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Want to introduce a new pet to your household, or hunting for basic or specfic pet supplies? There are many reputable pet shops in Penang you can count on.

There are also pet services in Penang to ease your pet ownership journey, catering to both novice and experienced pet owners who want to give the best life to their furry babies.

Not sure where to start? Read on as we share the 9 best pet shops in Penang offering paw-some grooming services, supplies, and more.

Top Pet Shops In Penang

1. Groom & Grab Your Pets Lifestyle

Groom & Grab Your Pets Lifestyle - Facebook
Groom & Grab Your Pets Lifestyle – Facebook

If you’re scouting for high-quality pet food made with natural ingredients at affordable prices, then this pet shop at Penang checks all the right boxes.

Featuring esteemed brands such as Royal Canin and Reflex, discover a dizzying array of cat and dog food, premium pet toys, and supplements within its cozy premise.

Groom and Grab is helmed by knowledgeable staff eager to share invaluable tips on how to look after your pet. Moreover, this pet store serves a pet daycare too, with grooming services available.

With a stellar cast of groomers, their grooming service is usually booked weeks in advance. So before your doggo starts looking shaggy, make a mental note to book early.

2. Chew Thean Yeang Aquatic & Pet

Chew Thean Yeang Aquatic & Pet - Website
Chew Thean Yeang Aquatic & Pet – Website

CTY (Chew Thean Yeang) Aquatic and Pet Shop is one of the biggest pet shops in Penang and a comprehensive one-stop pet solution for pet lovers. It occupies a sprawling space at a double-story shop lot.

They have all kinds of live pets for sale (e.g., cats, dogs, fishes, birds, and even exotic pets like meerkats, raccoons, and civets), equipment, and supplements.

Visiting CTY (Chew Thean Yeang) Aquatic and Pet Shop is akin to a mini zoo but you can bring home the cuddly pet of your dreams.

Note: We personally don’t support buying pets (more so for exotic species and saltwater fish) – our own kitties are all adopted.

Fish hobbyists will be spoilt for choices too with tons of fresh and saltwater finned friends along with breathtaking aquascape items to boot.

The owner is passionate about rearing pets and makes an effort to introduce new species and stocks every week. Best of all, enjoy free parking for the first 30 minutes with a designated minimum purchase.

Main shop:

Bayan Baru Branch

3. Alan Pet Shop & Aquarium

Alan Pet Shop & Aquarium - Facebook
Alan Pet Shop & Aquarium – Facebook

Make a difference by offering a forever home to an abandoned pet at Alan Pet Shop & Aquarium.

This roomy pet shop takes up two corner shop lots and they champion adoption and rehoming rather than purchasing pets from breeders.

No fees are imposed for adoption either as the kind and loving owners genuinely believe that all animals deserve a second chance for a better life.

You’ll also find a satisfying selection of pet food, chew and enrichment toys, pet vitamins, pet medicine, pet cages, and everything under the sun to ease your pet raising endeavors.

4. Furry Kids

Furry Kids - Facebook
Furry Kids – Facebook

Another spacious pet shop in Penang Island not to be missed is Furry Kid at Tanjung Tokong.

Here, you’ll find aisles of nicely packaged pet food, pet grooming products, pet carriers, and other pet supplies to pamper your doggo and feline friend.

Their dog spa is highly recommended with experienced groomers that make the session more enjoyable.

Their pet boarding is another top-notch service with regular WhatsApp updates to owners to ease any worries on their pet’s welfare during boarding.

Furry Kids advocates adopting unwanted pets and are steadfast on not supporting the sale of animals.

In fact, the owners and staff go out of their way to rescue and treat injured animals on their own accord. Thus improving animal welfare within their community.

5. Meowky House

Meowky House - Facebook
Meowky House – Facebook

Meowky House sells predominantly cat-related items with a decent selection of dog and hamster paraphernalia.

Here, you can find some expertise and products to resolve pet-related health issues that are not too dire. They have high-quality cat food and also specific diets to stop loose stools.

Managed by a helpful and friendly owner, you’ll get invaluable advice on things like how to resolve teething cat related problems too.

And since this pet shop in Penang is along a small alley that’s less crowded, loading your purchases from the shop to your car is easier too.

Furthermore, this pet retailer also offers cat hostel and pet taxi services. Above all, cat lovers will especially enjoy interacting with cats of various pedigrees roaming freely in the shop.



Petz City Aquarium & Petstore is a wholesome pet shop with a keen eye for cat and aqua-related supplies.

Their shelves are well-stocked with a variety of high-grade Betta, freshwater fish, and even some succulent plants.

This pet store at Penang Island is a haven for niche pet enthusiasts. Because apart from the usual pet fanfare, you’ll also find exotic pets like as sugar gliders, albino and spiky hedgehogs here too.

Note: Unless you have experience raising more exotic pets, we really don’t suggest getting a reptile, hedgehog or even a hamster as they actually have more complicated needs than dogs or cats.

Uncle Joe and his wife who run the shop, will be happy to share tips and tricks on how to set up your first terrarium. They often give out freebies and samples with each purchase – an effective way to build customer rapport.

7. E PET SHOP @ Bandar Perda

E PET SHOP @ Bandar Perda - Facebook
E PET SHOP @ Bandar Perda – Facebook

E PET Shop @ Bandar Perda is worth a visit if your objective is to find an affordable pet store in Penang:

Discover a massive selection of vet-endorsed food, pet cages, grooming products, and pet accessories for cats, dogs, and hamsters.

And it’s nice that you can get a helping hand from their attentive staff who willingly carry your purchases into your car.

On another note, as a staunch believer of animal well-being and their happiness, E PET SHOP promotes adopting animals and regularly advertises rehoming of abandoned animals.

8. Purrfact Sdn Bhd / Purrfact Pet Station

Purrfact Sdn Bhd_Purrfact Pet Station - Website
Purrfact Sdn Bhd_Purrfact Pet Station – Website

As the exclusive distributor for several international pet brands, Purrfact Pet Station also offers in-house pet products at different price points to meet clients’ needs.

Located next to the Autocity at Bukit Mertajam, this pet store is well-stocked with cat, dog, and small animals goods for rabbits and hamsters too.

Purrfact also prioritizes the welfare of strays, taking in homeless and dumped pets while restoring their health. As a testament to their love for pets, stray cats under their care blossom into plump cats ready to be given a second lease in life.

With the myriad health supplements and A-rated customer service, Purrfect Pet Stations is an exemplary pet store you can rely on.

9. Humaira Pet Shop

Humaira Pet Shop - Facebook
Humaira Pet Shop – Facebook

Humaira Pet Shop is a one-stop cat shop for all things related to cat supplies!

This cat shop specialist has a wide selection of cat food that is relatively cheaper compared to other pet shops. Apart from cat gourmet delights, Humaira is well-stocked with grooming products, toys, and even cat perfume too!

The proprietors readily dish out excellent advice for new cat owners. Plus, they are a staunch believer in neutering to prevent unwanted litter and incurable diseases.

So if you’re just starting out on raising your first cat(s), head over to Humaira Pet Shop in Bayan Baru for supplies and some sound tips.


Seek out these best Penang pet shops if you need high-quality pet food, healthy pets to adopt (or buy), and all manner of pet paraphernalia.

We love it when the staff is capable of dispensing valuable insights on animal health care too. And it’s encouraging that there are so many reputable pet stores in Penang that support animal adoption!

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