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Want the best cream cheese brands in Malaysia for your baking needs? Or maybe, you just want something different to spread on your morning bread!

There is a difference in taste and texture between brands and cream cheese that you use in a cheesecake might not necessarily be the most convenient as a spread!

Therefore, we have selected the best cream cheese brands that you can find locally and noted which ones are great for baking, cooking, and which ones are better as spreads!

1. Emborg Cream Cheese

Founded in Denmark, Emborg has many popular dairy products that are super easy to find in almost every supermarket (including mini marts) in Malaysia!

Emborg Cream Cheese
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Though, for more specific products you will have to go to larger supermarkets.

Emborg cream cheese is amazing as a spread and has a creamy tang that goes great with bagels as well as baked potatoes!

But we will say that there is a slight saltiness to it so that could alter the taste for some dishes.

A major point that you might like about this cream cheese brand in Malaysia is that it’s affordable!

So if you’re looking for a cream cheese brand that is on the cheaper side but still with rich flavour, we definitely recommend Emborg.

2. Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Straight from Australia, Philadelphia cream cheese is made from Australian cow’s milk and has a rich creamy and tangy flavour.

Philadelphia Cream Cheese
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It can be found in many major supermarkets such as Aeon and Lotus’s.

Philadelphia cream cheese can be used as a spread but they also have a larger 2kg block that you can use for baking. In our opinion, it’s one of the best cream cheese for cheesecakes!

Plus, it melts easily so you do not need to warm it up to room temperature before baking.

However, it is pricier relative to other cream cheese brands in Malaysia. So if you have larger budget or you just want that extra richness, we highly recommend Philadelphia cream cheese!

3. Arla Cream Cheese

Arla is a Danish-Swedish owned brand that produces a wide range of cream cheeses among other dairy products – one being Lurpak butter!

Arla Natural Cream Cheese
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Their cream cheese makes a good companion with bagels, toast as well as artisanal bread. We like ours with avocado and sourdough bread!

The texture for the natural cream cheese is thick with an almost buttery feel but the taste is tangy with hints of milky goodness.

There are a total of 4 different flavours to choose from;

  • Natural
  • Natural Light
  • Herbs & Spices
  • Pineapple.

The downside of Alra cream cheese is that it usually comes in small packages of 150g and hence, it can be pricey.

So while it makes an ideal spread, we don’t recommend using it for baking as you will have to purchase quite a number of containers!

However, sourcing this cream cheese brand is fairly easy as they are found in many supermarkets including but not limited to Aeon, Giant and deMarket.

4. Bega/Tatura Cream Cheese

Made in Australia from cow’s milk, Bega/Tatura cream cheese has a distinctive flavour and smell that is similar to a baked cheesecake! It’s extremely creamy and tangy which also means that the flavour can be overpowering even when you don’t want it to be.

Bega Tatura Cream Cheese
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Hence, we don’t recommend this for desserts as it does take away the overall flavour but it’s best used for savoury dishes such as pasta, jacket potatoes or even for creamy scrambled eggs.

On the other hand, it comes in large sizes and is affordable! One disadvantage with Bega/Tatura cream cheese is that the packaging does not make it easy to store (i.e., wrapped in shrink wrap plastic).

But you will have almost no trouble sourcing this as Bega/Tatura cream cheese is easily found in many supermarkets such as Aeon, Econsave and Lotus’s!

5. Anchor Cream Cheese

A New Zealand brand that needs no introduction, Anchor has a myriad of dairy products that are popular with bakers! And their cream cheese is no exception.

Anchor Cream Cheese
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Anchor cream cheese is also one of the best for cheesecakes due to its rich cheesy taste as well as creamy texture.

And if you’re planning on making tiramisu – this is the cream cheese brand to try as it has a firm consistency.

It is nice to bake with too as it breaks down easily and is therefore, easy to toss into the mixer without having to wait long for it to set at room temperature.

However, it’s not readily available in many supermarkets but Giant and baking supply stores such as Bake With Yen do carry it.

Although you will likely have to fork out a bit for this pricy cream cheese brand in Malaysia.

6. Elle & Vire Cream Cheese

Elle & Vire cream cheese is made in France with French milk.

Elle & Vire Cream Cheese
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While this isn’t a very well-known or commonly used cream cheese in Malaysia, you can still find it at some supermarkets such as Village Grocer, Aeon and Jaya Grocer, to name a few.

The prices are midrange, so you won’t break bank trying to bake a cheesecake.

The flavour however is anything but average! This smooth and tangy cream cheese works well with any dish as it’s loaded with rich butterfat.

7. SCS Cream Cheese

Singaporean brand, SCS offers many dairy products that make amazing additions to any meals. One of these is their cream cheese which is also affordable!

SCS Cream Cheese 200g
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We like that it comes in a larger amount that is still good for spreads – You can use SCS cream cheese as a spread for toasts, bagels and even scones. Or you can scoop some out to accompany eggs or pasta dishes.

Plus, the container with a lid making it easy to store the cream cheese after use.

Furthermore, the SCS cream cheese is one of the most versatile cream cheese brands in Malaysia as it is suitable for baking as well!

8. Cottura Cream Cheese

Cottura cream cheese is from an American brand made with American cheese.

Cottura Cream Cheese
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And surprisingly, Cottura cream cheese is a great alternative if you’re on a budget! It conveniently comes in different sizes that bakers can appreciate.

However, despite it being cheap, the taste of this cream cheese is rich and creamy! It works splendidly in cheesy treats such as cheese tarts and cheesecakes.

But you can’t find Cottura easily in supermarkets or mini marts in Malaysia so you will have to check out specialty baking stores such as Bake With Yen.

9. Kiri Cream Cheese

Another French product by corporate group, Fromageries Bel:

Kiri Cream Cheese

Kiri cream cheese goes well with almost any savoury or sweet dish as is evident from their mouth-watering Instagram feed.

This cream cheese brand is inexpensive and comes in a small pull-out box with six individually wrapped cubes of cream cheese making it ideal for small spreads.

They do also have larger tubs, but these are not easily found in Malaysian markets so you will have to search for them online.

But you should be able to find the 150g Kiri cream cheese in some major supermarkets such as Aeon, Giant and Village Grocer.

10. Prairie Farm Cream Cheese

Prairie Farm comes from United States and is probably the healthiest cream cheese on this list!

Prairie Farm Cream Cheese
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However, it does not lack in flavour even though it is made with less than 1g of sugar, is gluten free as well keto friendly!

The texture of this cream cheese brand is quite firm and this does it difficult to spread.

Still, it makes a great addition for those looking to whip up some no-bake cheesecakes as you will get the right creaminess and tanginess of the cheese.

Pick up Prairie Farm cream cheese online or in speciality baking supply stores rather than local supermarkets.

11. Royal Victoria Cream Cheese

This halal Australian cream cheese is ideal for avid bakers or businesses as it comes in a large 2kg block!

Royal Victoria Cream Cheese

But because it is packaged in a cardboard box which is further wrapped in plastic, Royal Victoria cream cheese isn’t the easiest to store in your fridge.

That inconvenience is made up for by the affordable price if you have ample space in your fridge and just want to use it as a spread, go for it!

The taste of this cream cheese brand is much tangier than your usual cream cheese which will lend a stronger cheesy taste in dishes.

There is a low possibility that you can find this cream cheese brand in your local supermarket. You will have more success finding it baking supply stores such as Azim Bakery and Bake With Yen.

12. Betty Crocker Cream Cheese

Baking enthusiasts should be familiar with the Betty Crocker brand. Which is associated with vanilla-scented baked goods!

Betty Crocker Cream Cheese
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Look for this cream cheese brand in stores such as deMarket, Jaya Grocer and B.I.G! It’s not too expensive if you’re looking for a quick frosting fix without going through the trouble of whipping one up yourself.

Keep in mind though that this is a frosting and is therefore, already sweetened. You could add it into your desserts but it’s not suitable for savoury dishes.

Also, we find that it doesn’t have a strong cheesy flavour and instead has a buttercream aftertaste.

13. Gud Cream Cheese

Gud is an Australian brand that makes their cream cheese with fresh cow’s milk! It tastes fresh, creamy and is very rich in flavour. You will taste the tanginess as well as a slight saltiness.

Gud Cream Cheese
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This is a fine cream cheese spread to use on bagels and can even be used for cheesecakes too.

It spreads well on bread in spite of the thick consistency. In fact, you can incorporate Gud cream cheese into sauces to make them thick and creamy!

But while this cream cheese brand is super affordable, it’s not easy to find in local supermarkets and your only option is to get it online on major shopping platforms like Lazada.


When it comes to choosing the best cream cheese brands in Malaysia:

You may want to try out smaller sizes to find a cream cheese to incorporate into your dishes or for baking.

Also, take a quick look at the ingredients before purchasing as some may have more salt or even added sugar that could take away from the original cheesy flavour.

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