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There are many fresh milk brands available and also different ways of processing milk. Which are the best fresh milk brands in Malaysia in terms of taste, texture and price?

And which brands are good for making coffee?

In this list we have listed 11 fresh milk brands in Malaysia, focusing more on pasteurized milk. You’ll also find our top 3 recommendations for fresh milk brands that are great for coffee!

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Top Fresh Milk Brands In Malaysia

1. Farmhouse Fresh Milk

Farmhouse fresh milk has a light texture and a pleasant taste that you can drink it on its own or incorporate it into your cooking and baking!

Farmhouse Fresh Milk
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The milk is imported from Australia and has a subtle taste and smell but at the same time, it does not add any distinct flavor or smell into your baking or in coffee. This is great if you don’t like that overly strong milky taste or smell.

Plus, if you want to add it to your coffee, it froths up well. We personally think it goes beautifully with our favorite instant coffee brand in Malaysia.

It is however, not a common brand that local shops will carry so you will need to head over to major supermarkets like Jaya Grocer or Aeon Supermarket in order to purchase some.

And this fresh milk brand is not cheap! Expect to pay around RM10 for a regular-sized carton.

2. F&N Magnolia Pasteurised Fresh Milk

F&N Magnolia Pasteurised Milk is easy to spot in the supermarket with its cheerful yellow 1L cartons with red caps.

F&N Magnolia Pasteurised Fresh Milk

The F&N Magnolia Pasteurised Milk is a cheaper alternative to the Farmhouse Fresh Milk and you can probably find it where you see Farmhouse Fresh Milk for sale too.

It has a mild but appealing milk taste that is not sweet. With that quality, it’s very appropriate for making coffee at home.

F&N Magnolia Pasteurised Fresh Milk - Side

But because this is pasteurized milk, you have to keep it in the fridge or it will spoil much faster.

We usually pick the F&N Magnolia Pasteurised Milk up for coffee-making if the Farmhouse Fresh Milk price is out of stock in our local supermarket. Although it tastes fine with cereal too!

3. Goodday Fresh Milk

This affordable brand is a favourite for many Malaysians and for good reason!

Goodday Fresh Milk
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Besides being easy on the wallet, it is commonly found in many stores around Malaysia. And there are typically many sizes to choose from too – sizes range from 200ml to 2L.

Although they don’t offer as many flavors for their pasteurized fresh milk range as with their UHT milk range (e.g., chocolate, strawberry, honey and green tea), they do have chocolate and date-flavored milk.

These are also great flavors to incorporate into various drinks.

The texture of Goodday Fresh Milk is creamy and hence, delightful for drinks and cereal. Though on its own, it does have that distinct milk flavor that will linger at the back of the throat.

Which is a turn off to some.

4. Farm Fresh Pure Fresh Milk

A local brand that produces milk from a farm in Johor, Farm Fresh Pure Fresh Milk is a popular choice for many.

Farm Fresh Pure Fresh Milk
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It does not contain any sugar and preservatives so you can taste the natural sweetness of the milk. We will say that it really does taste fresh!

Naturally since it has zero preservatives, the downside is that it spoils fast once opened (even if kept in the fridge!). So, you might want to pick a small size or finish the milk within at least 3 days of opening the carton.

That aside, adding the Farm Fresh Pure Fresh Milk into your beverages is fine even if it doesn’t really have that creamy texture and is a bit watered down in terms of flavor.

But hey, that could be the freshness talking!

5. Dutch Lady Pure Farm Fresh Milk

Dutch Lady milk has been around for many years and before there were so many other fresh milk brands to choose from, this was (and still is) a staple in many households.

Dutch Lady Pure Farm Fresh Milk
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But while it’s great for cereals, baking or even coco drinks, we aren’t a fan of how it tastes with coffee!

The Dutch Lady Pure Farm Fresh Milk has a strong powdered milk taste and is thick! Which, in our humble opinion, ruins the taste of the coffee or at least gives it a drastic change in flavor.

6. Marigold HL Low Fat Milk

Produced by Singapore, Marigold HL Low Fat Milk is another popular fresh milk brand you can find in Malaysia!

Marigold HL Low Fat Milk
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It has a unique taste that tastes a lot like vanilla! And if you’re curious, they happen to have both chocolate and strawberry flavors in the range too.

Marigold HL Low Fat Milk is suitable for making milkshakes and puddings, or any sweet treats for that matter.

However, since it’s quite sweet with that vanilla-like taste, it’s not the best for coffee or even savory dishes! Although that is a personal preference.

7. Yarra Farm Australian Pasteurised Cow’s Milk

Yarra Farm Australian Pasteurised Cow’s Milk is under the Farm Fresh brand but unlike their other products, this particular milk is not produced in Malaysia.

Yarra Farm Australian Pasteurised Cow's Milk
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As the name suggests, Yarra Farm Australian Pasteurised Cow’s Milk is made from 100% imported Australian cows milk.

It also does not contain sugar and preservatives so be sure to finish it up fast!

For those looking to add milk into your coffee, the Yarra Farm Australian Pasteurised Cow’s Milk froths up well and should be on your list of considerations if you haven’t found the perfect fresh milk brand for your coffee yet.

8. Marigold Moo Fresh Milk

Marigold Moo Fresh Milk is also made from 100% Australian cow milk and has a thick and creamy texture that makes favorable frothy beverages!

Moo Fresh Milk By Marigold

Mixing the Marigold Moo Fresh Milk with coffee works and will definitely make the resulting beverage rich in texture!

Despite that, it does take away from the actual taste of the coffee beans.

But other than with coffee, you can pair this milk with cereal. It’s particularly wonderful as a dip for Oreo cookies with its neutral milk taste that enhances the sweetness of cookies and cereal alike.

Drinking it on its own is also delicious! The taste isn’t overpowering and isn’t too sweet. Although the thick consistency does leave a creamy coat of milk at the back of your mouth.

9. Summerfield Full Cream Fresh Milk

Available in sizes up to 2L, Summerfield Full Cream Fresh Milk boasts that their milk has a shelf life of up to 30 days though we don’t recommend keeping opened dairy products for that long.

Summerfield Full Cream Fresh Milk
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The light texture of the Summerfield Full Cream Fresh Milk means it a great addition to coffee but you may not get that creamy and rich taste and taste like you would with other milk brands, such as Magnolia Fresh Milk.

Summerfield Full Cream Fresh Milk can be taken as is too, and it’s very refreshing! You won’t have that strong milky after-taste or that clingy feeling at the back of your throat.

You can also try this with your baking but it probably won’t do much to add creaminess.

10. EMBORG Low Fat Milk

Made from milk produced by European cows, the EMBORG Low Fat Milk only contains 1.5% of fat!

EMBORG Low Fat Milk
Image credits: jayagrocer

Many bakers tend towards the EMBORG brand, especially for the full cream version.

But their low-fat milk is great for coffee or tea! In fact, we recommend giving the EMBORG Low Fat Milk a try for tea as it gives a fuller flavor that really brings out the tea leaves.

Drinking it on its own is also satisfying but it’s pretty tasteless so consider using it as an addition to your dishes just to add that extra creamy oomph!

Note: The EMBORG Low Fat Milk is a UHT treated

11. Goodday Aussie Fresh Milk

Fans of Goodday milk will have a new product to try out! We’re talking about the Goodday Aussie Fresh Milk that was recently launched at the end of 2021.

Aussie Fresh Milk By Goodday

This flavorful and creamy milk is imported straight from Australia and has gaining some traction.

It’s lightly flavoured and not very sweet which goes well with both drinks and dishes!

It can be confusing since they have another Australian milk product called the Goodday Life Australian Fresh Milk. And to be frank, both taste quite similar!

Best Milk Brand For Coffee Malaysia

If you aren’t the type to take your coffee black, then read on!

Having milk with your coffee is a great way to give that cup of joe a nice creamy texture. However, depending on the brand, you may end up with different tastes!

1. Farmhouse Fresh Milk

The light texture of the Farmhouse Fresh Milk is why this fresh milk brand is ideal for coffee drinks that want that addition of dairy without an overpowering milky or creamy taste and texture.

Moreover, it froths well so adding into a coffee machine like the Nespresso coffee machine will give you café worthy coffee in the comfort of your own home!

2. Magnolia Fresh Milk

And in case you are wanting something richer and creamier for your coffee, opt for Magnolia Fresh Milk! It will give your coffee a thicker texture and a milkier smell and flavor.

3. Goodday Fresh Milk

Goodday is the best of both worlds! You will have that extra creaminess to your coffee but you won’t get that overpowering milky taste as you would with Magnolia Fresh Milk.

What Is Pasteurisation?

Raw milk naturally comes with a lot of bacteria which can be harmful to the human body.

To combat this, milk is heated up to about 74°C and then cooled immediately to eradicate any harmful microorganisms and bacteria. This extends the shelf life of the milk!

What is UHT Milk?

UHT milk AKA Ultra High Temperature milk, is heated up to higher temperature than regular pasteurised milk.

Then, it’s placed in an aseptic packaging which keeps the milk fresh even when it’s out of the refrigerator (as long as it is unopened) for up to three months.

UHT VS Pasteurised Milk

High heat kills off bacteria but it also kills off a lot of other nutrients as well. And it has the disadvantage of causing calcium to be insoluble (I.e. harder for the body to absorb).

Both methods of processing milk involve heat serialization, but pasteurized milk does retain its nutritional value better than UHT milk.

Because of that, UHT milk is often less desirable. But it is cheaper and more convenient for storage and transport seeing that you do not need to refrigerate it.



Regardless of what you need milk for, we hope this list of the best fresh milk brands in Malaysia helps you narrow down your selection.

Because every fresh milk brand has its own quirks that make it better for direct consumption, use in baking or for beverages.

And you may have to do a bit of trial and error till you find one that agrees with your tastebuds and preferences!

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