Best Fridge Malaysia 2020: Refrigerator Types (& How To Choose)

Want to buy the best fridge in Malaysia? There’s no one-size–fits-all when it comes to fridges!

Still, we have made a list of the best refrigerators in Malaysia 2020 to get you started! As well as a nifty guide on how to know what kind of fridge suits your lifestyle!

It’s not enough to look at just the best fridge brand and refrigerator prices in Malaysia! And most of the time, a basic model will do!

Types Or Styles Of Fridge

Firstly, think about exactly what you need a fridge for. Do you cook often?

Consider your daily use – what are you keeping? And would you have more use for the freezer or chiller compartment?

1. Top Freezer

Most fridges that you will come across are this type. The smaller freezer on top. And the more spacious chiller at the lower half.

Top Freezer Type Refrigerator
Top Freezer Type Refrigerator

They’re usually basic with no additional gadgets like a water or ice dispenser.


  • Tend to be more affordable
  • Can be compact in size


  • Can’t keep much frozen food

2. Bottom Freezer

This is the reverse design of the previous type of fridge. With the freezer compartment at the bottom.


  • Freezer compartment of this type of fridge may be bigger than the classic top freezer fridges.
  • Easier for short people to store heavy frozen goods
  • Easier for taller people to access fresh food when they’re at eye-level in the raised chiller


  • Need to bend to access frozen goods
  • Typically more expensive than top freezer styles

3. Side By Side

From the name, you can tell that this style has the freezer on one side and the chiller on the other. So that both have their own narrow door.


  • Vertical storage possibilities for both freezer and chiller
  • Doors are smaller so you need less space to open them
  • Freezer side usually has an ice dispenser


  • Narrow storage – might not be able to fit large dishes in!
  • Can be twice the price of a top freezer fridge
  • Not very energy efficient

4. French Door

Hybrid of a bottom freezer fridge. With two doors for the chiller instead of one. They normally have additional modern features.

French Door Type Refrigerator
French Door Type Refrigerator


  • Sense of luxury
  • You can just open one of the doors (i.e. half of the fridge) to get something instead of the whole fridge being exposed


  • Pricey
  • Feels a bit cumbersome when you have to fit something large in the chiller (i.e. with both doors open)

How To Choose The Best Refrigerator

Don’t skip this part! After all, a fridge is probably going to be with you for years to come! Maybe even as your family grows too!

1. Does The Fridge Fit Your Kitchen?

Measure out the allocated space for a fridge in your kitchen before you buy one! Don’t forget to include door clearance and depth of the fridge!

As well as the door (and any walkways) the fridge needs to go through to enter your house to your kitchen!

2. Storage And Capacity

How much do you need to keep? Do you really need a large fridge? Size usually reflects on the price!

Take a look at this list of mini fridges in Malaysia if you need something under 200L instead! 

3. Energy Saving Capability

Nobody wants a fridge that racks up their electricity bills significantly!

To tell that the fridge has energy saving optimization, look at the Energy Star rating!

4. Warranty

Your fridge should have a warranty to cover the motor.

5. Additional Features That You Might Like

  • Temperature control
  • Water and ice dispenser
  • Door-in-door – A cool feature you won’t see in many fridges! This is where the door contains another smaller door that opens up to a cold storage that is separate from the rest of the fridge!
  • Customize-able shelves
  • Humidity control
  • Air purifier – Yes, sometimes fridges come with air purifiers to reduce contamination and keep the air fresh
  • Alert – the fridge will beep to let you know if it’s been open for too long

5 Best Fridge Malaysia 2020

We’ll keep it simple with 5 reasonably-priced fridges that work well! And efficiently with Energy Star ratings of 4 and above!

Refrigerators like mattresses are daily household essentials that you should not be stingy on!

1. Electrolux ETB2302H-A 210L Inverter Top Mount Refrigerator

What more do you need? This basic fridge has consistent temperature throughout and customize-able compartments for easy organization! Along with a finger-proof and scratch-proof exterior finish!

Electrolux ETB2302H-A 210L Inverter Top Mount Refrigerator

That inverter will save you money on your electricity bills too!

The only gripe you might have with it is that there is no light in the freezer compartment!

  • Suitable for: Small households (~2 people)
  • Price: RM900-1,400
  • Type: Top Freezer
  • Capacity: 210 L
  • Dimensions: 540 x 615 x 1405 mm (W x D x H)
  • Energy Consumption: 100-200 kWh/yr
  • Energy Level: 5 Star
  • Compressor Warranty: 10 years
  • Warranty: 1 year

2. Toshiba GR-A28MS 280L Inverter 2 Door Refrigerator

Toshiba’s GR-A28MS has designated a 12L capacity bin just for vegetables!

Toshiba GR-A28MS 280L Inverter 2 Door Refrigerator

Also, it’s not often that you can customize the storage shelves on the inside of the chiller door. But you can with this fridge!

And the Ag+ Bio deodorizer system will take care of any unwanted odors! Lastly, Toshiba has a long warranty for the compressor too!

  • Suitable for: 2-3 people
  • Price: RM1,000-1,400
  • Type: Top Freezer
  • Capacity: 280 L
  • Dimensions: 545 x 623 x 1545 mm (W x D x H)
  • Energy Consumption: n/a
  • Energy Level: 5 Star
  • Compressor Warranty: 12 years
  • Warranty: 1 year

3. Hitachi R-V420P8M 375L Inverter 2 Door Refrigerator

You get even more vegetable storage (up to 51L) via the Vegetable Mode with Hitachi’s R-V420P8M!

Hitachi R-V420P8M 375L Inverter 2 Door Refrigerator

There are two fans for the freezer and chiller respectively. This together with the built-in Eco Thermal Sensor and inverter compressor saves energy while maintaining the temperature of both compartments!

Hitachi has even done tests to prove that the freezer temperature will stay cold up to 12 hours in a power cut scenario!

  • Suitable for: 3-5 people
  • Price: RM1,600 to RM2,200
  • Type: Top Freezer
  • Capacity: 375 L
  • Dimensions: 650 x 720 x 1605 mm (W x D x H)
  • Energy Consumption: 362 kWh/yr
  • Energy Level: 5 Star
  • Compressor Warranty: 10 years
  • Warranty: 1 year

4. Panasonic NR-BX468XSMY 450L Inverter 2 Door Refrigerator

If you prefer to keep your frozen food at the bottom of the fridge:

Panasonic NR-BX468XSMY 450L Inverter 2 Door RefrigeratorNR-BX468XSMY by Panasonic can keep them cold in a way that does not require you to defrost them when it’s time to cook! The freezer’s capacity is 75L.

The fridge employs Pansonic’s ECONAVI technology to save power through lighting, temperature and even how frequently you open the doors!

  • Suitable for: 4-6 people
  • Price: RM2,600-2,900
  • Type: Bottom Freezer
  • Capacity: 450 L
  • Dimensions: 685 x 698 x 1764 mm (W x D x H)
  • Energy Consumption: 381 kWh/yr
  • Energy Level: 4 Star
  • Compressor Warranty: 12 years
  • Warranty: 1 year

5. Hitachi R-W720P7M 540L Inverter 4 Door Refrigerator

Another fridge by Hitachi, the R-W720P7M 540L can keep a lot! Where the freezer takes ¼ of the total capacity.

Hitachi R-W720P7M 540L Inverter 4 Door Refrigerator

It has 4 doors – 2 each for the freezer and chiller. Which could take some getting used to. And like the smaller R-V420P8M 375L , the R-W720P7M features dual-fan and inverter technology.

This fridge looks pretty high-tech and fancy with its water dispenser, LED light panel and touch screen display at the front!

  • Suitable for: 5-6 people
  • Price: ~RM3,000-4,600
  • Type: French Door
  • Capacity: 540 L
  • Dimensions: 855 x 737 x 1835 mm (W x D x H)
  • Energy Consumption:  n/a
  • Energy Level: 5 Star
  • Compressor Warranty: 10 years
  • Warranty: 1 year


If you can’t decide on the best fridge in Malaysia for your household and lifestyle, this guide will be of use!

Get to know more on how to select a fridge and available fridge types on the market! To start you off, we have even listed 5 fridges that will be suitable for families!