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Where should you go if you need to buy pet food, treats, toys, and other pet-related products in Ipoh? Any responsible pet parent will have their respective go-to pet shops in Ipoh.

But what if you if you’re searching for a particular cat food brand? Or just want a wider selection of toys to spoil your pets?

Regardless of whether you’re an experienced, or first-time pet owner, use this list of pet shops in Ipoh to find the one that is nearest to you!

7 Pet Shops In Ipoh

1. Pretty Pets

One of the most well-known pet shops in Ipoh mainly for dog and cat pet supplies:

Pretty Pets - Facebook
Pretty Pets – Facebook

Pretty Pets also happens to be in a busy part of town with plenty of great hawker stalls and eateries within walking distance, but not to worry as this pet shop in Ipoh has an allocated parking slot just for customers!

Note: Dog and cat products are segregated into different shop lots along the same row.

Pretty Pets sells high-quality products including a large selection of premium pet food, vitamins and other supplements, treats, pet grooming tools, books, pet accessories, tick and flea medications.

Of toys, carriers, pet beds and grooming tools however, they typically just have a few brands to choose from.

Prices are reasonable and the friendly and helpful staff can assist you with carrying heavy bags to your car too.

But apart from selling pet products, they also provide grooming and boarding services.

2. Station 18 Pets Center

On the other side of town, there’s Station 18 Pets Center. This reliable pet shop in Ipoh is well stocked with plenty of choices in terms of kibbles, wet food, snacks, cages, pet accessories and supplements.

Station 18 Pets Center - Facebook
Station 18 Pets Center – Facebook

The competitive prices set by the pet shop are satisfactory too. Especially for pawparents that need to stock up on their furbabies’ food on a monthly basis!

Cat food is particularly affordable here and there are a lot of different brands and flavors to choose from too.

If you need the basics for a new cat or dog in your home, you will be able to find it here! Plus the customer service is good.

3. JC Pets Shop

JC Pets Shop is another pet shop in Ipoh that serves as a one-stop center for all things pet related! And JC Pets Shop not only sells pet products, but they have grooming and boarding services as well.

JC Pets Shop - Facebook
JC Pets Shop – Facebook

Pet shop owner, Jessica is knowledgeable about pets and more than happy to assist and advise customers during their visits.

Prices are reasonable too and if you are looking to buy a furry pal, JC Pets Shop sell pedigree kittens and puppies. They update regularly on available kittens and puppies on their Facebook page.

Note: We would like to encourage our readers to adopt instead of shop. There are too many unwanted dogs and cats in Ipoh that need a home.

4. Kitty Cat Pet Centre

Great news for cat owners – Kitty Cat Pet Centre is conveniently located next to Kitty Cat Veterinary Clinic and Surgery.

Kitty Cat Pet Centre - Facebook
Kitty Cat Pet Centre – Facebook

Grooming and boarding services range from RM25 to RM90 depending on the size and breed of your cat.

And when you step into the pet shop, you will be greeted by their fluffy and friendly cats.

This pet shop also carries a variety of cat food (dry and wet), treats, cat litter, cages, and cat trees among other cat products.

So Kitty Cat Pet Center is a terrific pet shop in Ipoh for getting more than just cat essentials!

5. Pet Hero Trading

For those in Ampang, Pet Hero Trading is the pet shop to head to in Ipoh if you are looking for reasonable prices and great customer service.

Pet Hero Trading - Facebook
Pet Hero Trading – Facebook

As pet owners, you want the best for your furbabies which of course means getting the best products for them too!

The staff at Pet Hero Trading feels the same as evident from their knowledge on the products they sell. And there is a large selection of food, supplements, accessories, etc to choose from here.

They carry everything you need for all types of pets such as dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, birds, etc.

Moreover, they have the prettiest cockatiels on sale if you are in the market for a feathered friend.

6. Inu Pet Studio

You will find great service and good deals when you shop for your pets at this pet shop in Ipoh.

Inu Pet Studio - Facebook
Inu Pet Studio – Facebook

Inu Pet Studio sells pet products – plenty of pet food, snacks and accessories are available in this shop. But you’ll also be able to bring your pet in for boarding or grooming.

And while it’s normal to see boarding options for dogs and cats, pet owners will be happy to know that Inu Pet Studio also offers boarding for smaller animals such as hamsters, rabbits, and guinea pigs.

Overall, prices are competitive compared to other pet shops in the surrounding area.

7. AJVie Cat Centre

As you can probably tell from the name, AJVie Cat Centre specializes in cats and not surprisingly, they do provide a range of services for their customers too.

AJVie Cat Centre - Facebook
AJVie Cat Centre – Facebook

Because other than selling cat food, cat supplements, cat litter and cat accessories of a varied selection and at decent prices, they double as a cat grooming and spa center and cat hotel too.

It’s obvious that the owners at AJVie Cat Center are passionate about cats as they are well informed about cats in general and the products they sell.

Plus, they are willing to share advice to customers on how to raise cats, especially those who are new at being cat parents.

Note: There are kittens of different breeds for sale at AJVie Cat Center as well


No need to hesitate with this list of dependable pet shops in Ipoh. These pet shops offer competitive prices along with a wide selection of products mostly for dogs and/ or cats. Though there are pet shops that specialize solely on cats!

Furthermore, many of these pet shops offer additional services such as grooming and boarding too.

Don’t know which cat food or dog food to get? See our recommendations before you buy some more food for your pets!

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