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In this post, we have listed 9 of the best pet shops in Melaka for your ease and we have even included pet shops for fish enthusiasts too.

Having pets can be fun especially when it comes to spoiling them with things!

Though, sometimes it can be more fun for the owner. Read on to find the nearest or best pet shops for you.

Top Pet Shops In Melaka

1. My Pet’s Avenue

My Pet's Avenue - Facebook
My Pet’s Avenue – Facebook

My Pet’s Avenue is a great place for pet owners! You will find parking easy as there are plenty of roadside parking available.

There are basic pet accessories and food for sale but what is most notable about this place are the pet services that are available here.

They provide grooming services as well as scaling. Many customers sing praises for the way they care for the animals as well as their friendly service.

Other than grooming, My Pet’s Avenue runs a pet hotel too but you will need to call them beforehand as they get full fast.

While the shop has an informative blog, it looks like it hasn’t been updated as of late! But you can still use it as a guide to their services. Alternatively, check out their Facebook page.

2. IKIA Aquaria And Pet

IKIA Aquaria And Pet - Facebook
IKIA Aquaria And Pet – Facebook

A great spot for fish owners, IKIA Aquaria and Pets is a one stop for all your pet needs! If you are into aqua-scaping, this place is a good choice as well.

They do sell some unusual animals including tortoises and snakes, and therefore, those looking for more unconventional pets can pop in to check it out.

Note: We don’t recommend getting an exotic pet at all (hamsters included) unless you are very experienced

That said, you can also find a large variety of food for your pets here. Though, it seems to lean more towards fish care.

A huge plus for this pet shop in Melaka is that they have an online store on both Lazada and Shopee! Perfect if you don’t want to head out to their physical store.

3. Betta Pets Sdn Bhd (HQ)

Betta Pets Sdn Bhd (HQ) - Facebook
Betta Pets Sdn Bhd (HQ) – Facebook

This huge warehouse will leave you wandering for at least an hour because they have quite a large selection of food and accessories for many types of animals including rabbits.

Cat owners will especially find that their selection for food is large! However, the choices for dog food are unfortunately rather limited.

We recommend that you check out their online store, on Shopee, first to see what they have before you head over to the warehouse as it’ll save you time if you are looking for a specific item or brand.

Their prices are reasonable and the staff is friendly and accommodating!

For instance, if you are planning on buying over 8kgs of kibbles, you can request that they pack the food in smaller individual packs for prolonged freshness.

4. Perniagaan Sayangku

Perniagaan Sayangku - Facebook
Perniagaan Sayangku – Facebook

This hidden gem of a pet shop in Melaka is another ideal spot for cat owners. The staff is extremely generous with their knowledge and will help you find the best solution for your pets.

Those looking for organic food for their pets can find dehydrated items such as homemade chicken jerky for dogs.

Besides this, their cheap prices are desirable and they also do sell pets though do your homework before purchasing them!

Parking is limited during peak hours so plan ahead to avoid driving around looking for a spot. Also, keep in mind that their shop is located at the main road so roadside parking is not available.

Perniagaan Sayangku also works with animal shelters which is always an added bonus in our books. Supporting them means you’re indirectly supporting their charitable causes too.

5. North South East West Aquarium

North South East West Aquarium - Facebook
North South East West Aquarium – Facebook

North South East West Aquarium is a large pet store in Melaka and despite their name, this store actually caters more towards cats than it does for fish!

And surprisingly, they do not carry aquariums nor do they sell fish anymore although you can still find the basics like fish food and pumps.

Cat owners on the other hand, get to browse through a huge variety of food, cages, toys and other accessories to spoil your pet with!

Their prices are reasonable and they have memberships which could get you a significant discount on their purchases.

Note that North South East West Aquarium is located right next to Cats Supermarket and they share the same plot so a visit here is killing two birds with one stone!

6. Big Cat Centre Wholesale and Cash & Carry

Big Cat Centre Wholesale and Cash & Carry - Facebook
Big Cat Centre Wholesale and Cash & Carry – Facebook

This affordable big cat centre is indeed BIG with 3 whole floors of not only cat products but also wares for other types of pets.

They do sell animals here as well – there rabbits. As for products, you will find that they carry a lot of items that include cages, food, toys, and accessories.

However, to avoid disappointment, it’s best to call ahead to see if they carry products for your pet, especially if you have an exotic pet.

And while they do sell wholesale, they have repackaging to make it more convenient if you want to purchase a small bag of kibbles instead. Simply ask the staff for assistance.

Moreover, bear in mind that because Big Cat Centre Wholesale And Cash & Carry is located on a busy road, parking gets sparce during peak hours.

7. Betta Aquarium and Pet Center

Betta Aquarium and Pet Center - Facebook
Betta Aquarium and Pet Center – Facebook

Betta Aquarium And Pet Center is in the middle of many auto shops with lots of street parking. However, it is still often crowded here as there is a mosque on the opposite side of the road.

On a separate note, fish owners will find tempting selection of fishes for sale. And this pet shop in Melaka also sells a large selection of food for cats.

Apart from food, there are also toys, cat litter and other treats for you cats. Plus, the staff can always repack kibble if you need smaller amounts!

Their reasonable prices are why they have many loyal customers! It’s worth noting that they have another branch at Ayer Keroh as well.

8. Pasaraya Kucing, Cat Supermarket

Pasaraya Kucing, Cat Supermarket - Facebook
Pasaraya Kucing, Cat Supermarket – Facebook

As mentioned above, Pasaraya Kucing, AKA Cat Supermarket is right next to North South East West Aquarium.

And as the name suggests, they mainly sell cat products here which makes this the biggest feline pet shop on this list!

There is medicine, toys, food, and accessories for all your cat’s needs. However, their prices have recently gone up which is a game changer as there are cheaper options elsewhere.

On the other hand, they do have memberships where members are applicable for some discounts.

But visiting here during peak hours can be a nuisance with the general lack of parking.

9. Pets N Aquatic

Pets N Aquatic - Facebook
Pets N Aquatic – Facebook

Solely for fish owners and those who love aqua-scaping, Pets N Aquatic will equip you with everything from fish, plants and even decorative items for your tank.

You are in great hands here especially if you are a newbie as they often dish out useful advice on fish care and maintenance.

On top of that, if you do not want to do the landscaping yourself, they do provide that service as well as aquarium maintenance whether it is just a regular aquarium or one with a lot of plants!

They keep their social media active so you can check out what they have in store and also when they are out of.

Products: Aquascaping, Nature Aquarium setup, Consultation, Aquatic Products & Fishes, Pet Products & Accessories.


  • consultation regarding aquatic & pet keeping
  • setting up aquarium (from normal to planted aquarium)
  • maintenance on aquarium


And that wraps up our recommendations for the 9 best pet shops in Melaka!

Mark your favorites so you can grab the right stuff for your beloved pets. Remember to always call ahead to enquire about the products in stock before blindly heading to the location especially if it’s far from you!

See suggestions on which cat food and dog food to choose for your pets!

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