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Tired of sending emails back and forth and accidentally misplacing various files?

Cloud storage services allow for easy file-sharing between users. And act as an online backup in case of hardware failure.

You will not have to manually back up your files anymore! Especially useful if you’re working on a group project or running a small start-up business.

Read this post to find out which services are the best for cloud storage Malaysia! Each with its own unique features and properties!

8 Best Services For Cloud Storage In Malaysia

1. Dropbox

Created in 2008, Dropbox is the oldest cloud storage service on the market. It offers an easy place to store your files online, along with a whole host of other features.

Dropbox Website
Dropbox Website

As a free service, Dropbox offers up to 2GB of cloud storage with file-sharing, along with storage and syncing of your passwords for your accounts (Dropbox Passwords).

For its premium options, Dropbox runs both Personal (Plus, Family) and Business Plans (Professional, Standard, Advanced), catering to different needs and team sizes.

Note: You can find out more about Dropbox’s paid options here.

Other than that, it uses a user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface, so you’re able to easily access and share files without getting lost in the settings.

  • Links: Official Link 
  • Best For: Personal Use, Businesses
  • Payment Plan: Free (Basic) and Paid (Tiered Premium)
  • Storage Size: 2GB (Free)/3TB to Unlimited (Paid)
  • Systems: Windows (PC and Mobile), Android, MacOS, iOS and Linux
  • Features:
    • Reliable service
    • Multi-device synchronisation
    • Reasonable payment plans
    • Multi-system availability

2. Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive is Microsoft’s own proprietary cloud storage system, allowing you the backup, save and share your data across multiple devices.

Microsoft One Drive Website
Microsoft One Drive Website

You’ll start off with 5GB of storage, which can be upgraded to 6TB, depending on the pricing plan you take up.

Apart from standard cloud storage and sharing capabilities across systems ranging from Windows PC/Mac to Mobile:

The OneDrive mobile app also allows you to scan and save documents, allowing you to turn images of paperwork, ID cards, and old photos into easily accessible PDFs!

OneDrive is also included with Microsoft 365 which gives an extra 1TB of storage capacity and allows you to access your files and implement them into Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, etc.).

  • Links: Official Link 
  • Best For: Windows Devices and Productivity Software
  • Payment Plan: Free (Basic) and Paid (Tiered Premium)
  • Storage Size: 5GB (Free) / 100GB to 6TB (Paid)
  • Systems: Windows PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Web-based
  • Features
    • Comes with Microsoft 365
    • Works well with Microsoft Office Apps
    • Easy backup and storage of data
    • Up to 6TB of total storage

3. Google Drive (Google One)

Google Drive is widely considered the most popular web-based cloud storage service available, and for good reason:

Google Drive Website
Google Drive Website

At 15GB it offers one of the larger free storage capacities of any cloud-based storage/sharing service, in comparison to most others which only have 2GB to 5GB.

Google Drive also includes Google’s own suite of productivity apps, such as Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

They’re not as sophisticated as their counterparts available with Microsoft Office, but they work well enough for an integrated feature.

What’s more, you can seamlessly invite other users to collaborate on said productivity apps with a simple link, and all in real-time.

Google One is basically the subscription-based version of Google’s cloud service. And it gives you access to more storage (Google Drive included) and other benefits.

  • Links: Official (Google Drive), Google One 
  • Best For: Collaboration and Quick File Sharing
  • Payment Plan: Basic (Free) and Paid (Premium)
  • Storage Size: 15GB (Free), 100GB to 2TB (Paid)
  • Systems: Web-based, Windows (PC), Android, MacOS and iOS
  • Features
    • Great integrated collaboration features
    • Comes with a suite of productivity apps
    • Easy file-sharing
    • Generous 15GB free plan

4. Apple iCloud

Built directly into every Apple device, Apple’s iCloud service is the essential backup and cloud storage for your Apple products. It works very well in Apple’s ecosystem.

Apple iCloud Website
Apple iCloud Website

iCloud’s main benefit is its ease of use. Every photo or file added to your devices is simultaneously stored on the cloud service.

This includes an automatic backup and restoration feature for your mobile Apple devices, allowing you to flawlessly transfer your data from one device to another.

You can also easily access, store and organize any file that you upload to the cloud. Furthermore, it allows you to share files between your devices and other iCloud users.

So if you happen to have an Apple device, iCloud is definitely the way to go, both for its accessibility, reliability, and ease of use.

That being said, iCloud isn’t the best for office or collaborative work, especially if you have a team working across multiple different platforms.

  • Official Link
  • Best For: Apple Users
  • Payment Plan: Basic
  • Storage Size: 5GB (Basic), 50GB to 2TB (Premium)
  • Systems: Apple (Windows PC and Web for File Sharing Only)
  • Features
    • Seamless integration with Apple devices
    • Saves storage space by uploading images directly to the cloud.
    • Automatic backup and restoration

5. WebServer MY

A local web hosting company, WebServer MY also provides private cloud storage services for your business, giving you more control and security over the data you store.

WebServe MY Website
WebServe MY Website

While you can run with a business-tier Dropbox or OneDrive subscription and be just fine:

Private cloud storage does offer greatly increased data security and privacy, as the data saved is all managed on a personal server that you own.

Other than that, a private server also offers more efficiency and control of your cloud storage, without having to run through a separate 3rd party.

All-in-all, WebServer MY caters more towards businesses that value their privacy, so you should steer clear if you’re an individual who is just looking for a simple, free cloud storage service.

  • Official Link
  • Best For: Businesses
  • Payment Plan: Free (30-Day Trial), Paid (Premium)
  • Storage Size: 10GB(Free), 100GB to 10TB (Paid)
  • Systems: Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android
  • Features
    • Secure, private cloud storage
    • Unlimited device connections
    • Remote device wiping
    • Great flexibility, customisation, and control

6. CloudSpace

Through ownCloud, CloudSpace promises speedy, encrypted storage for personal and professional use, all balanced around local regional pricing.

CloudSpace Website
CloudSpace Website

Since it is a private cloud storage service, ownCloud focuses on end-to-end encryption and high security, making sure the data you store is accessible only to you.

Apart from that, CloudSpace offers many of the usual cloud storage/sharing amenities:

Such as easy file synchronization and sharing, an intuitive UI, as well as administrative and user management tools.

One minor gripe with the service is that there is a maximum file size limit of 3GB, which may be too small if you frequently work with files of that size or larger. Most notably in 4K video editing.

  • Official Link
  • Best For: Personal and Professional Private Cloud Storage
  • Payment Plan: Paid Service
  • Storage Size: 50GB to 250GB (Paid)
  • Systems: Windows, MacOS, Linux
  • Features
    • End-to-end encryption
    • 120 days of recovery and backup
    • Easy drag-and-drop interface
    • Well-designed UI
    • Great admin and user management controls


MEGA is a New Zealand-based cloud storage service. It offers a whopping 20GB of storage size upfront for free. Which you can upgrade to 16TB if you really need the space.

Mega Website
Mega Website

Apart from reliability and faster transfer rates, MEGA also offers zero-knowledge encryption and two-factor authentication, for extra security on your uploaded files.

Other features include:

The ability to securely chat with contacts on the service, automatic backups directly from your mobile or desktop, along with easy sharing and synchronization of your uploaded files.

With a straightforward UI and collaboration functionality, MEGA is a decent and more secure alternative to Google Drive.

  • Official Link
  • Best For: Cloud Storage of Large Files
  • Payment Plan: Basic (Free), Paid (Premium)
  • Storage Size: 20GB (Free), 400GB to 16TB (Premium)
  • Systems: Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS and Android.
  • Features
    • 20GB of free storage
    • Up to 16TB of paid storage
    • Great security features
    • Clean UI
    • Easy and fast file downloads

8. pCloud

pCloud cloud storage service is reputed for its ease-of-use, with 10GB of free storage for the basic plan.

pCloud Website
pCloud Website

All you need to do is select the folders on your PC or mobile device that you want to upload. And these are kept and recoverable for up to a year.

You also get to access your Desktop files from any device, and its multi-system compatibility and web extension means you’re never without the service.

pCloud also includes multiple file-sharing options, allowing you to send and receive large files between collaborators.

While pCloud runs on an annual subscription, but they also offer a one-time payment option; especially useful if you plan on using the service long-term.

  • Official Link
  • Best For: Personal and Office Use
  • Payment Plan: Basic
  • Storage Size: 10GB (Free), 500GB to 2TB (Paid)
  • Systems: Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Web-Extension
  • Features
    • Great ease-of-use
    • Clean UI
    • Multi-platform
    • Cost-efficient one-time payment


And there you have it, a comprehensive overview of the best cloud storage services in Malaysia!

While you might have to put further research into which ones might work best for you:

Both Google Drive and MEGA have great free storage capacities and collaboration features and are optimal for general use.

Meanwhile, for premium options, Microsoft OneDrive and pCloud offer great value for money. The former having a rich features list, and the latter for its great usability.

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