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Can’t deny that we Malaysians love our roti! With bread, you can whip up a meal quickly! Hence, bread is a staple of many households. But surprisingly, there aren’t many bread brands in Malaysia.

Want to try all of them and find your favorite? Or just switch up your regular bread brand?

Read up on the popular bread brands in Malaysia first before you make your decision.

Bread Brands In Malaysia


Despite the foreign-sounding name, MASSIMO is actually a Malaysian brand under The Italian Baker Sdn Bhd.

Some MASSIMO Bread Types
Some MASSIMO Bread Types – Image credits:

Alongside Gardenia, MASSIMO remains one of the strongest contender in the bread game!

You can easily find MASSIMO in any stand-alone mini marts as well as large chains from 7-Eleven to Jaya Grocer!

Apart from the classic white sandwich bread, they have 5 other varieties of loaves for their consumers to choose from:

  • Sandwich Loaf with Wheat Germ
  • 100% Whole Wheat Loaf
  • Fine Wholemeal Loaf
  • Ricco Chocolato ( a chocolate chip loaded bread slices)
  • Seeded Multigrain With Barley
Assorted Bread Types From MASSIMO
Assorted Bread Types From MASSIMO – Image credits:

Interestingly, MASSIMO has also recently released a new tamper-evident seal meaning that buyers will know if the bread has been tampered with!

That said, they also carry other baked treats such as creamed bread rolls and mini cupcakes!

2. Gardenia

Gardenia has been around since forever (1969 to be precise) and has remained the top choice for many Malaysians.

Different Gardenia Loaves
Different Gardenia Loaves – Image credits:

Their tagline “So Good…You Can Even Eat It On Its Own” still rings true after decades in the market! The Original Classic is very soft.

For their loaves, they have 4 different types which are:

  • Original Classic
  • Grain Selection
  • Toast em’
  • Delicia
Other Products From Gardenia
Other Products From Gardenia – Image credits:

They have plenty of products to offer besides bread too. Like buns, rolls, spreads as well as noodles!

With over 50 products on their shelves, you are definitely spoilt for choice when it comes to Gardenia.

Their products are usually stocked in every mini mart and grocery store so it’s definitely one of the easiest bread brands to find in Malaysia!

Take note that their Delicia series comes out on different days so those are a little harder to get on a daily basis.

3. Mighty White

This is a relatively popular bread brand in Malaysia – especially amongst restaurants and café’s:

Mighty White Loaf Varieties
Mighty White Loaf Varieties – Image credits:

Might White’s white bread is noticeably firmer than Gardenia’s, making it ideal for sandwiches as it hold its shape and texture and doesn’t easily soak up sauces.

Plus, it’s a cheaper option as well!

However, Mighty White doesn’t have as many varieties of loaves but it is still an economic option for making simple sandwiches.

These are the 3 bread types that they offer:

  • Hearty Wholemeal Bread
  • Natural White Sandwich Bread
  • Enriched Sandwich Bread

Might White’s loaves are relatively easy to find but not as many mini marts (e.g. 99 Speedmart and 7-Eleven) carry them.

So you might have to head over to larger grocery stores such as Lotus’s, Aeon Big or Jaya Grocer.

4. Fresco Grano

Fresco Grano is a local bakery that uses halal and organic ingredients.

Fresco Grano Bread
Fresco Grano Bread – Image credits:

This bread brand in Malaysia was the birthchild of two local women who wanted to sell bread that is without preservatives, additives or conditioners.

So while the bread is better for our health, this also means that the loaves don’t have a long shelf life.

Fresco Grano carries plenty of products from bread, muffins, granolas and even brekky kits (breakfast kits).

For their breads however, they have an impressive selection of 13 different types to choose but they are split into two main categories:

  • Organic
  • Gluten-free

Each of these have their own speciality ingredients including raisins in their organic range. For the gluten-free range, there are ingredients such as keto almond flour, buckwheat, garbanzo and brown rice.

As you can imagine, with such a niche product, their prices are reasonably higher but still affordable if you’re wanting to switch to a healthier bread brand.

You can find Fresco Grano bread in selected stores or even have them delivered straight to your home.

5. Rainbows Sprouted

Aside from Fresco Grano, another of the healthiest bread loaves in the market is Rainbows Sprouted.

Bread By Rainbows Sprouted
Bread By Rainbows Sprouted – Image credits:

Their bread is chock-full of nutritional ingredients –  the sprouted bread has a relatively higher content of vitamins, fibres, minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals.

The sprouted bread is named after the process where the breads are made from soaking grain untill they sprout.

Then they bake those sprouted grains right into their loaves.

Note: While Rainbows Sprouted do have white bread, this particular bread type doesn’t have the same sprouted grains or seed as the other varieties and does contain flour.

They have 2 flour-free bread which are:

  • The Original Sprouted 7-Grains Bread
  • The Original Sprouted 3-Seeds Bread

Rainbows Sprouted bread are pretty much impossible to find in your local mini marts. But you can easily shop for their baked goods online or check some major grocery chains such as Lotus’s.

Where To Buy Ezekiel Bread In Malaysia?

Ezekiel bread is a nutritious bread that is baked with germinating whole grains and legumes. It’s definitely much healthier than your average white bread!

But getting your hands on some in Malaysia can be trying.

Rainbows Sprouted is a popular choice for those looking for Ezekiel bread and it is readily available online as well as in major grocery stores.


And that makes up our list of the 5 best bread brands in Malaysia. Depending on your dietary needs and your use for the bread, there are plenty of options in the market to choose from!

Ensure to check their ingredient list if you are looking for a more specific diet.

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