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Finding the best Greek yogurt in Malaysia isn’t as difficult as you imagine as many stores do carry it.

However, finding the ones that are suited to your palate is trickier.

There are different flavours, consistencies and level of tanginess which we will discuss down below with our list of Greek yoghurts brands in Malaysia along with where you can find them!

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11 Best Greek Yogurt Brands In Malaysia

1. Farmers Union

Farmers Union is an Australian brand under the Bega company and this Greek yogurt is made from fresh Australian cow’s milk!

Farmers Union Greek Yogurt
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It is easy to find in many supermarkets such as Jaya Grocer and Village Grocer.

Moreover, Farmers Union Greek yoghurt comes in both natural as well as other fruit infused flavours. They even have large 1kg tubs if you want to incorporate yogurt into your cooking as well!

However, the texture of their natural Greek yoghurt is runny! So, it is not the best option if you’re making a yoghurt bowl.

Alternatively, they will go well in savoury dishes.

2. Nestle

As a household name, Nestle Greek yoghurt is extremely easy to find in almost every store in Malaysia. You can probably find it in the nearest Aeon, Lotus’s and Jaya Grocer.

Nestle Greek Yogurt

Made from Swiss cow’s milk, Nestle Greek yoghurt is a healthy alternative to add into your meals as its low in fat and sugar.

Many prefer Nestle’s Greek Yoghurt as the consistency is thick and it is great for baking resulting in fluffier, moister cakes. Plus, it also goes great with overnight oats.

Furthermore, this versatile Greek yoghurt can also be used in savoury cooking such as curries or pasta.

3. Farm Fresh

Though a local product, Farm Fresh dairy products are made from Holstein Jersey cows that come from Australia. Still, the prices are very reasonable.

Farm Fresh Greek Yogurt
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You can easily pick Farm Fresh Yoghurts at BIG, Lotus’s or Aeon supermarkets!

There are 5 flavours to choose from if you’re looking at Farm Fresh Greek yogurt – Original Natural, Aloe Vera & Peach, Apricot & 5 Super Seeds, Mulberries & Strawberries.

But while you can incorporate the original natural Greek yoghurt into your dishes, the tub size is small at only 120g.

That said, the texture is sufficiently rich and this Greek yogurt is very flavourful but also quite sweet, even for the original natural. The fruit infused ones are even sweeter and they contain the actual fruit.

4. Lactel

A French brand, Lactel products are made from organic milk.

Lactel Greek Yogurt
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Compared to the other dairy product giant, Nestle, the texture for Lactel Natural Greek yoghurt and Nestle Natural Greek yoghurt are vastly different:

With Lactel, the texture is lighter though the taste is almost similar with a lighter sourish taste which makes it ideal to add into dishes without altering the taste too much.

Lactel Greek yogurt comes in 5 flavours, Mulberry & Blackberry, Honey Yuzu, Strawberry, Natural and Peach.

And Lactel Greek yoghurt is available at local supermarkets like Aeon, Lotus’s as well as Econsave.

5. Emmi

Emmi is a Swiss brand that is commonly seen in many supermarkets such as Aeon, BIG, Lotus’s and Econsave! It is one of the easiest Greek yogurts to find in Malaysia.

EMMI Swiss Greek Yogurt

The Emmi Greek Yogurt has 6 available flavours, Natural 0% Fat, Natural 4% Fat, Raspberry, Peach, Strawberry and Blueberry.

While the fruit infused ones are quite sweet, the natural flavors are less sweet and you can really savour the taste of the Greek yoghurt.

The taste is rich and very thick which will bring out a creamier texture if used for cooking. However, the sour taste is quite strong but balances well if you intend to use it for oats.

6. Chobani

Chobani is an American brand with over 20 flavours of Greek yoghurt to choose from. So it is little wonder that this brand has the most flavours of Greek yoghurt in Malaysia!

Chobani Greek Yogurt
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But finding all flavours in a single supermarket is close to impossible as not many stores carry this Greek yoghurt.

While you should be able to purchase the Chobani natural flavour at deMarket, look to purchasing other flavors online!

The texture of this non-fat Greek yoghurt is considerably thick and since it has no added sugars, this is a healthy option.

Besides this, it is an excellent ingredient in cooking if you want to avoid additional sweetness in the resulting dish.

7. Oikos

Oikos Greek yoghurt is another dairy product from America that has over a dozen flavours! However, this Greek yogurt is not easy to find in local supermarkets and therefore, we suggest opting to get it online instead.

Oikos Greek Yogurt Plain
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The texture of this Greek yoghurt is thick and creamy due to their straining process that leaves out more of the milk solids. Some mention that it has an almost pudding-like consistency!

It pairs well with fruits as well as with cereals such as granolas. Though, it is likely a trial and error process if you want to incorporate this Greek yoghurt into savoury dishes.

8. Bright Cow

Made in Malaysia, Bright Cow produces fresh cow’s milk right in Negeri Sembilan and also has a line of Greek yoghurts!

Bright Cow Greek Yogurt
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There are 7 flavours to choose from and they also come in large 1kg tubs! Which is convenient for those who are looking to using larger portions for cooking.

Bright Cow Greek yoghurt is great eaten on its own and can be used in cooking as well. It has a rich and creamy consistency that is wonderful with oats or to use in baking!

Despite being a local product however, sourcing this Greek yoghurt in Malaysia is a little tricky as not many places carry the product:

You will have higher chances of success in picking up this Greek yoghurt at Village Grocer or Aeon supermarkets.

9. Kingland

Perfect for Vegans, Kingsland is an Australian product that is dairy-free, lactose-free, gluten-free and is infused with probiotics!

Kingland Greek Yogurt
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Seeing as it’s dairy-free, it is made with soybean milk instead of cow’s milk.

Despite this, it still has the usual creamy and thick texture of Greek yoghurt. However, it tastes similar to tau foo fah due to the soy.

Aside from this, the taste is not very tangy and doesn’t have much flavour so you may want to pair this with fruit or granola.

Sadly though, Kingsland is not present in local supermarkets so you will have to get it online instead.

10. Fage

Straight from Greece, Fage has been around since the 1920’s! Hence, if you want authentic Greek yoghurt, Fage Greek yogurt is the one for you!

Fage Greek Yogurt
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But while it’s not easy to find in local supermarkets, you will be able to pick this Greek yoghurt up at Isetan, KLCC. Note that it is expensive!

Another downside of this Greek yoghurt is that it only lasts 5 days after opening so plan your meals carefully to avoid wasting this Greek yoghurt.

As far as texture goes, its thick and creamy but the taste is lacking which could be due to the low sugar and fat content.

It doesn’t have the expected tanginess that usually comes with Greek yoghurt.

11. Koukakis

Another product from Greece, Koukakis Greek yoghurt is made from fresh cow’s milk from a farm in Greece.

Koukakis Greek Yogurt
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They have plenty of non-fat options that don’t have any added sugars. Perfect if you want a healthy Greek yoghurt to eat plain or to include in your cooking without altering the taste of the dish.

Note: This Greek yogurt is available in a 1kg tub at only RM26 which is a reasonable price for the quantity

If you dislike bland yoghurt, you might enjoy their fruit infused Greek yoghurt!

Finding this Greek yogurt in your local supermarket is a hit and miss. It’s better to go straight to Village Grocer and Jaya Grocer.

Alternatively, you can buy this Greek yoghurt online on major shopping platforms.

Greek Yogurt Vs Plain Yogurt

Plain Yoghurt

Plain yoghurt is made by heating up milk and adding in bacteria which will in turn, allow it to ferment until its changes it’s pH value to an acidity level of 4.5.

Moreover, plain yoghurt is generally sweeter and has different consistencies which can range from creamy pudding-like texture or runny enough to being drinkable.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yoghurt is basically strained yoghurt that removes the whey and other liquids. Because of this process, it takes more milk to make Greek yoghurt compared to plain yoghurt.

Additionally, Greek yoghurt is always much thicker and usually more tangy than plain yoghurt but it also has less fat content (if low-fat milk was used for both yoghurt and Greek yoghurt) and higher protein, making it a healthier option.

But on the other hand, Greek yoghurt does not have as much calcium as plain yoghurt.

Greek Yogurt Benefits

Greek yoghurt beats regular yoghurt hands down in terms of nutrients. However, this is only when you compare low-fat, plain yoghurt and plain Greek yoghurt.

But even though it takes more milk to make Greek yoghurt, Greek yoghurt doesn’t have much calcium.

On a separate note, the high protein content will help you feel full longer. And hence, is a great option for vegetarians who are looking to find an alternative protein source.

Greek yoghurt also contains less carbs! That said, you need to check labels of specific products to ensure that it doesn’t have any added sugars.

With less sugar, comes the ease of digestion. Those with digestive issues will find Greek yoghurt easier to digest. Plus, Greek yoghurt contains probiotics which will in turn give your gut a healthier boost.

One more benefit of Greek yoghurt is that it also has less sodium compared to regular yoghurt!

Where To Buy Greek Yogurt In Malaysia

Greek yoghurt is a popular healthy snack instead of regular yoghurt. It is becoming easier to find Greek yoghurt in Malaysia overall.

Supermarkets like Lotus’s, Aeon, Jaya Grocer, Isetan, Village Grocer, BIG and many more carry some brands of Greek yoghurt! However, it gets tricky if you want a specific brand or flavor.

Try checking Happy Fresh (online) to see what is available before heading to a physical store and if you really can’t find what you’re looking for, consider purchasing your Greek yoghurt through private sellers on Shopee or Lazada.


And that ends this overview of the best Greek yogurt brands in Malaysia!

Regardless of what you’re planning on using this versatile dairy product for, always do a taste test first (i.e., choose smaller portions) before committing to larger tubs.

Greek yoghurt doesn’t have a long shelf life once you open the tub up. This is especially true for organic Greek yoghurt as these usually don’t have preservatives.

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