11 Best Washing Machine Malaysia 2020 (Top & Front Load Washers With Price!)

Choose the best washing machine Malaysia 2020 for your household from our handpicked selection of front load, top load and combo washing machines available in Malaysia!

With a comparison of washing machine prices in Malaysia and a list of the best washing machine brands in Malaysia!

First time buying a washing machine? Read this guide carefully!

How To Choose The Best Washing Machine

Since washing machines can cost a few thousand ringgit:

Don’t make an investment until you learn the basics on how to single out a great washer from the rest!

1. Budget

In general, top load washing machines tend to be cheaper than front load washing machines!

The more energy efficient machines (with high Energy Star ratings) will have a heavier price tag too. But these will save you money in the long run!

2. Size

Know where you’re going to put it. And take note of the dimensions! Is there enough space to open the door of the washing machine?

To save space, you can opt for a machine that can serve as both a washer and dryer! Front load washing machines can be stacked too.

3. Capacity

How often are you going to use it? And how much do you need to wash each time?

Washing machines can start from 5kg up to 17kg.

To add some perspective, 8kg is equivalent to ~40 shirts!

Don’t forget that you can’t fill up the machine to the brim! And you might need a bigger machine if you have heavy bedding!

4. Ease Of Use

How easy is it to use? Are there modes that you will frequently use?

  • Eco
  • Quick Wash
  • Delicates

Some machines even have the ability to customize your washing preferences and save it under favorites!

5. Energy Efficiency

Energy Star is an American standard that measures how much water is used per wash (water factor, WF). As well as the power usage per year.

What you need to know:

  • Any washing machine with this sticker is already 20% more efficient at energy-saving than others! More stars is better!
  • Most of these newer models are not widely available in Malaysia yet. And if you do spot one, it’s very likely more than RM2,000!

And logically, a bigger washing machine will use more water. And vice versa. So get a small machine if you don’t plan to wash a lot or often!

6. Warranty

For such a significant investment to your household, it’s best to have a warranty.

And one that covers the motor! Which is the most expensive component in a washing machine!

7. Other Features

  • Child lock
  • Sanitize cycle
  • Heavy duty wash
  • Steam cleaning

Front Load Vs Top Load Washing Machine

Which type of washing machine is better?

There are 2 criteria that set apart front load washing machines from top load washing machines. Other than that additional storage space you get at the top of a front load washing machine!

1. Cleaning Performance

From the structure of the washer drum, it makes sense that front load washing machines will do a better job at removing stains.

This is because all articles of clothing will be rolled to the top, making contact with the drum before they fall down. And the process repeats many times!

Whilst with a top load washing machine, clothes have a tendency to stick together in the middle. Which means not all of them will hit the surface of the drum!

2. Energy Efficiency

Front load washing machines use a lot less water than top load washing machines! Spraying clothes wet rather than filling the drum with water!

These days though, top load washing machines have innovative ways of saving water! A smaller one won’t use as much water too!

How To Look After Your Washing Machine

  • Wipe down the machine (especially the seal around the door) occasional to prevent build-up of nasty stuff
  • Air out your washing machine when you’re not using it! This will prevent the growth of mould. An unpleasant smells!
  • Don’t forget to clean the detergent drawer once in a while!
  • There may be a lint filter you have to clear out too.

Best Washing Machine Brands In Malaysia

It might surprise you but these are the brands that Malaysians prefer when it comes to washing machines! In order of popularity!
  1. LG
  2. Samsung
  3. Electrolux
  4. Toshiba
  5. Bosch
  6. Hitachi
  7. Panasonic
  8. Sharp

11 Best Washing Machine Malaysia 2020

  1. Electrolux UltimateCare™ 800 Front Load Washing Machine EWF1023BDWA 10kg
  2. LG Inverter Direct Drive Washer F2514NTGW 14kg
  3. Samsung Front Load Washing Machine With Add Wash WW10K6410QW/FQ 10.5kg
  4. BOSCH Front Load Washing Machine WAT24481SG 8kg
  5. LG Smart Inverter Washing Machine T2311VS2M 11kg
  6. TOSHIBA Top Load Washing Machine AWH1100GM 10kg
  7. HITACHI Top Loading Dual Jet Washing Machine SF-130TCV 13kg
  8. Panasonic Top Load Washer NAF125V5LRT 12.5kg
  9. LG AI Direct Drive Washer Dryer With Steam+™ & TurboWash360™ FV1450H2B 10.5/7kg
  10. Samsung Fully Automated Washing Machine WA70H4000SG/FQ 7kg
  11. Sharp Top Load Fully Auto Washing Machine ESX958 9kg 

Best Front Load Washing Machine Malaysia

The manufacturer may not mark it, but as a rule of thumb:

Never fill your front load washing machine more than 80% of its drum capacity! Else there won’t be enough space for the clothes to rotate!

1. Electrolux EWF1023BDWA 10kg UltimateCare™ 800 Front Load Washing Machine

With its trademark SensorWash™ technology, the EWF1023BDWA is capable of adjusting its wash settings according to how dirty your clothes are. By detecting stains!

Electrolux EWF1023BDWA 10kg UltimateCare™ 800 Front Load Washing Machine

While the UltraMix™ technology prolongs the life of your clothes (i.e. reduces color fade off) by fully dissolving the detergent before it starts the wash cycle.

2. LG F2514NTGW 14kg Inverter Direct Drive Washer

That TurboWash™ mode definitely steals the show! So you get clean clothes in just an hour! While reducing water usage up to 40%.

LG F2514NTGW 14kg Inverter Direct Drive Washer

An inverter direct drive motor with 6 different motions and 10-year warranty is the secret behind the machine’s impressive cleaning prowess.

3. Samsung WW10K6410QW/FQ 10.5kg Front Load Washing Machine With Add Wash

Like LG’s F2514NTGW, Samsung’s WW10K6410QW has an inverter motor that can finish a wash cycle in an hour! Via a Super Speed mode and powerful rinse (i.e. Speed Spray)!

Samsung WW10K6410QWFQ 10.5kg Front Load Washing Machine With Add Wash

And there’s an eco mode that utilizes bubbles to soak your clothes and thus, penetrate stains with detergent!

4. BOSCH WAT24481SG 8kg Front Load Washing Machine

A leading expert in motor design, BOSCH packs a powerful brushless motor in their WAT24480SG model. That is quiet without compromising on efficiency!

BOSCH WAT24481SG 8kg Front Load Washing Machine

Extra insulation at the sides of the machine further reduces vibration and sound levels!

It optimizes water usage too by allowing users to select full or half loads. And the design of the drum walls encourages even water distribution during the wash cycle!

Best Top Load Washing Machine Malaysia

Although front load washing machines are better, you cannot deny the affordable price range of top load washing machines!

Try to get one with a clear window of hardy tempered glass!

5. LG T2311VS2M 11kg Smart Inverter Washing Machine

When in operation, this machine is not too noisy. There are 3 different motions that the rotating drum accommodates. This together with a strong stream of water can clean your clothes well!

LG T2311VS2M 11kg Smart Inverter Washing Machine

If you need a hot wash function, this is not the washing machine for you!

6. TOSHIBA AWH1100GM 10kg Top Load Washing Machine

2 water outlets in Toshiba’s TSB-AWH1100GMSM simultaneously and continuously push water upward from the base of the drum to the top.

TOSHIBA AWH1100GM 10kg Top Load Washing Machine

The combination of this action with a turbine (Hybrid Screw Pulsator) results in strong water circulation that will clean your clothing evenly regardless of their position in the drum!

It washes pretty quietly too.

7. HITACHI SF-130TCV 13kg Top Loading Dual Jet Washing Machine

SF-130TCV by HITACHI features twin jets as well but these are at different levels for a multi-directional wash!

HITACHI SF-130TCV 13kg Top Loading Dual Jet Washing Machine

There’s also a 3-step Eco Sensor to detect the amount and type of fabric you put into the machine. This is to determine the optimum washing settings (e.g. time, water level, motion, etc).

8. Panasonic NAF125V5LRT 12.5kg Top Load Washer

Able to carry out hot washes up to 60C, the PSN-NAF125V5 has an additional step before the wash cycle begins!

Panasonic NAF125V5LRT 12.5kg Top Load Washer

Using dense foam to lift and separate dirt particles from clothing. This helps with even detergent absorption too.

Eco technology relies on sensors for laundry load and water temperature to save water and time!

Washing Machine With Dryer Malaysia

Washer dryers or combo washers save space undoubtedly. Plus, you don’t have to move the clothes to the another machine after washing them!

But the drying function does tend to take longer than with a regular dryer! And you definitely can’t run both at the same time!

Be prepared for malfunctions to occur more often and then, the repairs are tricky!

9. LG FV1450H2B 10.5/7kg Ai Direct Drive Washer Dryer With Steam+™ & TurboWash360™

It’ll take a total of 160 minutes for LG’s new FV1450H2B to completely wash and dry your laundry!

LG FV1450H2B 10.5 Or 7kg Ai Direct Drive Washer Dryer With Steam

And you don’t have to worry about the lifespan of your clothes, unwanted wrinkles or allergens! There’s a steam function to reduce the latter!

With this model, they have maximized the capacity of the drum barrel too!

Cheap & Budget Washing Machine Malaysia

Maybe you’d rather spend the money on a swanky coffee machine or top-of-the-line water filter:

Here are a couple of budget alternatives under RM1,000 that you can consider instead!

10. Samsung WA70H4000SG/FQ 7kg Fully Automated Washing Machine

A basic washing machine with a simple and durable exterior:

Samsung WA70H4000SGFQ 7kg Fully Automated Washing Machine

The WA70H4000SG/FQ can handle a small load competently with its AC motor. And there is equal application of detergent is via the in-built Water Fall technology.

Pulsators will keep the water flow multi-directional for a thorough wash!

11. Sharp ESX958 9kg Top Load Fully Auto Washing Machine

This model works similarly with the previous but is slightly larger!

Sharp ESX958 9kg Top Load Fully Auto Washing Machine

There’s a triple-direction water fall flow and pulsators for horizontal, vertical and diagonal water circulation!

And the interior of the drum resembles a washboard that will not snag on your clothes!


Which best washing machine Malaysia 2020 are you going to take home?

Top load washing machines are fine for small loads and budgets. And front load washing machines usually cost twice as much but are adept at saving water and energy!

Going with brands that most of the country prefers, means that service and spare parts will not be hard to find too!