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Are you looking for a trustworthy pet store in Puchong that carries quality pet food and a variety of supplies?

There are so many pet stores to choose from but their stock inventory may not necessarily have what you’re looking for! It’s also great if the staff is knowledgeable on pets and the respective wares.

To help you sniff out the best pet shops in Puchong, check out this list of sterling recommendations that will ease your pet ownership journey.

Top Pet Shops In Puchong, Selangor

1. Pet Lovers Centre – Puchong Jaya

Pet Lovers Centre - Puchong Jaya - Website
Pet Lovers Centre – Puchong Jaya – Website

An established pet store chain, this online pet store in Malaysia has a physical pet store too at Pet Lovers Centre – Puchong Jaya.

Where you can find plentiful pet supplies, enrichment toys, live pets, and many more.

This Puchong pet shop is well-stocked to cover all the needs of your furry or scaly buddy.

There are many reputable brands of pet food here, with veterinary-grade products perfect for your precious one. This pet shop also offers pet grooming and same-day delivery.

Along with knowledgeable pet care consultants to help resolve your pet peeves, this all-inclusive pet shop is a reliable shopping paradise for pet parents.

2. Pets Wonderland @ Puchong, IOI Mall

Pets Wonderland @ Puchong, IOI Mall - Facebook
Pets Wonderland @ Puchong, IOI Mall – Facebook

From pet supplies to grooming and even on-site veterinarian’s services, here’s a one-stop pet shop that simplifies your pet care journey with everything under one roof.

Pets Wonderland @ Puchong, IOI Mall has pet supplies for dogs, cats, fishes, hamsters, rabbits, and even exotic pets.

They have leading pet food brands here such as Vitakraft, Tiffy Cat, Cindy’s Recipe, and many more.

And you don’t have to be wary of product pushing from the friendly staff at this pet shop in Puchong!

Furthermore, the pet care personnel are ready to dish out advice and answer questions covering dietary concerns and even behavioral peculiarities.

So if you’re looking for a wide range of different pet solutions at a single location, head over to Pets Wonderland @ Puchong, IOI Mall.

3. Avig’s Pet Supplier

Avig's Pet Supplier - Facebook
Avig’s Pet Supplier – Facebook

Apart from selling the usual pet paraphernalia, Avig’s Pet Supplier provide first-class pet grooming service.

Pets are gently cared for by expert pet groomers throughout the grooming process here so first-time pet owners can feel at ease that their pet is in good hands.

As a testament to their genuine nature, this pet shop in Puchong also actively supports rehoming of rescued cats and dogs.

And with the reasonably priced pet supplies that they have for sale, excellent customer service, and kind-hearted personnel, Avig’s Pet Supplier is a pet sanctuary you can count on.

4. Puchong Puchong - Website Puchong – Website

If exceptional service and honesty matter a lot to you, head over to Puchong.

Living up to its tagline “Where Pet Lovers Go”, this pet shop in Puchong has many customers coming back to the shop for pet supplies and accessories.

There are both esteemed international and local pet food brands such as Pronature Holistics, IAMS, and many other dog and cat supplements infused with natural ingredients.

Run by bevy of staff that is friendly and helpful, you can seek honest opinions within a cheerful environment at Puchong!

5. DF Pet Grocery (HQ)

DF Pet Grocery (HQ) - Facebook
DF Pet Grocery (HQ) – Facebook

As the biggest pet shop in Taman Putra Perdana, DF Pet Grocery is a shopping playground for all kinds of pet food (including food that is suitable for small animals, fishes, reptiles, and birds too).

Additionally, DF Pet Grocery offers an extensive range of other pet products that are hard to come by. Such as bird shampoo, turtle food, besides regular pet supplies for dogs, cats, and fish.

This pet store in Puchong has seasonal discounts all year round and aside from the amazing promotional offers, you’ll also enjoy a 5% discount on purchases when you sign up as a member!

With friendly staff and cheaper pricing, be ready to immerse yourself in this spacious pet shop where you can spend hours browsing through pet supplies and engaging their competent staff.

PS: This sprawling pet grocery also offers cat boarding and grooming services.

6. Tickle Pet House

Strategically located beside St. Angel Animal Center, Tickle Pet House complements the former through referrals from the veterinarian and vice-versa.

At Tickle Pet House, you’ll get outstanding recommendations for pet food, accessories, toys, cages, and more.

Reputable brands fill up the aisles of this pet shop – including Royal Canine and Frontline.

Best of all, the prices of the products here are relatively cheap.

Because it’s well-equipped with a variety of pet products and has convenient access to the vet next door, Tickle Pet House sees many paw parents through its doors!

7. - Facebook – Facebook

Catering mainly towards felines, offers a diverse variety of good-quality products retailing at affordable prices.

There is cat pet food and accessories as well as grooming and boarding services. is essentially a one-stop cat shop.

Apart from cat products, the store sells other small pets such as guinea pigs, hamsters, and sugar gliders too

Moreover, they prioritize on the efficiency of their service. For a speedy purchase experience, you can also call the pet shop ahead to prepare the items in advance so you can pick them up later.

As a bonus, there are many cats to see at this pet shop in Puchong for it also doubles as a cat hotel. Where the pricing is reasonable, costing between RM15 and RM35 per night.


Getting a pet is a huge responsibility and as a responsible pet owner, you should address your pet’s basic needs including pet food, supplements, housing, grooming, and pet care.

Thankfully these best pet shops in Puchong make owning a pet affordable while enabling a high quality of care. Even better when the staff knows their stuff!

Although it’s good to do your own research beforehand. We happen to have posts of which cat food or dog food to stock up on too.

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