg
  • Connectivity: Optical Audio Cable or HDMI ARC
  • Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Dolby Atmos: No
  • Control: Remote App, Remote Control
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Price: ~RM949


  • Decent audio quality
  • Reasonable price
  • Simple design


  • No external subwoofer
  • Lacks connectivity features
  • No Dolby Atmos or DTS:X support

10. SHARP HT-SB115 Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar

Build Quality

The Sharp HT-SB115 has a unique profile that gets wider towards the front. It’s slim and much lighter than other soundbars on this list (1.3kg vs ~3kg).

It can easily fit under your Smart TV with no trouble.

SHARP HT-SB115 Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar

Sound Quality

Rated at 30W, the sound quality of the Sharp HT-SB115 is decent: the treble is detailed enough but the bass is lacking in punchiness.

Although it is most certainly an improvement over standard built-in TV speakers, the soundbar is very much a basic 2.0ch soundbar setup.

As such, the soundbar is an okay listen, but it is lacking in more advanced features such as Dolby Atmos/DTS:X support. Or any virtual surround sound tech.

SHARP HT-SB115 Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar - Connections

Key Features

The most notable feature of the HT-SB115 is its Bluetooth connectivity, so you can connect and stream music straight from your devices.

It also supports HDMI, Optical and AUX, hence it is compatible with any modern TVs.

Verdict – Best Budget Soundbar

The Sharp HT-SB115 is not the best-sounding soundbar on our list, but its low price and decent overall quality makes it an attractive option if you’re on a tight budget.

SHARP HT-SB115 Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar - Controls
  • Dimensions: 80 x 6.6 x 8.4 cm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 1.3kg
  • Connectivity: Optical Audio Cable or HDMI ARC or AUX In
  • Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Dolby Atmos: No
  • Control: Remote Control
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Price: ~RM299


  • Budget pricing
  • Decent audio
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • Easy plug-and-play


  • No Dolby Atmos/ DTS:X support
  • Limited features

11. Xiaomi 33 Inch Mi TV Soundbar

Build Quality

Available in either black or white, Xiaomi 33 Inch Mi TV Soundbar is of average quality. With a square-shaped side profile and mesh fabric at the front to cover the audio drivers.

It is smaller and lighter (1.92kg) than other soundbars on our list. The Sharp HT-SB115 is a bit lighter at 1.32kg.

Xiaomi 33 Inch Mi TV Soundbar

It can be placed below the TV or mounted on the wall, and its lightweight construction allows you to move it around as a makeshift wireless speaker.

The soundbar unfortunately does not come with a remote, so you’ll be fiddling with the soundbar itself to adjust any settings.

Sound Quality

For a budget soundbar, it sounds pretty good.  With a notable bassline and moderately powerful highs.

It cannot compete with mid-to-high ranged competitors but it does provide an adequate audio experience, especially given the price.

As for audio customisability, it doesn’t have set audio pre-sets or custom EQ. And so, you will have to be content with the base settings.

Xiaomi 33 Inch Mi TV Soundbar - Connections

Key Features

Due to its budget nature, the only feature of the Mi Soundbar is its Bluetooth connectivity with mobile devices.

Even then, you’re still only allowed to connect one device at a time.

Verdict – Best Budget Soundbar

If you don’t mind the lack of a HDMI input, remote control and other convenient features, the Mi Soundbar offers exceptional audio quality for its price range.

It’s our pick for the best budget soundbar!

Xiaomi 33 Inch Mi TV Soundbar - Controls
  • Dimensions: 83 x 7.2 x 8.7 cm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 1.92kg
  • Connectivity: Optical Audio Cable or AUX In or Coaxial Input (S/PDIF Cable)
  • Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2
  • Dolby Atmos: No
  • Control: n/a
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Price: ~RM239


  • Budget pricing
  • Great audio quality for the price
  • Bluetooth functionality
  • Looks nice and minimal
  • Decent build quality


  • No HDMI support
  • No remote control
  • No multi-device Bluetooth pairing
  • No Dolby Atmos support
  • Lacks custom EQ

How To Choose The Right Sound Bar For Your TV

Depending on your Smart TV/TV Box and room layout, there are multiple factors to consider when selecting the right soundbar!

1. How Many Audio Channels Can Your TV Support?

Most modern TV systems can support up to 5.1 or 7.1 audio channels, and given that soundbars at most have a 5.1 setup (sans external speakers):

You should be alright connecting any soundbar with the TV you currently have.

Definition of Soundbar Channel Numbers

Audio channel numbers are usually designated as X.X.X, with the third number commonly being omitted out.

The most common channel designations are usually 2.1, 5.1 or 7.1.


The first number refers to how many audio channels (and thus, how many speakers) are in the setup, for example:

2.X means a left and right speaker (stereo setup)

5.X means a left speaker, centre speaker, right speaker, rear-left and rear-right speaker (standard surround).

And so on and so forth. The higher the number, the more audio channels/speakers will be present.


The second number denotes how many subwoofers are in the setup (usually ranging between 1 and 2), so you know how much bass you’re getting.


The third number signifies the number of audio channels originating from the ceiling in the setup.

Soundbars can replicate this effect with upward-facing speakers, which bounces audio off the ceiling.

2. Connections

Make sure to know what sort of external audio connections the soundbar can support.

Some common connections include:

  • RCA/Aux (Wired)
  • Digital Optical or HDMI-ARC (Wired)
  • Bluetooth (Wireless)

Note that RCAs are a pretty dated audio connection system and, while still in use, most modern Smart TVs don’t support them.

On the other hand, Digital Optical and HDMI-ARC are universal, wired connections, and provide you the best sound quality. But does mean the soundbar only works with the device you connect it to.

Of the 3, Bluetooth is the most flexible connection, allowing you to wirelessly pair the soundbar with any Bluetooth-enabled device. Although the audio quality isn’t as good as a wired connection.

3. What Performance You Are Looking For?

Generally, a singular soundbar is perfectly okay for music or general streaming.

But if you’re looking for cinematic quality in your movies and games:

Investing into a Dolby Atmos or surround-sound capable soundbar is another option. On top of that, you can get side speakers and/or subwoofers for a complete audio experience!

4. Sound Technology

Built-in sound technology can drastically improve the listening experience on your soundbar, so long as your Smart TV or TV Box supports it;

The 2 main types are Dolby Atmos and DTS Sound/X. Both of which provide quality surround sound to your media, supporting both 5.1 and 7.1 formats.

While there are some differences (e.g., DTS supports higher bit-rates, Dolby claims to have a better codec), you’ll still be getting great home cinema audio with either format.

5. Placement & TV Size

Ideally, you’ll want give your soundbar enough space between it and the TV for more convenient cable management.

You should also give it some distance from the walls, as to prevent additional noise caused by sound bouncing too many times off the wall (i.e. Wave interference.).

6. Music Playing Features

Soundbars that can act as standalone speakers are a huge plus, as they allow you to stream songs from your phone or Spotify without needing the entire TV.

So, if you’re a music enthusiast, be on the lookout for soundbars that offer either WiFi or Bluetooth Connectivity if you want easy pairing with your mobile devices.

7. Smart Features

While not strictly necessary, some soundbars do offer voice control support, allowing you to pause/play media and control other smart devices around the house.

That being said, you most likely have a Smart TV or TV Box which comes with its own Smart features. Which can make having a Smart soundbar redundant.


Use this post to make an informed decision on the best soundbars in Malaysia 2021!

If you’re looking for cinematic audio quality, we’d recommend the Samsung HW-Q950A or Sonos Arc. And if you like having numerous features, the JBL BAR is a feature-rich and versatile option.

Mid-tier spenders can opt for the Sony HT-Z9F or Sonos Beam. While those on a budget should look towards the Xiaomi 33 Inch Mi TV Soundbar.

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